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The bustling world of Palworld isn’t just about catching and training Pals. Sometimes, you might crave exotic creatures or unique resources unavailable through conventional means. That’s where the Black Marketeers come in, shrouded figures peddling rare goods for the right price. This guide reveals their hidden locations, the treasures they offer, and how to navigate their enigmatic trade.

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All Black Marketeer Palworld Locations

In Palworld, the Black Market offers a variety of goods and services, and there are seven identical Black Markeeters to choose from. This means that if one Black Markeeter doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you have six more chances to find the item or service you need. With this unique setup, players have the flexibility to explore all Black Markeeters until they find the one that suits their needs. These elusive vendors can be found in various places across the map, often hidden away in remote or obscure areas. Here’s a guide to all Black Marketeer Palworld locations, complete with easy-to-follow directions:

  1. Abandoned Mineshaft
    • Location: Near the Desolate Church waypoint.
    • Directions: Head west from the waypoint and descend the cliff. The entrance to the mineshaft is beneath the overhang.
  2. Secret Mineshaft
    • Location: Found near the PIDF Tower Entrance waypoint on the desert island.
    • Directions: Jump down the cliff from the waypoint and look for the entrance under the overhang.
  3. Duneshelter
    • Location: Outside Duneshelter’s walls, on the back right corner at night.
    • Directions: Explore the outskirts of Duneshelter and locate the Black Marketeer near the back right corner during nighttime.
  4. Cove Mineshaft
    • Location: Near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant waypoint.
    • Directions: Head west from the waypoint into the cove. Look for the entrance where the water meets the land.
  5. Eastern Wild Island
    • Location: West of the Eastern Wild Island waypoint.
    • Directions: Cross the water westward towards a recessed cave. The Black Marketeer is easily visible, especially at night.
  6. Fort Ruins
    • Location: Near the Fort Ruins waypoint.
    • Directions: Follow the trail northwest from the waypoint. The Black Marketeer can be found north along the hill.
  7. Mount Obsidian City Ruins
    • Location: Near the Ruined Fortress City waypoint.
    • Directions: Jump down into the courtyard from the waypoint and head towards the river. Turn left at the broken bridge and head southwest. Note: The Black Marketeer may not always spawn here.
  8. Mount Obsidian Beach
    • Location: South of the Beach of Everlasting Summery waypoint.
    • Directions: Alternatively, follow the southern beach of Mount Obsidian westward until you reach the end. The Black Marketeer awaits at this point.

All Black Marketeer Palworld Locations
All Black Marketeer Palworld Locations

While testing these locations, we noticed that some of them are not very accurate, so on the map, we have marked places where we have encountered a Black Marketeer, around this location.

Black Merchant

These cloaked individuals, also known as Black Merchants, are your gateway to unconventional acquisitions in Palworld. They offer rare Pals, valuable items, and even illegal goods – at a premium, of course. Each Black Merchant in Palworld has a unique inventory, making their discovery a rewarding treasure hunt.

Black Marketeer Pals

Beyond standard creatures, Black Marketeers offer elusive Pals unavailable elsewhere. These might include powerful legendaries, exclusive variations, or even ethically questionable creatures. Which ones you’ll find in stock is random and can change each day and the prices of these Pals depend on their rarity and level. Rare and high-level Pals, like Relaxaurus, tend to be more expensive, sometimes costing over 20,000 Gold Coins. On the other hand, common Pals like Daedream are usually cheaper. So, be prepared to shell out hefty sums or offer enticing trades to secure these coveted Black Marketeer Pals additions to your Paldom.

Black Marketeer Pals
Black Marketeer Pals

How To Catch Black Marketeer

Unlike regular Pals, you cannot catch Black Marketeer in Palworld that easily because they are quite powerful, being at Level 40 and armed with a strong machine gun. So, to have a chance to catch Black Marketeer, you need to be at a high level yourself and have some of the best Pals, especially those good at fighting tough enemies with lots of health.

During the battle with the Black Marketeer, they will constantly attack you with their gun, so you need to find cover to shield yourself from their bullets. You can then peek out from behind cover to attack them when you have the chance. Once you’ve lowered their health enough, you can use a special item called a Hyper Sphere, which you can craft once you reach Level 27, to try and capture them and gain their benefits. These vendors act as NPC that offer their wares for purchase or barter. However, finding them requires keen observation and exploration.

  • Look for Hooded Figures: Keep an eye out for suspicious individuals adorned in dark cloaks, often hiding in remote locations or secluded corners.
  • Explore Off the Beaten Path: Don’t limit yourself to main areas. Black Marketeers often lurk in less-traveled regions, waiting for discerning customers.
  • Consult Community Resources: Online guides and player communities often share Black Marketeer locations, such as the ones we shared with you above, which can help in your search.

Once you catch them, Black Marketeers will work for you. Each time you summon them to your base, they’ll offer you a new set of Pals to purchase, allowing you to check back for new offerings regularly. But remember, buying Pals from them can be expensive, so you’ll need plenty of gold to afford them.

How To Catch Black Marketeer
How To Catch Black Marketeer

Black Marketeer Respawn

The Black Marketeer is a non-playable character who, when defeated, drops two Golden Keys which are valuable items in the game. Normally, after you defeat a Black Marketeer, they respawn or come back to life in the same place after a while. However, when you defeat them, you also get a reward of 10,000 Gold coins.

So, if you save your progress in the game and then reload it, you’ll find the Black Marketeer back in the same spot. This means you can defeat them again and collect more Golden Keys and Gold coins, making you rich in the game very quickly.

At the time of this writing, this method works in single player mode, and you can take advantage of it until the developers decide to patch this aspect/bug of the game.

Palworld Black Marketeer Farm

Recently, we came across a way to farm a lot of Gold Coins and Golden Keys from the Black Marketeer without taking much damage. Normally, this character is not aggressive, however, when you attack him, he becomes a tough opponent.

To defeat him easily, one method is to use a Hanging Trap. You place the trap near the Black Marketeer and try to catch him in it. If you miss, you can dismantle the trap and try again without losing any resources. Once trapped, you attack him until he’s defeated. If you want, you can use a Legendary Sphere to capture him, as explained above. Another trick is to build a Campfire below him while he’s trapped. The fire will damage him until he’s defeated, but make sure to hit him with a weapon at least once to get his drops.

After defeating him, disassemble your trap to avoid it disappearing when he respawns. Then, you can respawn him by returning to the title screen, fast traveling away and back, or using the respawn button. This Palworld Black Marketeer farm method might not be the fastest, but it’s effective, especially for lower-level players.

Remember, engaging with Black Marketeers delves into the morally ambiguous side of Palworld. Weigh the risks and rewards carefully before striking a deal. With a cautious approach and strategic planning, these shadowy merchants can become valuable allies in your Palworld journey.

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