Wheat Seeds In Palworld – All The Ways To Get Them



Palworld isn’t just about catching fantastic creatures – it’s a place where you can build a base, craft items, and even run your own farm. And if you have already figured out how to play Palworld on Mac, you probably know that, one of the key crops you’ll need in the game is wheat, which is super important for cooking up treats like cake. Why cake? Well, it turns out that cake is like a love potion for Pals – it helps them breed. So, if you want to grow your team of Pals, you’ll want to know all the ways to get wheat seeds in Palworld.

Wheat Seeds Palword Guide
Wheat Seeds Palword Guide

How To Get Wheat Seeds In Palworld

Now, the first step to farming is getting your hands on some wheat seeds. The simplest way is to buy them from a Merchant. Yes, it’ll cost some gold, but think of it as an investment in your Pal-breeding future. Merchants are your go-to seed suppliers, and you can zip over to them using Fast Travel. Once you find a Merchant, talk to them, and you can trade 100 Gold for one wheat seed.

Where To Get Wheat Seeds Palworld Merchant? 

You might be wondering, “Where can I find a merchant who sells these precious seeds?” Well, there’s this Wandering Merchant we know about, who sets up shop in the Small Settlement. Just scoot west from Grassy Behemoth Hills, and you’ll spot a distant Fast Travel point across the water. This Merchant not only sells seeds but also wheat itself, just in case you’re in a hurry to get baking.

Wheat Seed Palworld Merchant
Wheat Seed Palworld Merchant

Where To Catch Pals Who Give You Wheat Seeds in Palworld?

If you’re saving your Gold for a rainy day, you can get seeds by catching certain Pals, such as like the leafy Flopie, spiky Bristla, and the feathery Robinquill, or defeating them in a battle. In the early stage of the game, Cinnamoth and Dinossum are your best bets for seed farming – they’re not too tough to take down, especially if you bring along a Fire Pal that can take advantage of their Type weakness, and can be found close to the Rayne Tower Syndicate waypoint.

How To Use Palworld Wheat Seeds

Palworld Wheat Seeds are magic little things. Plant them, and they’ll sprout into a wheat plantation before you know it. This plantation isn’t just for show – it’s a full-on wheat and seed factory. But don’t do all the work yourself – get some Pals with abilities that can help with planting, watering, and gathering.

Building a Wheat Plantation

To kick-start your wheat plantation, you’ll need:

  • Three wheat seeds
  • 35 Woods
  • 35 Stones

Turn your Wheat into Flour at the Mill, and from there, the world is your oyster! Or, well, your Cake. Flour is the secret to baking that scrumptious Cake, which is like a Pal party in a pan. Plus, you can make bread, which is a tasty snack for you and your Pals.

Pro Tip:

Once your wheat plantation is thriving, you’ll gather more seeds than you started with, so you can keep planting and expanding without spending more Gold. Happy farming, and may your fields be ever golden!

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