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How to get the Best Palworld breeding combos

One of the core mechanics in Palworld is the ability to breed your captured Pals to get new ones – quite literally, the birds and the bees story. But since there are so many different Pals in the game, like Jormuntide, Blazamut, Lyleen, Orserk, Anubis and Relaxaurus, and even more potential Pal breeding combos, figuring out what the offspring Pal will turn out to be might seem like an overwhelming task. However, thanks to users, such as the author of this Reddit thread, it’s now actually quite easy to determine what will be the offspring of any Pal breeding combination.

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Apparently, it all comes down to an in-game formula that uses internal breeding “power numbers” that range between 10 and 1500. Each Pal in the game is assigned such a number that’s unique for the particular Pal. Generally, the lower the number, the rarer and more powerful the Pal. Then, when you breed two Pals, their numbers are added to one another, plus “1”, and then the result is divided by 2. The result of that is then rounded to the nearest whole number and that gives you the number of the baby Pal. It’s actually a pretty simple formula that applies in all cases.

How to get the Best Palworld breeding combos
The breeding formula that determines the baby Pal from every breeding combo in Palworld.

Here, it should be noted that, due to the way this formula works, it’s impossible to get a Pal baby with a higher power number than its strongest parent. In other words, you can’t use breeding to get the most powerful Pals in the game if you currently only have weaker ones. That said, there are some “anomalies”, such as the Penking and Bushi combo that will get you an Anubis. In-game, Anubis is more powerful than either Penking or Bushi, but the game’s internal numbers for Penking is lower (meaning stronger) than that of Anubis, hence why this breeding result is possible.

Palworld Breeding Combos List

Now, the “breeding power number” can’t be found in-game and without knowing it, you won’t be able to predict the result of a given breeding combo. However, there are already many resources online where you can find the numbers of all the Pals in the game. Not only that, but there are also online calculators that will help you figure out what Pal combos will give you the offspring Pal that you are looking for.

Palworld Breeding Combos List
Part of the breeding power list for each Pal in Palworld. The rest of this list can be found in the linked Reddit thread.

In our opinion, the Reddit thread we linked above is the best resource where you will a comprehensive Palworld breeding combos list, as well as information about each Pal’s breeding power number and a calculator that makes everything much easier. Another useful resource with a built-in Pal breeding calculator can be found on this page.

Special Pal Breeding Combos

For most Pals in Palworld, there are multiple breeding combinations that will result in that a given Pal being born. However, several Pals in the game have only a single breeding combination, so to get them through the breeding, you’ll need to have a specific Pals couple. Here’s a list of those special Pal breeding combos and the Pals that they result in:

Pal ParentsPal Baby
Noct Blazehowl + FelbatBlazehowl
Broncherry + FuackBroncherry Aqua
Dinossum + RayhoundDinossom Lux
Eikthyrdeer + HangyuEikthyrdeer Terra
Ephidran + SurfentElphidran Aqua
Vanwyrm + AnubisFaleris
Frostallion + FrostallionFrostallion
Frostallion + HelzephyrFrostallion Noct
Gobfin + RoobyGobfin Ignus
Mossanda + RayhoundGrizzbolt
Hangyu + SweeHangyu Cryst
Incineram + MaraithIncineram Noct
Jetragon + JetragonJetragon
Jolthog + PengulletJolthog Cryst
Jormuntide Ignis + Jormuntide IgnisJormuntide Ignis
Kingpaca + ReindrixKingpaca Cryst
Leezpunk + FlambelleLeezpunk Ignis
Mossanda + PetalliaLyleen
Lyleen + MenastingLyleen Noct
Mammorest + WumpoMammorest Cryst
Mau + PengulletMau Cryst
Mossanda + GrizzboltMossanda Lux
Necromus + NecromusNecromus
Grizzbolt + RelaxaurusOserk
Paladius + PaladiusPaladius
Noct Pyrin + KatressPyrin
Relaxaurus + SparkitRelaxaurus Lux
Reptyro + FoxcicleReptyro Cryst
Robinquill + FuddlerRobinquill Terra
Kitsun + AstegonShadowbeak
Surfent + DumudSurfent Terra
Suzaku + JormuntideSuzaku Aqua
Vanwyrm + FoxcicleVanwyrm Cryst

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