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Palworld offers a vast playground, where you can build your dream base wherever you fancy. But, not all game locations are created equal – some are like hidden treasure troves waiting to be discovered! So, to guide you through your decision of base-building, we came up with a guide that spills all the beans. Here you will learn which are the best Palworld base locations and which Pals to recruit for your dream base. And just to sprinkle a bit of extra tips, we have included some base design ideas and suggestions to unleash your creativity and create the best Palworld base.

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Best Palworld Base Locations
Best Palworld Base Locations

What are the best Palworld base locations?

Below, we’ve selected the best base locations in Palworld that are also very strategic. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ahead in the game, these spots offer the perfect blend of defense, resources, and sheer beauty. So grab your map, plan your route, and start building your base in Palworld today.

The Castle Near Fort Ruins: Early Game Stronghold

An old, damaged castle at coordinates (190, -383) is a hidden gem right near the Fort Ruins fast travel statue. Sure, it may not be the biggest plot of land you’ve ever seen, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in strategy. The sturdy stone walls are a raider’s nightmare, funneling them into narrow paths where you can easily defend your base. Surrounded by forests and rocks, you’ll never run short on wood and stone. Plus, if you follow the valley southwest, you’ll hit the jackpot with Ore deposits.

The Plateau Base: Mid-Game Fortress in the Sky

Now, if you’re looking for a place with a view, check out this plateau at (157, -395), just a stone’s throw southwest of the Fort Ruins. It’s a bit of a climb, but once you’ve got a flying mount or a Grappling Gun, you’ll be zipping up there like it’s nothing. And guess what? Any invaders will have to slog their way up, while you get to play tower defense with your best archery skills. The plateau is also rich in Ore deposits, which magically come back every day, making it a superb spot for your mid-game base camp.

The Ore Farming Plateaus: Mid-Game Resource Haven

If you’re all about those resources, then the dual plateaus at (10, -522), directly southwest of the Small Settlement, are where it’s at. They’re a miner’s dream in the mid-game, perfect for when you’re ready to establish a secondary base. With plenty of flat land and a wealth of Ore deposits, you’ll be rolling in resources. Don’t forget to build a handy stairway to connect the two plateaus – your Pals will thank you for the easy commute!

The High Mountaintop Base: Late-Game Seclusion and Scenery

Ready for a real adventure? Then aim for the skies and set your sights on the mountaintop at (305, -43), southeast of the Sealed Realm of the Swift. It’s a trek to get there, but once you’ve got a mount with wings, you’ll feel like the ruler of the world. Raiders barely stand a chance as they struggle to scale the mountain, while you’ll be sitting pretty among forests, mountains, and a stunning lake that cascades down into a waterfall. This spot isn’t just secure – it’s a slice of paradise.

The Ultimate Mining Base: Late-Game Resource Empire

Finally, let’s talk about the mountaintop at (190, -40), a neighbor to the east of our previous spot and northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Guardian. When your main base hits Level 15, this is the place to be for your third and final base. It’s practically raid-proof thanks to its dizzying height. While the terrain is a bit rugged, the abundance of Ore and Coal more than makes up for it. Set up a mining base here, and you’ll be crafting Refined Ingots like there’s no tomorrow.

How To Find Palworld Best Locations

Are you are still scratching your head wondering where to build a base that’s the envy of every player and Pal, worry not! We’ve got the tips to help you build on Palworld best locations and create a home that’s both a fortress and a paradise.

Since location is everything, you’ll want to keep an eye out for big, flat areas. These spots are prime locations because they’re like blank canvases waiting for your masterstroke. If you can snag a spot on a hill or near narrow pathways that enemies have to squeeze through, you’re golden. These natural features act like built-in security, funneling any would-be raiders right into your cleverly placed traps.

But hey, if the best spots are taken (darn those early birds!), don’t sweat it. There are tons of great places to call home in Palworld. Just remember, you want a place with easy access to Ore and Coal – they’re the bread and butter of building and crafting.

How To Find Palworld Best Locations
How To Find Palworld Best Locations

Palworld Best Base Designs and Tips

Once you’ve claimed your corner of Palworld, it’s time to think about laying down some roots as this is where it gets fun. Here are some golden Palworld best base designs and tips to make sure your base is as efficient as it is stylish:

  • Group Similar Structures Together:

Imagine you’re a builder, and all your ingredients and tools are scattered. Nightmare, right? Same goes for base-building. Keep all your crafting benches in one zone, your beds in another, and your farms in yet another. It’s all about creating “departments” within your base.

  • Smart Storage Solutions:

Ever watched those home organization shows? Take a leaf out of their book and place storage chests right next to each production structure. Your Transporting Pals are all about efficiency – they’ll take the shortest path to drop off goods, so make it easy for them!

  • Simplicity is Key:

You’re building a base, not a maze. Don’t overcomplicate things. Your Pals need to get from point A to point B without an obstacle course. Keep it simple for speed and efficiency.

  • Fortify the Frontier:

Walls are great, but only where they’re needed. Stick to surrounding your base with them. Inside, you need space for expansion and all the cool stuff you’ll build as you level up.

  • Elevate Your Defenses:

When it comes to defenses, the higher the better. Set up your mounted weapons so they have a clear view of the chokepoints, and make sure your armed Pals are safe from direct attacks.

  • Upgrade Like a Pro:

Start with wood, but as soon as you can, level up to stone and metal. You’ll unlock Stone Structures at Level 18, and Metal Structures at Level 30. Wood burns, and you don’t want a fire to turn your base into a bonfire.

Can you move your Palworld base locations?

