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Best Racing Games for Mac

Fan of racing games? Then hang around and check the titles we’ve included here. After thorough research and testing, we found the best racing games for  Mac both natively and with the help of workarounds. 

You can read about the best of the best to get you started, but feel free to browse the category for other racing games that you can play on your Mac. You’ll find something for everyone,  be it highly realistic racing sims or arcade titles that challenge the laws of physics.

Latest Racing Games

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    SnowRunner isn’t a racing game per se, but it’s a unique driving experience nonetheless, hence why it found its place on our list. The game’s like if someone decided to make a trucking simulator but forgot to leave out the muddy, snow-choked hellscapes. But that’s also the game’s unique selling point – the merciless terrain that will force you to strategize every journey and wisely pick your vehicles and routes. The gameplay is methodical (some may call it masochistic) and every victory against the elements feels hard-won.

    macOS supportYes
    Alternative methods to play on MacBoosteroid, GeForce Now
    Platforms and operational systemsmacOS, Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, Nintendo Switch
    GenreRacing, Off-road Simulation
    MultiplayerYes (Online Co-op, up to 4 players)
    Modding supportYes (No modding available on consoles)
    Performance on Mac (The game runs well even on older and weaker Macs)