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Best Coal Palworld Spots – Where To Find Them

Getting Coal isn’t as straightforward as simply mining any rock you come across in Palworld. It requires the ability to differentiate this precious material from similar-looking rocks, and it’s typically found in hot environments within the game. In fact, these are the best Coal Palworld spots on the map that you should definitely explore:

  • Desert: The scorching expanse of the desert near the center of the map holds abundant coal nodes embedded in the sandy landscape. Look for dark, rocky outcrops, especially near the base of mountains.
  • Verdant Brook: This lush oasis holds a smaller but still valuable coal deposit near the river.

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The desert can be unforgiving, so it’s essential to equip yourself with heat-resistant armor to mitigate any negative effects from the extreme temperatures. This will help you endure the harsh climate without suffering penalties. Additionally, if your base level is sufficiently high, and you have an available slot, consider placing a Palbox near the Coal nodes in the desert. This strategic placement allows for quicker travel between the mining site and your main base, facilitating faster depositing of the Coal resources you gather.

In the net paragraph, we’ll guide you on how to find the best Coal Palworld nodes, and share the best locations we’ve discovered for farming Coal so far.

Palworld Coal
Palworld Coal

Palworld Coal Locations With Coordinates

Coal is relatively rare and specific in appearance, usually appearing as a dark slate grey with sharp edges. Here are the specific Palworld Coal locations where you can find rich deposits of this material and their coordinates:

In the desert, there are two prime spots where you can mine coal efficiently, with each location boasting five coal nodes clustered together. The first Palworld Coal location is situated at coordinates (-157, -92), but be cautious of the roaming Alpha Pal boss, Anubis, in the vicinity. Meanwhile, the second location can be found at coordinates (-97, -120) and is positioned atop a rock formation, which is a relatively secure spot away from potential dangers. However, remember to equip heat-resistant armor during the day to combat the scorching temperatures and switch to cold-resistant armor at night to fend off the chill.

Palworld Desert Coal Location
Palworld Desert Coal Location

In the Verdant Brook area, navigating to the Palworld Coal locations may require a flying mount due to the terrain’s elevation. Alternatively, be prepared for significant climbing if you opt to traverse on foot. The primary coal mining spot in this area is located at coordinates (189, -40) and is particularly noteworthy as it not only features ample coal deposits, but also boasts eight ore nodes, which can significantly enhance your sphere production efforts. Another coal-rich site lies at coordinates (290, -20), albeit lacking adjacent ore nodes directly. Nevertheless, there are seven ore nodes situated a short distance to the east, and they provide an additional resource gathering opportunity.

Verdant Brook Coal Locations
Verdant Brook Coal Locations

Coal Base in Palworld

To gather Coal efficiently, you’ll want to establish a Coal base in Palworld near rich resource spawn points and assign specialized Pals to gather Coal automatically for you. One recommended spot for setting up a Coal base is in Twilight Dunes, specifically at coordinates (-158, 091), located west of the Anubis boss area.

Another viable place for a Coal base in Twilight Dunes is situated at coordinates (-96, -120), southeast of the Anubis boss battle and near the coast. Although building a traditional base here may be challenging due to the terrain, the elevated rock formation provides added security against raids.

Coal Ore in Palworld

Coal isn’t found as loose material but as Coal Ore in Palworld, which needs to be mined. Thankfully, any pickaxe will do the job, but, of course, higher-grade pickaxes like iron or steel will yield more Coal Ore per swing, speeding up your gathering.

How to get coal in Palworld

The quickest way to get Coal in Palworld initially is to opt for manual mining. Just head to the locations mentioned above, equip your pickaxe, and start chipping away at the Coal Ore nodes. This is a good way to get started, but can be slow for large quantities.

Coal Farm in Palworld

Once you have enough coal, consider building a dedicated Coal Farm in Palworld by selecting from the strategic locations for a Coal base that we suggested above. Next, assign Pals with Mining and Transporting abilities to your Coal Farm in Palworld and these Pals will automatically begin mining Coal, provided there are no other tasks assigned to them. You can also manually assign them to specific Coal deposits if needed, by picking them up and directing them towards the desired location.

Find Coal in Palworld

To find Coal in Palworld, remember that exploration is key, so don’t be afraid to venture beyond the suggested locations and use your map to identify potential coal deposits based on the terrain. With a bit of resourcefulness and this guide, you’ll have all the coal you need to power your Palworld adventures.

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