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Ah, the Relaxaurus. This gentle giant with an affinity for water brings tranquility wherever it roams. But beyond its calming presence, the Relaxaurus offers valuable resources and strategic potential for Palworld players. This guide explains everything you need to know about where to find Relaxaurus in Palworld, its breeding, and incorporation into your Pal selection.

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Palworld Relaxaurus Breeding

Relaxaurus may seem slow-witted at first glance, but don’t be fooled – it’s a formidable Pal both in battles and household tasks. Capturing one can be quite rewarding, as it opens up opportunities for Palworld Relaxaurus breeding with a variety of other Pals. Pairing it with Dinossom, Digtoise, or Warsect can yield a mix of rare and high-level offspring, which makes this Pal a valuable asset in the middle stages of the game. Relaxaurus stands out for its versatility, and the aforementioned Pals are just a glimpse of the breeding possibilities it offers.

Here are some other exciting breeding combinations that you may want to explore:

Parent OneParent TwoOffspring
RelaxaurusSparkitRelaxaurus Lux
RelaxaurusPyrin NoctMenasting

Palworld Relaxaurus Breeding
Palworld Relaxaurus Breeding

Palworld Relaxaurus Location

Whether you’re a seasoned Pal collector or just starting your journey in the game, knowing the Palworld Relaxaurus Location can help you easily find one to create unique and powerful offspring like the suggestions above. So, let’s dive into the favorite Relaxaurus locations.

Where To Find Relaxaurus

Generally, there are two primary habitats in Palworld where to find Relaxaurus and they offer diverse landscapes:

  • Ascetic Falls: Situated amidst serene waterfalls and lush greenery, this location provides a fitting backdrop for encountering these peaceful Pals. Look for them near bodies of water, where they often lounge or graze.
  • Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon: Despite the intimidating name, this dungeon also harbors Relaxaurus in its lower levels. While combat might be necessary, the potential for rarer encounters with the Relaxaurus Lux makes this a worthwhile area to explore.

Palworld Relaxaurus Locations
Palworld Relaxaurus Locations

Relaxaurus Pal

Taming a Relaxaurus Pal requires patience and understanding. Their calm demeanor makes them relatively docile, but their water-based attacks can pack a punch. Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Use Water-Resistant Pals: Avoid sending fire-type Pals into battle, as their attacks are ineffective against Relaxaurus. Opt for creatures resistant to water or strong against dragon-type moves for a smoother encounter.
  • Lower Them With Kindness: Tranquility Stones and Calming Traps are ideal tools for subduing a Relaxaurus. Once their health dwindles, use a Pal Sphere to capture them and welcome them into your Paldom.

Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld

The Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld is a majestic Pal that boasts a shimmering blue exterior and increased power compared to its regular counterpart. Finding one is rare, but the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon offers the best chance. Its taming process remains similar to the standard Relaxaurus, requiring water-resistant Pals and careful capture techniques.

Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld
Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld

How To Breed Relaxaurus

Once you have two Relaxaurus, breeding them opens doors to expanding your herd and potentially acquiring desirable traits. Remember these key points if you want to learn how to breed Relaxaurus:

  • Gender Requirements: Relaxaurus breeding follows conventional gender requirements, needing one male and one female.
  • Nurturing the Nest: Prepare a comfortable nesting area with ample food and water. Relaxaurus eggs hatch after a set time, adding new members to your Pal family.
  • Trait Inheritance: Pay attention to your Relaxaurus’ parents’ as their traits have a chance of passing down to the offspring. This allows you to selectively breed for specific strengths or appearances.

By understanding their habitats, taming strategies, and breeding methods, you can seamlessly integrate the presence of the Relaxaurus into your Palworld gameplay. Remember, patience and respect are key to befriending these creatures, rewarding you with a valuable addition to your Paldom and a soothing companion in your adventures.

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