The Best Game Publishers To Try In 2024

2024 is the year of the publishers in a bad way – with ballooning budgets leading to massive layoffs, the year has been a complete rollercoaster of triumphs and flops one after the other.

But a recent survey found a curious fact. On all platforms, games with age over 6 years accounted for 60 percent of playing hours in 2023. To us, this just shows that people want quality, not quantity, and Publishers who are willing to invest in quality have historically been the winners? But who are they? Read on and find out.

Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games is a gaming company that primarily publishes casual titles in genres like hidden objects, puzzles, and sims. You’d be forgiven if the publisher’s name doesn’t ring a bell since it doesn’t have any AAA releases, and instead focuses on niche projects. But the company has a huge catalog of titles on its resume. 

Surprisingly, the figures even say it’s the biggest publisher of casual games. If you enjoy laid-back and relaxing titles, Big Fish Games has a lot to offer. 

Many of the company’s titles have native macOS support, so chances are if you find something you like there, you’ll be able to play it natively on your Mac.

  • Year Found: 2002
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: US – Seattle, Washington
  • Company Size: 350 employees as of 2020
  • Game Catalog Size: over 3500 PC games; over 450 mobile games
  • Most Popular Games: Mystery Case Files, Gummy Drop!, Fairway Solitaire, Big Fish Casino, and more.
  • Signature Characteristics: Exclusively publishes casual games from relatively unknown developers.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Mainly supports Windows PC, macOS, and mobile devices (iOS and Android).
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: Big Fish Games is one of the largest publishers of casual titles. The company is the preferred choice for many people looking to play relaxing and accessible games on their phones or computers.
  • Awards and Recognition: None we can think of.
  • Mac Support: A lot of the games available on the Big Fish Games site have native macOS support.

Big Fish Games isn’t the publisher to look into for big and exciting titles with incredible graphics. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending a peaceful hour or two solving a puzzle or unraveling a mystery, check some of their titles. They can safely be categorized as one of the low-level indie game publishers.

Big Fish on Mac


Valve is one of the most recognizable and influential game publishers (and developers) of all time. As a developer, it’s the company behind classics like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Portal (both 1 and 2), and Team Fortress 2. All those titles changed the gaming landscape in their time and many continue to be highly popular today.

The company’s Source Engine alone has led to the development of countless titles and is still being actively used, despite being released in 2004 and showing its age.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, the company created Steam, which is the biggest and most expansive digital distribution platform for video games.

  • Year Found: 1996
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: US – Bellevue, Washington
  • Company Size: 350-400 employees
  • Game Catalog Size: Around 30 titles (many of which are expansions of already existing games)
  • Most Popular Games: Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike (CSGO, CS2), DotA 2, Team Fortress 2
  • Signature Characteristics: Valve games are known for innovative gameplay and level design. Valve is also renowned for employing narrative techniques that forgo the use of cutscenes in favor of telling the story in-game and with creative use of environmental storytelling.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Most Valve games have limited cross-platform support, as most of them are primarily geared towards Windows PC users.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive/2 are among the most influential PC games of all time. However, Valve’s Source Engine and Steam platform are the two avenues through which the company has truly revolutionized the gaming world.
  • Awards and Recognition: Valve has received numerous awards for innovations in gaming technology as well as multiple “Game of the Year” awards for several of its games.
  • Mac Support: DotA 2 is currently the only Valve title that can be played natively on modern Macs. Technically, all Valve games have Mac ports, but being 32-bit, they are not playable on current macOS versions (macOS Catalina and later don’t support 32-bit apps).

Despite having only a few titles to its name (compared to other big publishers), Valve is through Steam the most undeniably prominent and distinguished name in gaming. It is a pioneer that changed the gaming industry forever and continues to be at the forefront of gaming innovation.

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is among the biggest names in the gaming industry. It is the company behind titles such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch (1 and 2), the Call of Duty series, Diablo, and more. In its current state, the company was formed in 2008, when Activision purchased Blizzard Entertainment as well as several other companies, resulting in the gaming industry giant that we know today.

Due to being formed from the merging of several different companies with their separate IPs, the current gaming catalog of Activision Blizzard is highly diverse.

The games developed by Blizzard Entertainment are classics of the RTS, RPG, and MMORPG genres that have their roots in the late 90s and early 2000s, but are still popular today thanks to updates, expansions, and remasters.

