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Being a Mac gaming site, our main focus is exploring, researching, and testing the different methods to bring as many games as possible to Mac. 

But once we’ve figured out the best way or ways to run a particular title on a Mac machine, we, too, like to have fun. We love immersing ourselves in the games’ unique worlds, exploring their story, and mastering their mechanics. 

After all, we are gamers too, and like all gamers, we enjoy talking about our favorite titles and digging deeper into their worlds, lore, and gameplay. This is why we dedicate this section to the gaming world as a whole, and to our favorite titles, regardless of the method or platform that’s used for playing them.

A Hub for the Gamer’s Curiosity

In this section of our site, you will find gaming news, interviews with people involved in the gaming industry. In addition, you will enjoy lots of game-specific content, such as guides, tips, and reviews of particular games

This is where you can learn about exciting new upcoming titles and game updates or read honest opinions of games we’ve tested. Here, you can also find detailed guides, advanced strategies, and little-known secrets related to some of the most popular gaming titles at the moment. 

The articles here may help you get past a particularly difficult level in a single-player game or improve your skills in a multiplayer title. Additionally, we also have content focused on technical tips about different games, including advice for best configurations, quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes.

What You Can Find in Our Gamer’s World Section

The Gamer’s World section of our site is divided into five categories, each focusing on a different aspect of gaming that our visitors may be interested in. 

Our goal here is to give our readers a gaming hub, where they can access all kinds of interesting and helpful information about the games they love and the gaming world as a whole.

Gaming Tips and Guides

If you’ve already gone through our respective guides and found the best way to play a particular title, you now probably want to dive deeper into the title. Maybe you want to learn how to beat a powerful boss or find a very rare item in an RPG game, or how to improve at a particular multiplayer title. 

If this sounds like you, then definitely check out the articles in this category. Whether you want to catch a particular legendary Pal in Palworld, or fine-tune your loadout in Helldivers 2 for a particular mission, you will find the information here.

Gaming Tips and Guides

Game Reviews

Sometimes you want to buy a particular game because it looks interesting on the outside, but you aren’t sure if it’s an actual quality product or just a flashy exterior. We’ve been there many times ourselves which is why we dedicate this category to our personal reviews of games we’ve played. 

Through the articles we post here, you can learn about both the good and bad aspects of a given game and figure out if it’s the title for you. We won’t sugarcoat anything, so if we say a particular title is good, then you know it’s probably worth exploring if it’s from a genre that you like.

Game Reviews

Gaming News

The gaming world is constantly changing with new and exciting things happening all the time. If you want to stay updated with the latest gaming trends and learn about highly anticipated upcoming games, interesting updates to established titles, and any other industry developments, check the posts in this category.


We always try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to gaming. One way we do this is by seeking interviews with people working in the gaming industry. 

Here, you can read those interviews and gain insight into intriguing behind-the-scenes facts about different games and the gaming industry as a whole.


Tech Setup

Not all games run equally well and provide an equally satisfying experience right out of the box. 

With some titles, there are things you can do to notably improve your time with the game: installing custom configurations and patches, applying bug fixes, and making other needed modifications. 

The posts in this category will tell you about such improvements in various popular games and will show you how to implement them.

Gaming Tech

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