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In the vibrant world of Palworld, where adventure knows no bounds, one of the most sought-after pursuits is finding the fastest Palworld Mount. Whether you’re exploring vast landscapes or embarking on thrilling quests, having a trusty travel companion can make all the difference. Among the myriad of mounts available, there are a few mounts that stand out as both majestic and practical. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the fastest Palworld mounts and help you uncover the best options.

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The Fastest Flying Mount In Palworld

When it comes to the fastest flying mount in Palworld, one Pal stands out above the rest – the legendary Jetragon. With speeds ranging from an impressive 1700 to a breathtaking 3300, Jetragon is a true champion. This majestic creature will have you zipping through the skies at lightning speed, leaving other mounts in the dust. However, there’s a catch – Jetragon is no easy catch itself. You won’t stumble upon Jetragon casually while exploring the world of Palworld. To add to the challenge, Jetragon can only be bred by pairing two Jetragons together, making your first encounter with this incredible creature even more special.

For those daring enough to seek the Jetragon in the wild, your best bet is to look for its Alpha spawn. This elusive spawn can be found in the late-game, specifically to the north of the Everlasting Summer teleportation point, near the mighty Volcano. But be prepared; Jetragon won’t make it easy for you. You’ll need your skills and determination to catch the fastest flying mount in Palworld.

Fastest Flying Mount In Palworld
Fastest Flying Mount In Palworld

Palworld Flying Mount Speeds

Among the myriad ways to traverse this enchanting landscape, few are as exhilarating as soaring through the skies atop a flying mount. The winged companions not only grant their riders a breathtaking view of the world below, but also boast varying Palworld flying mount speeds that can greatly impact the pace of your journey. Here’s a table showcasing the fastest flying mounts in Palworld, sorted from the swiftest to the slowest:

Flying Mount PalSpeed Range
Jetragon1700 – 3300
Frostallion1000 – 1500
Faleris1000 – 1400
Shadowbeak850 – 1200
Ragnahawk & Beakon800 – 1300
Suzaku850 – 1100
Helzephyr700 – 1100
Quivern800 – 950
Vanwyrm700 – 850
Elphidran630 – 800
Astegon600 – 800
Nitewing600 – 750

Now you have a clear overview of the Palworld flying mount speeds and their respective speed ranges, you can easily select among the fastest flying mounts.

Fastest Mount in Palworld By Ground

Among the various ground mounts you can ride in this game, the title of the fastest goes to Necromus. However, there’s a catch – you’ll need to reach Level 49 to unlock the special saddle that allows you to ride this speed demon. But trust us, it’s totally worth the effort because Necromus isn’t your ordinary ground mount. It comes with an incredible ability to perform triple jumps, making it not only fast but also incredibly agile. Imagine the heights you can reach with those leaps!

If you’re itching for speed earlier in the game and don’t want to wait until Level 49, don’t worry – there are other options. You can set your sights on capturing a Pyrin or a Direhowl, both of which are relatively swift and can provide you with a thrilling ride through Palworld’s enchanting landscapes.

Fastest Mount in Palworld By Ground
Fastest Mount in Palworld By Ground

Palworld Mount Speeds On Ground

When it comes to measuring raw land speed in the world of Palworld, numerous Pals have proven themselves to be quite impressive. Knights like Paladius and Necromus, alongside Direhowl, have emerged as the champions in Palworld mount speeds on ground, making them highly sought-after choices for avid Palworld adventurers. Additionally, Pals like Pyrin and Univolt have also secured their places in the ultimate catalogs as formidable contenders in terms of speed. To provide a clearer picture, here’s a table showcasing the top Pals, ranked from the fastest to the slowest:

Direhowl (speed 1050 to 1260)Eikthyrdeer (speed 900)Melpaca (speed 800)
Univolt (speed 1100)Eikthyrdeer Terra (speed 900)Chillet (speed 800)
Pyrin (speed 1300)Arsox (speed 880 to 960)Grintale (speed 800)
Pyrin Noct (speed 1300)Blazehowl (speed 900)Maraith (speed 800)
Rayhound (speed from 1150 to 1380)Blazehowl Noct (speed 900)Relaxaurus (speed 800)
Fenglope (speed from 1050 to 1260)Blazamut (speed 900)Relaxaurus Lux (speed 800)
Paladius (speed from 1540 to 1680)
Necromus (speed from1760 to 1920)

This tiered list should help Palworld trainers make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the fastest companions for their adventures.

