How To Get High Quality Pal Oil In Palworld



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How To Get High Quality Pal Oil In Palworld

The most exciting part of playing Palworld is the journey of leveling up and eventually getting the power to create and use firearms to face even more formidable foes. To achieve this, there’s one essential resource you need to hunt down: High Quality Pal Oil. And, in Palworld, the way to get High Quality Pal Oil is when you defeat or capture very big and powerful Pals.

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So, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on this highly sought-after substance. Well, we’ve got you covered with our guide on where to find the best sources of High Quality Pal Oil so you can start crafting guns and take your Palworld adventure to a whole new level.

How To Get Pal Oil

In the Paldeck, there are nine Pals that drop High Quality Pal Oil, each belonging to various elemental types. The most efficient way to gather more High-Quality Pal Oil from these creatures is by capturing them, not killing them, and then using a Meat Cleaver (you need to unlock it in level 12) to collect the resource again. Here’s the list of these Pals in order of their Paldeck numbers.

  1. Woolipop (Paldeck Number 034)
  2. Dumud (Paldeck Number 043)
  3. Grintale (Paldeck Number 052)
  4. Digtoise (Paldeck Number 067)
  5. Flambelle (Paldeck Number 070)
  6. Elphidran (Paldeck Number 080)
  7. Relaxaurus (Paldeck Number 085)
  8. Mammorest (Paldeck Number 090)
  9. Quivern (Paldeck Number 095)

The way to get High Quality Pal Oil is when you defeat or capture powerful Pals.
The way to get High Quality Pal Oil is when you defeat or capture very big and powerful Pals.

Best High-Quality Pal Oil Farming Method

While there are several Pals that drop High Quality Pal Oil, the most consistent way to farm it is to head to the desert area northeast of the Investigator’s Fork checkpoint. This location is home to Digtoise and Dumud, and you’ll typically find them in the Level 17-23 range.

Make sure to craft a Cloth fit for this area before venturing into the desert to withstand the scorching heat, and remember that capturing Pals instead of defeating them will yield more resources when you use a Meat Cleaver on them.

How To Use High Quality Pal Oil In Palworld

High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld is a vital ingredient for crafting Polymer, which, in turn, is used to create all sorts of advanced gear and equipment in the game. As you progress deeper into the mid-game, you’re going to find yourself in constant need of this precious resource.

Recipes that require Palworld Oil

In Palworld, several recipes demand the use of Palworld Oil, including crafting items like the Musket, Makeshift Handgun, Mossanda Lux’s Grenade Launcher, Handgun, Production Assembly Line II, Witch Cauldron, Polymer, and Mammorest Cryst Saddle. These valuable resources are essential for creating advanced equipment and enhancing your gameplay experience.

How To Unlock The Recipe for Polymer

First things first, to unlock the recipe for Polymer, you’ll need to reach Player Level 33. Once you’ve hit that milestone, spend 2 valuable Technology Points to unlock the recipe in the Technology Tab.

When you acquire Polymer, it opens the door to crafting a range of powerful and exciting items, including a Circuit Board, Single-Shot Rifle, Refrigerator, Double-Barreled Shotgun, Pump-Action Shotgun, Emergency Exit Sign, Electric Furnace, Relaxaurus’ Missile Launcher, Assault Rifle, Traffic Control Set, Rocket Launcher, Scatter Sphere Launcher, Decal Gun Set, Hyper Grappling Gun, and Homing Sphere Launcher. These diverse items allow you to enhance your abilities and equipment, adding depth and excitement to your adventures in the game.

Now, armed with this knowledge, go forth, capture those Pals, and craft your way to victory in Palworld!

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