On the side of Activision, the most popular franchise is the CoD series, which features numerous titles, all commercially highly successful, but less so critically. Other big names in the company’s portfolio are Destiny 1 and 2, the Guitar Hero series, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (developed by FromSoftware).

  • Year Found: 2008 (the year when Activision and Blizzard were merged)
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: US – Santa Monica
  • Company Size: Over 9,000 employees
  • Game Catalog Size: Several hundred games (between 300 and 500)
  • Most Popular Games: World of Warcraft, the Call of Duty Series, Overwatch 2
  • Signature Characteristics: Owns some of the biggest gaming franchises of all time. Pioneered the subscription-based gaming model with World of Warcraft. A major player on the E-sports scene.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Most Blizzard Activision games offer support for a wide variety of platforms, ranging from Windows PC and macOS to various types of consoles.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: Several of Blizzard’s games are among the most iconic titles of all time. Activision has had a major influence on the E-sports world.
  • Awards and Recognition: Many of the company’s titles have received prestigious awards, such as Game of the Year (Overwatch, several CoD games), and BAFTA for the best PC game (World of Warcraft).
  • Mac Support: Most Activision Blizzard games don’t have Mac support, but some of its most iconic titles, such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 have macOS versions.

Activision Blizzard has a legacy that lasts decades back, from the early 90s. While that has been somewhat tarnished by controversies in the last few years, it remains one of the original gaming giants, if mostly for its Call of Duty franchise

Some of its newer titles are criticized for aggressive use of microtransactions and subpar gameplay, but they retain at least some of the appeal their franchises once held. 

Blizzard Games on Mac


Capcom is a Japanese publisher with a long-standing tradition, especially in the horror genre which it spearheaded with Resident Evil. The company also contributed majorly in the arcade, and action-adventure game genres, and is the name behind several iconic franchises that have been around for decades. 

If you are a long-term gamer, chances are you have heard at least one of Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry. Capcom is the company that owns all of them. 

The game development company is known for clinging to the traditional format of each installment, then reinventing it in a major way once it becomes stale. As such, Capcom has often published games that defined (or redefined) entire genres. Its Resident Evil series popularized the survival horror genre. The Street Fighter and Devil May Cry games have set the standard for fast-paced, hack-and-slash combat games.

  • Year Found: 1979
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: Japan – Osaka
  • Company Size: Approximately 3,000 employees
  • Game Catalog Size: Over 100 titles
  • Most Popular Games: the Resident Evil series, the Devil May Cry series, the Street Fighter series
  • Signature Characteristics: One of the most influential game publishers and developers in the horror and action game genres.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Capcom games are primarily made for consoles with many of them also having Windows PC ports.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: The Resident Evil and Street Fighter games have had significant influence on pop culture, outside of gaming.
  • Awards and Recognition: Several of the Resident Evil and Street Fighter games have won Game of the Year awards. Other Capcom titles have also received various prestigious awards.
  • Mac Support: Few if any Capcom games are playable natively on Mac. To play this company’s titles on an Apple computer, you must resort to workarounds.

While the gaming resume of Capcom may not have the same genre variety as that of other big video game publishers, the company’s titles have often served as a template for numerous other games in their respective genre

This tendency hasn’t stopped or slowed down, as Capcom continues to craft high-quality titles with passion and dedication. 


Similar to Capcom, Konami is another venerable game publisher and developer from Japan founded in 1979. Ever since, Konami stayed a major influence in the world of video game development. 

Like Capcom, it has defined many of the gaming genres that we know and love today. Konami’s most lasting impact is through its iconic Silent Hill franchise which redefined psychological horror. This series showed that games can be more than entertainment, but a form of art capable of exploring deeper themes. 

Other iconic and influential series are Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, and Pro Evolution Soccer. Despite this unusual genre diversity, each of those sets a standard of quality in its own way that few other game publishing companies are able to match.

