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Pure Quartz in Palworld

Pure Quartz in Palworld plays a major role in shaping the gameplay experience. These glittering crystals hold immense value for Palframers, and understanding their whereabouts and uses can significantly enhance your adventure. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get Pure Quartz in Palworld, from its location to how you can harness its power for your Pal-farming endeavors.

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Quartz locations in Palworld

There are several Quartz locations in Palworld scattered throughout the game’s map but, this special resource is not just lying around anywhere, and you’ll have to search in the coldest and snowiest places to find it. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. If you spot a sharp, black rock in a snowy area, chances are it’s a Quartz location.

Where to find Quartz in Palworld

We’ve noted a couple of spots where to find Quartz in Palworld and these locations are in the Astral Mountains, around -213, 250 and -257, 391 on the map, and are perfect for setting up your own mining operation. Just send out your best mining Pals, create a settlement with everything you need for survival – like food sources, a Hot Spring for warmth, and storage for your loot. One of these locations, in the south, is perched on top of a small hill and is pretty secluded.

When venturing into these snowy areas for the first time, however, make sure you’re prepared. You’ll need some cold-resistant armor to keep warm, and watch out for the wild Pals roaming around – they’re no pushovers, with levels in the mid-30s. So, be ready for a challenge before you embark on your Pure Quartz quest!

Where to find Quartz in Palworld
Where to find Quartz in Palworld

How to get Pure Quartz

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld is a common question and can be quite the adventure because only the toughest and most powerful Pals drop it. Trying to farm these Pals for Pure Quartz isn’t really a safe or efficient option, so you’re better off searching for it out in the wild.

While getting Pure Quartz is one aspect of the journey, harnessing its power is another. In Palworld, Pal-framing is the key to unlocking the full potential of Quartz. So, after gathering Quartz from the various locations mentioned earlier, you’ll need to extract its pure essence. Specialized tools and equipment are essential for this process. Once extracted, you can refine the Quartz into a more usable form, making it suitable for various applications.

How to Farm Quartz in Palworld

To farm Quartz in Palworld is super easy and efficient. All you need to do is set up a Pal Box near a Pure Quartz deposit in the Astral Mountains. Then, assign some Pals with mining skills, like Cattiva for beginners or Anubis and Astegon for more experienced players, to work there.

Your Pals will happily mine the Pure Quartz and bring it back to you. The best part is that these deposits keep coming back, so you can keep farming them endlessly without having to lift a finger. And, as your Pals mine and collect the Pure Quartz, you’ll earn Ancient Technology Points along the way. It’s like getting rewarded for letting your Pals do their thing!

Palworld Pure Quartz Uses

The applications of Pure Quartz in Palworld are vast and multifaceted, as this material is not merely a resource but a catalyst for unlocking the true potential of your Pals. Here are two main ways to use it:

Enhancing Pal Cores: Pure Quartz can be utilized to enhance the cores of your Pals, granting them unique abilities and attributes. By infusing Quartz into a Pal’s core, you’ll empower them with newfound strengths, enabling them to excel in battles and tasks.

Crafting Pal Gear: In Palworld, crafting is an essential skill. You can use Pure Quartz to create powerful gear and accessories for your Pals, elevating their performance to new heights. Whether it’s durable armor or formidable weapons, Quartz-infused equipment can make a significant difference in your Pal’s capabilities.


In conclusion, Pure Quartz in Palworld is more than just a glittering gem; it’s a fundamental element that enriches your gameplay experience. With knowledge of where to find it and how to harness its power, you can become a master Palframer, forging unbreakable bonds with your Pals and conquering the challenges that await in the game’s enchanting world.

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