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If you have already spent some time playing Palworld, you may have noticed that not all pals in the game are “made equal”. Of course, pals from different species can drastically differ in their stats, especially at higher levels, which is the result of something called species-specific scaling. However, did you know that pals of the same species can also have different amounts of HP, Attack, and Defense?

To add even more variety to the game, the devs have included an additional scaling factor that the Palworld community refers to as Individual Value (IV). This value partially determines how much HP, Attack, and Defense each Pal will get upon leveling up. This is the main reason why pals of the same species can have differing stats – a difference that gets more pronounced the higher the pals’ levels.

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In this post, we’ll try to briefly explain the math in the level scaling in Palworld, but if you want to directly view the unabridged version, check out this incredible Reddit post that provides an in-depth analysis of the topic. Blahable, the post’s author, has also created a detailed Google Sheets document, where he has provided in-depth information about each Pal, alongside an IV calculator.

The Palworld IV Google Sheets Document explained

The Palworld Species Scaling

Before we tell you about the specifics of the IV (Individual Value) scaling, we should first mention the overarching level scaling system in Palworld. This is important because it will help you better understand the information provided in the Palworld Google Sheets document we linked above.

Each Pal species has the same HP, Attack, and Defense (500/100/50) at Level 1, but as they level up, the way those stats change is based on a species-specific scaling value for each of the three attributes.

For example, the HP, Attack, and Defense scaling values for Sparkit are 60/75/70, and for Penking they are 95/95/95. This means that, as Penking levels up, he’ll be getting more Health, Attack, and Defense per level compared to Sparkit.

Additionally, there’s a fixed scaling value for each of the three attributes that’s the same for every Pal species. For HP that value is 0.5, and for Attack and Defense it is 75.

Knowing the species-specific scaling value and the fixed attribute scaling value lets you calculate how much HP/Attack/Defense each Pal species gains per level. You just need to multiply the two values. And if you are calculating the HP attribute, you also need to add 5 at the end, which is another fixed value that’s the same for all Pal species.

Palworld IV Calculator

How does the Palworld IV scaling work?

Now that we’ve gone over the species scaling in Palworld, we can explain how the IV system works. The Individual Scaling number simply adds another variable to the formula that further changes how much of each attribute is gained per level. The main effect of this variable is that it makes Pals from the same species and at the same level have different stats. For this reason, you may want to use a Palworld IV calculator to figure out the Individual Value of your Pals to know what to expect from them as they level up.

How does the Palworld IV scaling work?

Normally, the variance here is not as big as the variance between different Pal species, but it can still be significant. It has been confirmed that the IV bonus ranges between 0% to 30% for each of the three attributes, with the mean being around 14% for HP and 17% for Attack and Defense. To include these percentages in the formula, you add “1” to them. For instance, if the IV percentage bonus is 21%, you turn it into a regular number – 0.21 – and then add “1” to it for a total of 1.21. And then the complete scaling formula will be {Species Scaling Value} x {Fixed Attribute Scaling Value} x {IV}. Again, if you are calculating the HP, you also need to add 5 at the end.

Finally, there are a couple additional factors that further expand this formula. These factors are individual stat bonuses that Pals receive from Soul Statue upgrades, Condenser upgrades, Passive Skills buffs, and Partner Skills buffs. The way these modifiers are added to the formula is by adding “1” to the decimal form of each modifier and then multiplying the entire equation by the resulting number. Thus, the complete formulas will look like this:

Health = [500 + 5 x Level + Species Scaling Value x 0.5 x Level x (1 + IV)] x (1 + Skills HP Bonus) x (1 + HP Soul Bonus) x (1 + HP Condenser Bonus)

Attack= [100 + Species Scaling Value x 0.5 x Level x (1 + IV)] x (1 + Attack Skills Bonus) x (1 + Attack Soul Bonus) x (1 + Attack Condenser Bonus)

Defense = [50 + Species Scaling Value x 0.5 x Level x (1 + IV)] x (1 + Defense Skills Bonus) x (1 + Defense Soul Bonus) x (1 + Defense Condenser Bonus)

Palworld IV Breeding

Palworld IV Calculation

While this formula can be useful, what most players truly need is its reversed version, which will allow them to calculate the IV of their Pals, so that they can use the Pals with the highest IV for breeding. Yes – IV gets inherited. The IV number that a baby Pal gets falls in the range between the IV’s of the baby’s parents. In other words, to get a Pal baby with high Individual Value, both its parents should also have high IV.

The Palworld IV Calculation formulas are as follows:

  • HP IV = (HP / (1 + CondenserBonus) / (1 + HP Soul Bonus%) / (1 + Skills HP Bonus) – 500 – 5 * Level) / Species Scaling Value / 0.5 / Level – 1

  • Attack IV = (Attack / (1 + CondenserBonus) / (1 + Soul Bonus) / (1 + Attack Skills Bonus) – 100) / Species Scaling Value / .075 / Level – 1

  • Defense IV = (Defense / (1 + Condenser Bonus) / (1 + Defense Soul Bonus) / (1 + Defense Skills Bonus) – 50) / Species Scaling Value / .075 / Level – 1

Admittedly, these formulas can get pretty complex once all modifiers are taken into account, but the good news is that, if you want to find out the exact Individual Values of your Pals, there are online calculators that can do the heavy mathematical lifting for you. One such calculator that we think is particularly good is the one on the Palpedia website that we linked at the start of this post.

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