  • Year Found: 1969
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: Japan – Tokyo
  • Company Size: Around 5,000 employees.
  • Game Catalog Size: anywhere between 300 and 500 games, depending on whether you include mobile games and arcade games.
  • Most Popular Games: The Silent Hill series, the Metal Gear Solid series, the Castlevania series
  • Signature Characteristics: Innovative gameplay techniques; profound stories with a mature exploration of various philosophical and psychological themes.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Konami titles are primarily made for consoles, with many of them featuring Windows PC ports.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: Konami set the standard for stealth games and psychological horror games with its Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill series respectively.
  • Awards and Recognition: Metal Gear Solid 2 won the Game of the Year and Best Console Game awards in 2002. Multiple games in the Pro Evolution Soccer have won the Best Sports Game award. Multiple other Konami games have won various prestigious awards.
  • Mac Support: The big names in the Konami catalog lack native macOS support, but there are various workaround options to still run them on Mac.

Unfortunately for fans of the company’s legacy, in recent years Konami shifted its focus to the mobile gaming market. This led to controversies regarding the future direction of the company and the handling of its most iconic franchises. 

Despite this, the current state of Konami and its decisions didn’t tarnish the legacy it created before. For Mac users in particular, playing Konami’s games can be challenging, but we are determined to do our best to help you there.

EA (Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the largest Western video game companies with hundreds of titles to its name. The company began life in 1982 and has since become a giant with a large and diverse resume. 

It has published action, strategy, simulation, sports, and many other types of games over its existence. A lot of these are now considered classics: FIFA, The Sims, Need for Speed, and Battlefield are all hugely popular and played by millions. 

But it needs to be said that part of the cultivated legacy is tightly entwined with the word “greed”. The company’s size and the blatant focus on profit over player satisfaction were consistently noted over the past two decades. Today, EA is often associated with aggressive overuse of microtransactions and the release of subpar, low-quality games.

  • Year Found: 1982
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: US – Redwood City, California
  • Company Size: Over 9,000 employees
  • Game Catalog Size: between 1000 and 1500 titles 
  • Most Popular Games: The Battlefield series, the Need for Speed series, the FIFA series (EA Sports), Apex Legends
  • Signature Characteristics: One of, if not the biggest, publisher of sports games. The company is also known for focusing on multiplayer games and implementing the GaaS (Game-as-a-Service) model.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Most EA titles have extensive cross-platform support for Windows PC and most modern-day consoles.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: The FIFA and the Sims series are arguably the best-known and most popular games in their respective genres.
  • Awards and Recognition: Many EA titles have received GotY (Game of the Year) awards, including games from the FIFA and Sims series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 2, and more.
  • Mac Support: Some EA titles, like the Sims 4, have native support, but most of the company’s games don’t have macOS ports.

Despite the current-day problems with user dissatisfaction, EA Games remains the company behind many classics. If you are eager to revisit some of those titles on your Mac, we can help you with our guides.

EA on Mac

Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks is a gaming company founded in 1986 that is famous for game releases with expansive worlds that immerse you.

Most people familiar with the company will first think of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, which are their two main game franchises. Both have set the standard for open-world RPG gaming and feature some of the best titles in their respective sub-genres. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim games are among the most iconic Fantasy Adventure titles. And if we take a look at Post-Apocalyptic RPG games, Fallout 3 and 4 are, to many, the best in the genre.

Bethesda Softworks has several other significant games to its name, including the two latest Doom titles, the Dishonored series, the newest Wolfenstein games, Starfield, and more.

  • Year Found: 1986
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: US – Rockville, Maryland
  • Company Size: Over 400 employees
  • Game Catalog Size: between 100 and 200 games
  • Most Popular Games: The Elder Scrolls Series, the two new Doom games, the Fallout series
  • Signature Characteristics: Famous for RPG games with rich and expansive worlds, player freedom, and compelling, well-written stories.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Bethesda’s games are primarily made for PC users, but are also available for different consoles, and some are even on mobile.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: The Fallout and Elder Scrolls series feature some of the most iconic and renowned adventure RPG titles of all time.
  • Awards and Recognition: Several Fallout and Elder Scrolls games have received GotY awards and Fallout 4 also won the Best Game BAFTA award in 2016. Other highly-awarded Bethesda titles are Doom (2016) and Dishonored.
  • Mac Support: A small number of Bethesda games have native support for macOS, but most can only be played on Apple computers using workaround methods.

In 2021, Microsoft acquired Bethesda, bringing it into Xbox Game Studios. But Bethesda remained autonomous and focused on expansive games with vast worlds. 

