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USB-C and Lightning Port cable
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USB-C iPhones 

USB-C iPhones – What We know So far Currently, Apple is in the process of testing an iPhone that features a USB-C port in place of the usual Lightning port that is used to charge the current iPhone models. If the decision to switch to USB-C iPhones is made, we…


iOS 15.5 – Changes and New Features 

iOS 15.5 – What’s new? Recently, on May 17, Apple released its latest iOS and iPadOS update – 15.5. This most recent update to the mobile operating systems is primarily focused on under-the-hood tweaks and optimizations. The iOS15.5 update is not as rich in new features compared to previous updates…

Fortnite on iOS
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Play Fortnite (iPhone/iPad) 

Fortnite on iPhone and iPad Fortnite can still be played on iPhone and iPad devices, but since there’s no longer an iOS/iPadOS version, an alternative method needs to be employed. To play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad, you’d need to stream the game Boosteroid or another cloud gaming service. Fortnite…

Apple Self Service Repair

The Apple Self Service Repair Program 

Towards the end of April, a Self Service Repair program was launched by Apple, which is currently available for several of its iPhone models. The service would allow users of the included iPhone models to gain access to self-repair manuals and iPhone schematics, order the necessary replacement parts from Apple,…

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How to blur Zoom background 

How to blur Zoom background on Mac To blur Zoom background on Mac, simply go to the Background & Filter settings of the app and choose the Blur virtual background. Note that, to be able to blur Zoom background on Mac, the app needs to be version 5.5 or later….

MapleStory graphics
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MapleStory (Mac) 

MapleStory on Mac MapleStory can be played on Mac computers, but only if you first install or emulate Windows on your Mac. To play MapleStory on Mac, you can use Boot Camp Assistant or a virtualization program like Parallels to get Windows installed/emulated on your Mac. MapleStory is a free-to-play…

Valheim box art
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Valheim (Mac) 

Valheim on Mac Valheim is playable on Mac by streaming the game via Boosteroid, GeForce Now, or other game streaming services that feature it in their libraries. You can also play Valheim on Mac by installing Windows on your Mac or by creating a Windows VM. Valheim is an indie…

Dead by Daylight

Best Horror Games for Mac in 2022 

The horror gaming genre offers a lot of diversity in terms of gameplay, atmosphere, setting, and story – from thought-provoking atmospheric and slow-burn titles to tense and nail-biting ones, to games where horror is mixed with frantic action, there’s something for everyone, including Mac users. Below, we will explore the…