Getting the best Pals in Palworld is the goal of most players, but just as there are legendary Pals that everyone wants to capture, there are also legendary weapons and armor that can greatly enhance your character. But in order to get these exquisite pieces of gear, you’ll first need to find the blueprints for crafting them.

The Palworld Legendary Schematics are the blueprints needed to be able to craft legendary weapons and armor, but as their categorization suggests, they tend to be very rare. In other words, finding them will require quite a bit of grinding, while you hope that this time the RNG will be on your side.

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Although there’s no real shortcut here, no way to cheese this grind, there are different approaches that can improve your chances of finding these Legendary Palworld Schematics. On the other hand, if you don’t know where to look for them, you are likely to spend dozens of hours of grinding without getting a single Legendary Schematic. For this reason, in this post, we’ll tell you about the best ways to more quickly find Legendary Schematics in Palworld.

Palworld: How to get Legendary Schematics

Palworld: How to get Legendary Schematics
The Legendary Schematic icon in Palworld.

There are several valid ways to acquire Legendary Schematics in Palworld but, for better or worse, none of them are especially effective. That said, by far the best way to find a Legendary Schematic is by butchering captured Alpha Boss Pals. Yes, this might sound like a rather cruel approach, but it’s nonetheless the most effective one.

The reason this is the best method is that, when you capture an Alpha Boss, there’s a small chance that they will drop a Legendary Schematic. And when you butcher them, there’s a second chance for a Legendary Schematic drop. On the other hand, if you directly kill the Alpha Pall, you only get one chance at acquiring the much valued schematic. Because of this, you should always strive to capture Alpha Boss Pals.

An important clarification here is that only captured Alpha Bosses have a chance of dropping a Legendary Schematic when butchered. Therefore, there’s no point in breeding them to only them butcher their offspring for such schematics.

Also, note that the chance of a Legendary drop upon capturing, butchering, or killing an Alpha Boss is around 3%. So, realistically, for every 32-33 times you perform any of these actions, you’ll get a single Legendary Schematic. But as we mentioned, capturing and then butchering Alpha Bosses should cut the time required to get a Legendary drop in half, as you get two chances per a single Boss.

Other methods to get Legendary Schematics in Palworld

Other methods to get Legendary Schematics in Palworld
Hunting for Legendary Schematics in Palworld.

All other methods of finding Legendary Schematics involve opening various chests. While the chance for a Legendary drop is even lower with chests, it’s still worth opening them, as you never know when a Legendary Schematic pop out from one of them. Here are the types of chests, in which you are most likely to find a Legendary Schematic:

  • End Game Cave Chests – These are chests found in the caves for high-level Pals, including the Frostallion and the Lyleen Noct caves, the Astegon cave and Blazamut caves, and the Dinossum Lux and Menasting caves. It takes around 6 hours for these chests to respawn – they have the same respawn rate as any other chests in the game.
  • Wild Life Sanctuary Chests – There are three Wild Life Sanctuaries in the game, and they all have quite a few chests in them, so make sure to loot all of them once you decide to pay a visit to any of the three sanctuaries, and especially the two late game ones.
  • Dungeons – Focus on higher-level dungeons, preferably around 40 and above, but don’t expect a ton of Legendary Schematics drops. As mentioned, chests generally have a pretty low chance of dropping Legendary Schematics as a whole. Generally, the best dungeons to farm for high-level loot are in the top-left continental part of the map – the Frostallion area.
  • Weasel Hill – There’s a particular purple chest in the Weasel Hill area that drops dungeon loot. It’s a purple chest next to a tall pillar in a sanctuary-like area, so it should be easy to find.
  • Red Chests – Finally, you can also open red chests and some might drop a Legendary Schematic (although you shouldn’t really count on it). Remember that, to open red chests in low level areas, you need bronze keys, middle-level areas require silver keys, and, you guessed it, red chests in high-level areas are opened using gold keys. Note that, for some reason, only the red chests in the frost area require gold keys.

Palworld: All Legendary Schematics Locations

Finally, let’s quickly go through all the different Legendary Schematics that are currently available. At the moment, there are a total of 17 Legendary Schematics in the game – six of them are for weapons, and the other 11 are for various types of armor. Here is a full list of all them, together with the Alpha Boss Pals that drop them and the exact location of those Pals.

Legendary Weapon SchematicAlpha PalPal Location
Old bowKingpaca50, -460
CrossbowBushi-116, -491
HandgunBeakon-346, -254
Pump-action shotgunSuzaku403, 254
Assault rifleBlazamut-434, -532
Rocket launcherJetragon-784, -322
Legendary Armor SchematicAlpha PalPal Location
Cloth outfitChillet171, -416
Feathered hair bandPenking114, -352
Pelt armorAzurobe-53, -388
Metal armorElizabee161, -224
Metal helmWarsect32, -183
Refined metal helmMenasting494, 82
Heat resistant refined metal armorAstegon-578, -421
Cold resistant refined metal armorLyleen Noct-142, 322
Pal metal helmetFrostallion447, 676
Heat resistant Pal metal armorNecromus447, 676
Cold resistant Pal metal armorPaladius-354, 509

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