Their most recent game came in 2023 with Starfield, a space adventure game with procedurally generated thousands of planets. Bethesda’s commitment to the game is to add features and improvements for years to come.

Square Enix

Square Enix is one of the biggest Japanese game publishers and developers, formed in 2003 by the merging of Square and Enix. Both companies were known for developing RPGs: Square as the creator of Final Fantasy, and Enix for the Dragon Quest series.

But Beyond Final Fantasy and Dragon Quests, Square Enix also boasts a diverse catalog of other titles and game series. After the purchase of Eidos Studios, it acquired the Lara Croft Tomb Raider series. Other popular IPs belonging to Square Enix are the NieR games, Kingdom Hearts, and Life is Strange.

  • Year Found: 2003 (the year Square and Enix merged)
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: Japan – Tokyo
  • Company Size: Over 4,000 employees
  • Game Catalog Size: between 500 and 700 titles
  • Most Popular Games: The Final Fantasy Series, the NieR series, the Kingdom Hearts series
  • Signature Characteristics: Impactful and emotional storytelling, masterfully written characters, and innovation in gameplay mechanics.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Most Square Enix titles are supported across multiple platforms, including PC, various consoles, and even macOS for certain titles.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: The Final Fantasy series is among the most well-known and popular gaming franchises, especially in the RPG genre. 
  • Awards and Recognition: Final Fantasy VII and XV have received multiple GotY awards. Titles from the NieR, Dragon Quest, and Life is Strange have also received various prestigious awards.
  • Mac Support: Some newer titles in the Square Enix catalog feature macOS support, but most of its games require workarounds to be played on Mac.

Square Enix is well-known for its trademark cinematic storytelling, a quality of many of its games that adds an emotional charge to the games. This is one of the main reasons why even some of their older titles still resonate with modern gamers.

Final Fantasy 7, the first Life is Strange game, and Kingdom Hearts 2 are several examples that pack an emotional punch that stays with the player long after they complete their playthrough.


Ubisoft is a European-based publisher and developer, reportedly in the top five largest game companies in the world. Ubisoft is known for many titles and game franchises from a diverse selection of genres. 

Assassin’s Creed is probably the most iconic series in their portfolio of games released, but there are other noteworthy names in their bag. You’ve probably heard of Far Cry, Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon – all games published and owned by Ubisoft.

The company also owns a number of classics like Prince of Persia, Heroes of Might and Magic, and the Anno series.

  • Year Found: 1986
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: France, Montreuil
  • Company Size: Over 18,000 employees
  • Game Catalog Size: between 600 and 800
  • Most Popular Games: The Assassin’s Creed series, the Rainbow Six series, the Heroes of Might and Magic series
  • Signature Characteristics: Many of the company’s games are famous for their rich narratives and detailed environments and also for exploring different historical settings.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Most Ubisoft titles, especially newer ones, have expansive cross-platform support for both PC and consoles, but very limited support for macOS.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact:
  • Awards and Recognition: Many of the company’s titles are critically acclaimed, with the most notable examples being Assassins’ Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which have received multiple GotY nominations and awards.
  • Mac Support: Very few Ubisoft games are available for Mac systems, but the majority can be played on Mac using workaround solutions.

The cultural impact of Ubisoft’s games is admittedly not as pronounced as that of other top video game companies. But it’s undeniable it is one of the largest and most influential players in the gaming industry. 

Yet, like with EA, the company’s size and corporate leadership influenced the quality of its newer titles, with most of their titles becoming bloated and repetitive over the years. 

Ubisoft on Mac

Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Interactive may appear insignificant next to all the big names so far. The company was formed very recently, in 2016, and it still has a relatively small number of employees. But it perseveres, withstanding the cutthroat competition by finding a niche that’s mostly overlooked by other publishers and industry giants.

Annapurna Interactive primarily publishes smaller indie games with innovative gameplay and narrative, and distinctive art styles.

Titles like What Remains of Edith Finch and the inventive Outer Wilds are standouts from the company. Probably the most famous game published by Annapurna is the adventure game Stray, which captured the hearts of gamers with its incredible atmosphere and compelling story.