As you venture further and further, chasing adventure and leveling up, you might find yourself longing for a change of scenery. Maybe you’ve outgrown your first base, or perhaps you’ve discovered a breathtaking new area you simply must call home. The big question is: Can you pack up and move your Palworld base locations? Absolutely! It’s like moving house in the real world, just with more Pals and less paperwork. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to redesign, rethink, and refresh your living space and a chance to explore new parts of Palworld and make new memories. So when the wanderlust hits, don’t hesitate to pack up and set off on your next big adventure.

Here’s the Step-by-Step Base Moving:

In Palworld, you can’t just lift your entire base and drop it somewhere else. However, you can dismantle your base, get back all the materials you used to build it, and use them to construct a new base at a different location. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Relocate Your Pals: First things first, move all your Pals from your current base to the Palbox storage. This is like packing up your pets before a big move – it makes everything else easier and faster.
  2. Prepare Chests for Storage: Build a few Wooden Chests at both your old and new base locations. Think of these like moving boxes. You’ll need 15 pieces of Wood and 5 pieces of Stone for each chest.
  3. Dismantle Your Old Base: Switch to Disassembly Mode in Build Mode and start taking apart your old base. This is like unbuilding a LEGO set – you’ll get back all the pieces (or resources) you used.
  4. Pack Up Your Materials: Load up your inventory with as many resources as you can carry from your old base, then store the rest in the Wooden Chests. These chests are like your temporary storage units, keeping your stuff safe while you move.
  5. Travel to Your New Base Location: Use the Palbox at your old base to fast travel close to your new base location. If there’s no fast travel point nearby, you’ll need to ride a mount, preferably one that can fly.
  6. Transfer Your Supplies: At your new base, unload your inventory into the Wooden Chests there. Then, go back and forth between the two bases (using fast travel or your mount) to bring all your resources over. It might take a few trips, but think of it as part of the moving adventure.
  7. Dismantle Your Old Palbox: Once everything is at the new location, go to your map, hover over your old base, and choose the option to dismantle the base. This is like handing over the keys to your old house.
  8. Rebuild at Your New Location: Finally, construct a new Palbox at your new base site and start rebuilding using all the resources you’ve moved. Before getting too busy with rebuilding, let your Pals out of the Palbox storage, especially if you’re worried about any hostile creatures showing up.

And there you have it! Moving your base in Palworld might take some effort and a bit of back-and-forth, but it’s a pretty straightforward process. Just like moving houses in the real world, it takes some planning and a bit of heavy lifting, but the excitement of setting up a new home makes it all worthwhile.

Pro Tip: Get More Palworld Base Locations

When your original base hits Level 10, you unlock a new Buildable Base Slot that lets you plant another flag in Palworld. You can then build another Pal Box, which is essentially setting up a new camp or outpost. To level up your base, just tackle the Base Missions – hit the V key when you’re at a Pal Box, and you’ll see what tasks await you.

Best Palworld Pals For Your Base

After you have found the best Palworld base location and have set your foot on it, you’ll need to create a harmonious community where each Pal plays a crucial role. From your first Lamball to your specialized mining expert, each Pal brings something unique to the table. So, choose wisely, train them well, and watch as your base transforms from a camp to a thriving hub of activity.

Best Palworld Pals For Your Base
Best Palworld Pals For Your Base

Starting Out with Your First Pals: In the early stages of your game, you won’t need a team of superhero Pals. Simple, sturdy types like Lamball, Cattiva, Lifmunk, Foxparks, Pengullet, and Tanzee will do the job. They’re like the all-rounder interns of Palworld, capable of handling essential jobs such as planting, mining, and transporting goods. Plus, they’re easy to find near the Rayne Syndicate Tower, which makes your initial recruitment almost as easy as a walk in the park.

Leveling Up Your Pal Workforce: As your game progresses and you start exploring tougher terrains, it’s time for an upgrade. At this stage, you’ll want to search for Pals who have leveled up in their specific jobs. These are your seasoned pros – they work faster, smarter, and bring in more resources. They’re like the skilled experts you hire to keep your base running at peak efficiency and to support your grand crafting and building plans. Here you can read more about the locations where to find Jormuntide, Blazamut, Lyleen, Orserk, and Anubis, as well as Relaxaurus, and all Legendary Pals.

Choosing the Right Pal for the Job: While it might be tempting to go for jack-of-all-trades Pals like Penking, who can do a bit of everything, they often get sidetracked with so many tasks at hand. Early in the game, these versatile Pals can be quite useful, but as you grow, specialization is key. So, our recommendation is to look for Pals who are experts in one field – they’ll keep their eyes on the prize and breed them to help your base flourish.

Here’s a table that recommends the best Palworld Pals for your base, their skills, and where you can find them:

Pal NameSkills (Level)Location
AnubisHandiwork (4), Mining (3), Transporting (2)(-134, -94)
AstegonMining (4), Handiwork (1)(666, 664)
BushiLumbering (3), Kindling (2), Transporting (2), Gathering (1), Handiwork (1)(-621, -721)
FrostallionCooling (4)(-356, 511)
VerdashGathering (3), Handiwork (3), Lumbering (2), Planting (2), Transporting (2)(285, 10), (-675, -115)
Jormuntide IgnisKindling (4)(-690, -138)
JormuntideWatering (4)(-175, -265)
LyleenPlanting (4), Handiwork (3), Medicine Production (3), Gathering (2)(645, 615)
OrserkGenerating Electricity (4), Transporting (3), Handiwork (2)(665, 595)
WumpoTransporting (4), Lumbering (3), Cooling (2), Handiwork (2)(-190, 400)

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