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About Windowserver mac high CPU main image
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Fix Mac High CPU Checklist 

About Windowserver – mac high CPU Windowserver on Mac causes high CPU usage when resource-intensive programs that constantly change what’s happening on the screen are running on the Mac. It’s common for Windowserver on Mac to consume lots of CPU power when the user is running games or video-editing software….

Play League of Legends on mac
Mac How To

Play League of Legends Mac 

About League of Legends on Mac League of Legends is a free MOBA game that can natively be played on Mac systems. League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer games, and you can easily play it on your Mac right now without needing any complex workaround methods….

how to play crab game on mac
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Play Crab Game Mac 

About Crab game on Mac Yes Crab Game is playable on Mac, but you’d need to jump through several hoops to get it running on your macOS machine. Since Crab Game doesn’t have a Mac version and only a Windows one, you’d first need to get Windows installed on your…

fix Mzfinance.badlogin.macappstore_message
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What We Know About Mzfinance.badlogin.macappstore_message 

About Mzfinance.badlogin.macappstore_message Mzfinance.badlogin.macappstore_message is a Mac error that typically appears whenever the user tries to log in to their Apple ID that uses two-factor authentication. The Mzfinance.badlogin.macappstore_message error seems to only show up on older Macs running on older macOS releases. There’s very little information circulating the Internet about the Mzfinance.badlogin.macappstore_message…

Apple business essentials screenshot

Everything About Apple Business Essentials 

Apple Business Essentials Apple recently announced that it will be releasing a subscription service that provides device management, cloud storage, and support for small businesses (up to 500 employees). The service is called Apple Business Essentials, and it is set to release in Spring 2022. Currently, the service is available…

how to play football manager 2022 on mac
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Play Football Manager 2022 on Mac 

About Football Manager 2022 on Mac Football Manager 2022 can be played on Mac without the need for resorting to any workaround methods. It’s a football (soccer)-management simulator that has an official version for Mac that can be downloaded from Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft. Football Manager 2022 is…

screenshot of no bag entry on mac
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No Bag Entry Mac Fix 

About No bag entry on Mac No bag entry on Mac is an error message that some Mac users experience when trying to reinstall macOS Sierra. There could be different causes for the No bag entry on Mac error, but they all usually revolve around problems with connecting to Apple…