  • Year Found: 2016
  • Country of Origin/Headquarters: US – Los Angeles; California
  • Company Size: no more than 50 employees (no official information is available)
  • Game Catalog Size: around 35 games
  • Most Popular Games: Stray, What Remains of Edith Finch, Outer Wilds, Neon White
  • Signature Characteristics: Annapurna is famous for publishing titles with innovative gameplay, great atmosphere, and distinctive and inspired art styles.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Annapurna’s games are supported for both PC and current consoles, and a good number of them also have macOS ports.
  • Popularity and Cultural Impact: Most of its games are lesser-known indie titles, but in 2022 the game Stray became a massive hit, drawing more attention the company and its other great titles. 
  • Awards and Recognition: What Remains of Edith Finch won the Best Game BAFTA award in 2018 and Outer Wilds received several GotY awards in 2019. Multiple other Annapura games have received critical acclaim and various awards.
  • Mac Support: Some Annapurna games have native macOS support, with Stray being the most prominent example.

Annapurna lacks the resources and manpower the big companies work with, but it has more than earned its place among them. In this case, the smaller size works to its advantage, as it doesn’t focus on maximizing profits. Instead, Annapurna encourages developer creativity by promoting titles that represent the artistic side of gaming.

Other Notable Game Publishers

The publishers we listed above are the ones we consider to be the most important and influential in the gaming world. However, there are many more prominent names that could also be on that list, so we had to briefly mention them as well. 

So here are some more noteworthy gaming companies, many of which are responsible for releasing some of the most beloved titles in the gaming world.

Amazon Games

Amazon Games is making quite an entrance into gaming, with projects that aim a bit higher than just casual play. 

Though not yet famous with AAA hits, this branch of Amazon is gradually expanding their collection for those eager to see how technology will shape the future of gaming. Their focus is on harnessing the power of cloud technology and creating engaging online adventures. 


Aspyr dedicates its efforts to ensuring that gamers on macOS and Linux don’t miss out on popular games. They operate somewhat under the mainstream radar, but their focus is on porting favorite titles to often neglected platforms. 

So, if you have ever felt the sting of discovering a popular video game that isn’t available for your Mac, there is a high chance that Aspyr is working to bridge that gap.

Behaviour Interactive

While Behaviour Interactive may not have widely known AAA titles, it stands as a leader within the horror multiplayer genre. Dead by Daylight is one of the games that is a testament to their ability to craft atmospheres thick with tension and excitement. 

Their mastery is in carving out very niche, engaging and community-centered experiences. So, those drawn to the eerie and suspenseful, should definitely check Behaviour Interactive’s offerings. 

Deep Silver

Deep Silver is developing games that often push the limits of gameplay and storyline beyond established conventions. At the same time, the studio’s titles garner universal success and appeal to a wide gamer audience and not just to a particular niche of gamers. 

The company has a fondness for discovering and fostering distinctive brands, including Saints Row and the Metro series. So, if you appreciate titles that dare to be unique but still focus on quality and execution, Deep Silver’s library may include your new favorite game.

Netease Games

With a particularly strong presence in the mobile and online video game publishing sectors across Asia, Netease Games has solidly established itself as a dominating player in the global gaming arena. 

The company may not be as well-known for its Western AAA games, but its wide range of genres and gaming experiences make it the market leader in mobile gaming. Netease Games has a huge selection of titles for those who are eager to immerse themselves in enormous, diversified worlds via the comfort of their mobile devices.


For those who are not interested in massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, NCsoft may not mean anything. However, among the MMO gamers, they are thought of as leaders. 

Since it first launched, this publisher has produced expansive, vibrant online worlds that have provided the backdrop for the experiences of millions of users. This is the company behind genre staples like Guild Wars 2 and Lineage, which were highly popular in the 2000s and 2010s. 

And while today the games of NCsoft may not be as widely known or as successful as before, they still retain passionate and relatively big player bases. 


With its focus on family fun games and the production of some of the most iconic and long-lasting game brands, Nintendo has a particular place in the hearts of gamers. 

More than merely video games, titles like Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon are integrated into the worldwide pop culture and are loved by players from all ages and walks of life. 

Nintendo’s magic is in creating experiences that put enjoyment, creativity, and a spirit of adventure ahead of the newest visual technology. As a result, their games are a must-have for anybody looking for both happiness and nostalgia.

Rockstar Games

When it comes to offering gamers deep narratives, complex characters, and expansive gaming environments, Rockstar Games’ portfolio is one of the first names that comes to mind. 