Palworld Swimming Mounts

In the world of Palworld, some mounts are specially designed for swimming across water, which can be pretty handy if you need to traverse large bodies of water during your adventures. While flying mounts can also move over water, the Palworld swimming mounts offer some unique advantages. Currently, there are only three mounts designed specifically for swimming, so let’s take a closer look at each of them.

First up, we have Azurobe, which stands out because it can not only swim but also fly. It’s the fastest swimming mount in Palworld with a speed stat of 800. However, Azurobe’s stamina isn’t its strong suit, with a basic stamina stat of 100, and it lacks a partner skill to prevent stamina loss while swimming.

Next is Jormuntide, a mount with a unique ability. While its basic speed stat is only 700, it compensates by never depleting stamina when traveling over water, thanks to its Stormbringer Sea Dragon partner skill. This means you can swim for as long as you want without worrying about running out of energy. With a stamina stat of 100, Jormuntide offers excellent endurance for your aquatic journeys.

Lastly, there’s Surfent, a reliable swimming mount with a speed stat of 650 and a stamina stat of 100. While it may not be the fastest swimmer, it’s a solid choice for crossing water bodies without worrying about stamina depletion. So, when you need to travel across water, these Palworld swimming mounts can be your trusted companions, each offering its own set of advantages.

How to mount a Pal in Palworld

To mount a Pal in Palworld, it’s not as simple as hopping on their backs and setting off on an adventure. Here are the Step-by-Step instructions that explain what you need:

Step 1: Determine Mount Capability – Start by checking if the Pal you want to ride can actually be a mount. Look at their Partner Skill description for the phrase ‘can be ridden.’ If it’s there, you’ve got a potential mount.

Step 2: Unlock Saddle Blueprint – You can’t ride without a saddle! To craft one, you must first unlock its blueprint from the Technology menu.

Step 3: Catch the Right Pal – Capture at least one of the specific mount Pals you want to ride. Some saddles require this. If you see question marks in the Technology menu, it means you need to catch certain Pals to unlock items like saddles.

Step 4: Level Up – Make sure you’re at the correct level to unlock the saddle recipe. If not, earn experience points (XP) by catching more Pals, gathering resources, and expanding your base.

Step 5: Technology Points – You’ll need enough Technology Points to unlock the saddle’s recipe. Check your points and gather more if needed.

Step 6: Build a Pal Gear Workbench – If you don’t have one already, construct a Pal Gear Workbench. It’s essential for crafting saddles and enhancing your Pals’ abilities. You’ll need these resources to build it: 10 Paldium Fragments, 30 Wood, and 2 Cloth.

Step 7: Craft Your Saddle – Now that you have the saddle blueprint, gather the required materials as listed in the recipe. Head to the Pal Gear Workbench and craft your saddle.

Step 8: Release Your Pal – Finally, release your mount Pal from its sphere, and you’ll be ready to ride.

Best Mount in Palworld

Pals come with a variety of traits when caught, but three stand out for their ability to enhance speed:

  • Nimble: Increases speed by 10%
  • Runner: Boosts speed by 20%
  • Swift: Elevates speed by 30%

While it may require patience to capture a Pal with one of these traits and even more time to pass it onto your desired Pal through breeding, the effort is well worth it. By doing so, you’ll unlock the fastest movement capabilities achievable in Palworld.

Speed isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing the best mount in Palworld. Your ideal companion should align with your playstyle and preferences. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Speed vs. Utility: While speed is crucial, some mounts offer unique utility, such as the ability to carry heavy loads or provide additional combat support. Consider whether you prioritize pure speed or require additional features.
  2. Aesthetics: Palworld boasts a diverse range of mounts, each with its own distinct appearance. Choose a mount that resonates with your sense of style and complements your character’s look.
  3. Training and Bonding: Building a strong bond with your mount through training and care can unlock hidden potential. Some mounts may start as average, but evolve into formidable companions with dedication.

For those seeking to enhance their prowess in Palworld even further, you may want to understand the intricacies of IV Calculation, ensuring your pals reach their full potential. Delve into the shadows with the Black Marketeer, unveiling hidden gems and rare treasures. Embark on an adventure to locate the elusive Relaxaurus, adding a unique companion to your roster. Seek out the abundant Coal deposits scattered across the landscape, fueling your endeavors. And unlock the secrets of obtaining Legendary Schematics, arming yourself with powerful tools and equipment. In case this is not enough, there are some more invaluable resources at your fingertips below:

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