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Best Survival Games for Mac

Ever wondered what would happen if you went out into the nearby forest and tried to survive there for a week, eating berries and drinking dew water? I have, but then I remembered I am not Bear Grylls but just a regular guy writing gaming articles. So this leaves me with the next best thing – to test my digital survival skills with one (or more) of the best survival games for Mac listed here. From the thick forests to unforgiving mountains, to the depths of the ocean, every game you’ll find here presents a survival battlefield where thirst, hunger, and lack of shelter are no less dangerous than the wild beasts roaming the wilderness.  

Latest Survival Games

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    Remember that “Naked and Afraid” show on Discovery? Rust is a lot like it, only with more crafting, less censoring, and you can actually hit people with the stick you just found (else they’ll do that to you). You start the game au naturel, as nature intended, on the beach of a sprawling island and you’re immediately thrust into a ‘collect stuff to make other stuff’ gameplay loop. 

    You’ll gather wood, stone, and, hopefully, enough common sense to build a rudimentary hatchet. From there, it’s a grueling climb up the technology tree, where the top branches hold firearms and fortified bases, but to get there, you must first remember to keep your stomach full, your body clothed, and your enemies as far away as possible.

    macOS supportYes
    Alternative methods to play on MacBoosteroid, GeForce Now
    Platforms and operational systemsWindows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    GenreSurvival, Open World, MMO, Crafting
    Modding supportYes (Plenty, and in this game are called Plugins)
    Performance on Mac (The game runs well on all Apple Silicon Macs and on mid and high-range Intel Macs)