Prime examples of this are the GTA and the Red Dead Redemption series, which feature some of the most recognizable and loved titles in the gaming industry. But aside from the masterfully crafted worlds, characters, and gameplay, the thing that really makes Rockstar stand out is its games’ unapologetic nature. 

The company knows how to get you invested, whether it’s through the cynical yet hilarious humor of GTA V and the other GTA games, the emotionally-packed narrative of the RDR2, or its overall abandonment of subtleties and niceties. And the gamers love it for that.

Riot Games

Riot Games (a subsidiary company of Tencent) is best known for creating the massively popular multiplayer video game League of Legends, which is currently one of the biggest Esports in the gaming world. In recent years, Riot has also branched out to other genres with titles like the Legends of Runeterra card game and the Teamfight Tactics strategy/auto-battler. 

The most notable new release from Riot is the FPS game Valorant – another highly-popular Esport. Thus, today the company is primarily known for its highly popular and highly competitive multiplayer games with massive player bases and huge Esports tournaments. 

However, the company has also been heavily criticized for cultivating some of the worst gaming communities, largely thanks to its fixation on the competitive side of its titles. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Entertainment is one of the giants of the gaming industry – a company with a bigger portfolio than most of the main publishers we’ve mentioned here. 

However, the reason we are putting it here is that Sony’s games are, and have always been, primarily for PlayStation. It wasn’t until fairly recently that the company started to shift its strategy and began porting its most popular titles to PC. 

That said, Sony’s catalog is filled with some of the best-known game franchises in the industry – God of War, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, and more.

Tencent Games

Tencent is another industry giant based in Shenzhen, China that is primarily known for its multiplayer games and mobile titles

Since Tencent owns Riot Games, it also technically owns Valorant and League of Legends. However, the game titles that Tencent is primarily known for are the mobile versions of PUBG, Call of Duty: Warzone, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale

It must be said that Tencent is much more focused on the business side of gaming, rather than the entertainment side. Therefore, although the company has shares in many famous and highly popular titles, it’s hardly responsible for any of the good qualities of those games.

Xbox Game Studios

If you’ve grown up owning an Xbox and not a PlayStation, then you are probably familiar with a lot of the classics that have come out from Xbox Game Studios (formerly known as Microsoft Studios). 

Beloved game franchises like Halo, Gears of War, the Forza games, and Minecraft are all present in the studio’s catalog. This catalog is diverse and rich in various games tailored towards different types of players and player preferences.

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has been around for more than 20 years, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that it became one of the leading names in the gaming industry

After the massive success of its The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the company expanded significantly and took on another highly ambitious project – the Cyberpunk 2077 game. And while Cyberpunk 2077 had a rough start and didn’t deliver on many of its promises, over time the has been significantly improved and is currently one of the most popular titles at the moment. 

With these two icons of modern gaming and the upcoming and highly anticipated Witcher 4 game, CR Projekt Red has solidified its place as one of the most influential game companies at the moment.

Оther Mentions

This is our list of honorable mentions: not big players, but players worth remembering nonetheless. Longevity is the name of the game here, and all these publishers have carved a niche for themselves in gaming.

A bright spot in the game industry, gives independent developers a place to freely display and market their creative works without being restricted by traditional publishing models. 

With its abundance of unique games, this platform provides an insight into independent creators’ vision for the future of gaming. If you’re interested in the more experimental aspects of gaming, or would like to personally help the creative teams behind these projects, provides an unmatched selection of gaming experiences that are way beyond the mainstream.

Humble Bundle

For gamers who are passionate about giving back to the community, Humble Bundle is the place to go. They have established a unique niche for themselves in the digital industry and are well-known for their software, games, and book pay-what-you-want policies in addition to their charity contributions. 

Users of this platform may support various charitable organizations when buying new games. So, to put it simply, Humble Bundle is a unique way to enjoy both gaming and donating at the same time.


Since becoming well-known thanks to the worldwide phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Krafton is striving to create immersive online gaming environments across a variety of platforms. 

This South Korean company publishes games that cater to those who like adrenaline and competitiveness in high-stakes environments.


Kickstarter is home to a wide range of projects, from emotional tributes to innovative new businesses. 

The publisher offers a dynamic environment that runs on crowdsourcing. It is a platform for fans who are excited to be involved in the creation of new games, and follow the process from idea to completion.

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