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Best War Games for Mac

War is a terrible thing… unless it’s taking place in the digital realms of one of the gaming titles you’ll find in this category. Here, you can test your strategic foresight and tactical prowess by controlling squads, armies, or entire nations stuck in bloody conflicts. That, or you can opt for a more hands-on approach and try some of the titles that put you right in the shoes, tanks, or planes of regular soldiers to battle it out in tense and fast-paced skirmishes. Whatever your preference, we’ve got it covered with the best war games for Mac that you can read about here.

Latest War Games

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    Company of Heroes 2

    Company of Heroes 2

    Company of Heroes 2 is like a grand reenactment of the grimiest of dances – World War II. It’s a meticulous RTS that insists you sweat the small stuff – things like terrain, cover, and frozen Russian rivers that support neither tank nor infantry if the weather turns sour. 

    COH2 will have you forever micromanage units, shuffle squads between cover, or counter enemy artillery with clever flanking until you lose your anti-tank guns to a sneaky side assault. The game primarily takes place on the Eastern Front so it captures a theatre of war that few WW2 titles focus on. Every mission is swathed in a bleak, oppressive atmosphere where the howl of the wind is as constant as the bark of rifles.

    GameCompany of Heroes 2
    macOS supportYes
    Alternative methods to play on MacBoosteroid
    Platforms and operational systemsWindows, macOS Х, Linux
    GenreWar, Strategy, RTS, World War II,
    Modding supportYes( Players can find some map packs on the internet)
    Performance on Mac (The game runs well even on older and weaker Macs)