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Now that you know how to play Palworlds on your Mac and have probably spent some time catching new Pals and leveling-up your character, you’ve probably learned about the so-called legendaries. Those are the strongest Pals that the game currently has to offer, but they are also the most difficult to catch. However, the struggle is well worth it, because not only do these legendary Pals have a ton of raw power, but they also have awesome legend-level passive skills that greatly boost their attack, defense, and movement speed.

Obviously, you won’t be able to catch a legendary pal early on, but if you are already above level 45, have some decently powerful Pals like Relaxaurus, Jormuntide, Blazamut, Lyleen, Orserk, and Anubis of your own, and are well-equipped, you can certainly try your luck with one (or all) of these overpowered Pals. If you think you are prepared to take upon such a challenge, check out the following tips that will help you prepare for each encounter.

How to catch Jetragon

Jetragon is a flying Dragon type Pal considered by many players to be the best and strongest of the legendaries. It only spawns in a specific area in the western part of the map. To reach the Jetragon location, go to the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel point and go North to these coordinates:  -792, -319.

jetragon palworld
The magnificent Jetragon.

When preparing for the encounter, be sure to bring heat-resistant armor, because the area where Jetragon spawns is very hot. Also, be sure to take with you legendary spheres to maximize your chances of catching the legendary Pal.

Needless to say, you should also bring your best equipment and pals. We recommend using an Ice Element Pal, because Dragon types are weak against them. Finally, it’s not recommended to go up against Jetragon unless you are above level 45. All legendary Pals are level 50, so if you are too much below their level will make the encounter very difficult.

As for the fight itself, we recommend keeping away from the cliffs in the area, because Jetragon would sometimes fall off those cliffs and die, preventing you from catching it (yes, it’s ironic that it can fly). Last but not least, there appears to be a bug where, once Jetragon gets low on health, it would automatically die after a couple of failed attempts to catch it. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed soon, but it’s something to keep in mind for now.

How to catch Frostallion

Frostallion is another flying mount Pal, this time of the Ice Element type. To reach the Frostallion location, go to the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point and travel east, to coordinates -351, -516.

frostallion palworld
Frostallion in its natural habitat.

A lot of the tips we gave you for Jetragon apply here too. You’ll need to be at least level 45, and you’ll need to bring your best gear and Pals to stand a good chance against Frostallion. And since this legendary is Ice Element type, it’s best to use Fire Element Pals against it. Also, a flying pal that you can mount will make this fight a lot easier. Finally, don’t forget to bring cold-resistant armor, because this area is very cold.

During the fight, if you’ve chosen to use a non-flying Pal to assist you, then a good strategy is to use the ice formations in Frostallion location as cover, and shoot from behind them, while your own Pal is keeping Frostillion busy. Alternatively, you can also climb those formations and use the high-ground they provide to your advantage.

How to catch Necromus and Paladius

Finally, Necromus and Paladius are two legendary Pals that spawn in the same area. You’ll get to the Necromus and Paladius location by going to the Northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point and travelling Northwest, to coordinates -446, -681.

Unlike Jetragon and Frostallion, neither of these two can fly and, individually, they are weaker than the other two that we mentioned. However, since they spawn next to one another, you’ll normally have to fight them at the same time, potentially making this fight the most challenging one.

paladius palworld
The Paladius Pal.

Like before, you’ll need to bring your best gear and pals, but the exact armor and Pal you use in this encounter will depend on the strategy you use for the fight. We’ve found that the best approach is to attack at night and focus only on one of the two legendaries, while the other one is asleep. Since it gets cold at night, you’ll need cold-resistant armor.

necromus and paladius palworld
Necromus and Paladius attacking at the same time.

As for the Pal you choose to assist you, that will depend on which legendary you attack first. Necromus is a Dark type Pal, so attack it with a Dragon type Pal of your own. On the other hand, if you go for Paladius first, use a Dark type Pal to help you in the battle. And if you want to be prepared in case you have to fight both Necromus and Paladius at the same time, use Astegon (if you have it). This Pal is both Dark and Dragon type, so even if you agro both legendaries at the same time, you’ll have a good chance of taking them on successfully.

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