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Resident Evil Village Castle
Mac How To, reviews

Resident Evil Village (Mac) 

Resident Evil Village on Mac Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game that comes as a sequel to the seventh mainline entry in the Resident Evil series. The story of the game begins a few years after the tragic events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, with protagonist Ethan Winters…

Resident Evil 2 zombies
Mac How To, reviews

Resident Evil 2 (Mac) 

Resident Evil 2 on Mac Resident Evil is an iconic horror series that hasn’t stopped being popular since the release of the first game in 1996. There have been moments of incredible highs and periods of lows in the series, but no one can deny the franchise’s role in making…

Spider Man Remastered
Mac How To, reviews

Spider-Man Remastered (Mac) 

Spider-Man Remastered on Mac Marvel’s Spider-Man is an action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. The game has a unique story that takes its cues from the long-running comic book and its many adaptations in other media. The Spider-Man Remastered version of the game includes the main…

Dread Hunger characters
Mac How To, reviews

Dread Hunger (Mac) 

Dread Hunger is a social multiplayer survival game full of unexpected twists, betrayals, and raw battles with the harsh Arctic nature and its animals. The game starts with eight players that take on key roles as part of a 19th Century Arctic exploration mission. Two of those players have been…

Northgard map
Mac How To, reviews

Northgard (Mac) 

Northgard on Mac Northgard is a real-time strategy game in which a Viking’s clan attempts to take over a wild continent. The game has a series of challenges and tasks with increasing difficulty, both in a single-player and multiplayer game mode. Northgard is a new land found by the heroic…

RimWorld on Mac map
Mac How To, reviews

RimWorld (Mac) 

RimWorld on Mac RimWorld is a sci-fi simulation video game that focuses on building and managing a colony in a distant world. At the heart of the gameplay is an AI storyteller, which generates in-game events that are based on the game level, event difficulty, and difficulty of progression. As…

Hell Let Loose battlefield
Mac How To, reviews

Hell Let Loose (Mac) 

Hell Let Loose on Mac Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter video game with a focus on cooperation, that offers a great multi-player tactical experience. The primary game mode is combat with one side attacking and the other defending. Two teams participate in 50 vs 50 combined armies matches…

Elite Dangerous Space
Mac How To, reviews

Elite Dangerous (Mac) 

Elite Dangerous on Mac Elite Dangerous is a simulation video game in which players take control of a spaceship and sets to explore the Milky Way galaxy that is shown as a 1:1 scale open-world model. There are over 400 billion star systems with planets and moons that spin and…

Play Gang Beasts on mac
Mac How To

Gang Beasts (Mac) 

Playing Gang Beasts Gang Beasts is a multiplayer party game featuring gelatinous and floppy characters, violent battle scenes, and dangerous settings set in a fictional metropolis named Beef City. The basic gameplay consists on knocking out an opponent with punches or kicks and then trying to throw them over a…