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Overwatch 2 characters
Mac How To, reviews

Overwatch 2 (Mac) 

Methods Specifics Who is it for? Cloud Gaming(click a link to go to the respective guide) 1. Play immediately. 2. Good performance, but only with good internet. 3. Multiple plans and platforms to choose from. 4. Can be run on browsers and all android devices. For those who want smooth performance…

The Callisto Protocol health bar
Mac How To, reviews

The Callisto Protocol (Mac) 

The Callisto Protocol on Mac The Callisto Protocol is a science fiction survival video game that takes players 300 years into the future and immerses them in a narrative-driven horror. Story The cruel hand of fate has cast Jacob Lee into Black Iron Prison on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. Soon after…

Marvels Midnight Suns heroes
Mac How To, reviews

Marvel’s Midnight Suns (Mac) 

Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Mac Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game created by Firaxis Games and Marvel Games. The game features comic book heroes from various Marvel Comics franchises, including the Midnight Sons, Avengers, X-Men, and Runaways. The player assumes control of a superhero called “The Hunter” and…

Goat Simulator 3 goats
Mac How To, reviews

Goat Simulator 3 (Mac) 

Goat Simulator 3 on Mac Goat Simulator 3 is a third-person action video game that invites players into the adventure of being an unstoppable goat. The game is a successor to the first Goat Simulator game, from the same developers, who have intentionally skipped Goat Simulator 2 in the series…

Oxygen Not Included colony
Mac How To, reviews

Oxygen Not Included (Mac) 

Oxygen Not Included on Mac Oxygen Not Included is a survival simulation video game where the player has to create a space colony and make it grow by using science, fighting alien lifeforms, and employing various types of technology. Gameplay At the beginning of each game round, three colonists (called…

Farthest Frontier city
Mac How To, reviews

Farthest Frontier (Mac) 

Farthest Frontier on Mac Farthest Frontier is a city-builder simulation and strategy game. In it, players establish a community, make use of natural resources, run farms, and create an economy with the aim to build a thriving city. They also have to defend the community from the weather and outside…

Slay the Spire card game
Mac How To, reviews

Slay the Spire (Mac) 

Slay the Spire on Mac Slay the Spire is a single-player deck builder that combines elements of card games with roguelike-inspired progression systems. In the game, the player gradually builds a one-of-a-kind deck of cards, with which he faces off against strange creatures, unlocks new powers, and discovers relics, in…

Foxhole battlefield
Mac How To, reviews

Foxhole (Mac) 

Foxhole on Mac Foxhole is an online open-world massively multiplayer game focused on the global war between two fictional factions – the Colonials and the Wardens. Players take on the role of individual soldiers in one of the factions and contribute to its war goals by engaging in combat, logistics,…

Code Vein magic
Mac How To, reviews

Code Vein (Mac) 

Code Vein on Mac Code Vein is an open-world action role-playing game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future. The game is played from a third-person perspective, and its mechanics are inspired by those of the Dark Souls games. Story The player takes on the role of a “Revenant”,…