Jormuntide, Blazamut, Lyleen, Orserk, and Anubis Locations in Palworld



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If you have already managed to start Palworld on your Mac, using one of the methods suggested in our article on the topic, and have already put in a decent amount of hours into the game, you probably want to finally catch higher-level pals. We have a guide on how to find and catch each of the legendary Pals, but there are also a number of non-legendary ones that are still very powerful due to their signature passive skills that buff the attacks with the same primary Element and their very good partner skills. In this post, we’ll tell you where to find these specific Pals, and share some information about them.

Anubis Palworld Location

anubis palworld
The Anubis Pal in Palworld.

To reach the Anubis Location in Palworld, first go to the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant teleport point and then travel northeast, to coordinates -130, -96. After roaming the area for a while, you should eventually be able to come across and catch an Anubis Pal.

The Element type of Anubis is Ground and its Guardian of the Desert partner skill will apply ground damage to your attacks while you are fighting together. Also, Anubis will sometimes dodge enemy attacks by sidestepping them. Anubis has very powerful attacks, and average defense and HP, which, combined with his partner skill, makes him a good asset in combat.

As a Field Boss, Anubis will be level 47, so be prepared for a tough battle, especially if you are underleveled.

Jormuntide location

jormuntide palworld
The Jormuntide Pal in Palworld.

There are two possible Jormuntide locations where the Pal spawns. The first one is with coordinates -176, -268, which can be reached by going Southeast of the Investigator’s Fork teleport point. The other Jormuntide location is at 351, -85. To get there, go to the Mossanda Forest teleport point and then head east.

Jormuntide’s primary Element typing is Dragon and its secondary Element is Water. It’s a Pal with very good attack and average defense and HP. During your Boss encounter with Jormuntide, the Pal will be at level 45. Its partner skill is called Stormbringer Sea Dragon, which allows you to ride Jormuntide over water, which prevents stamina depletion.

Blazamut location

blazamut palworld
The Blazamut Pal in Palworld.

The main Blazamut location can be found in the Scorching Mineshaft. To get to its entrance, go to the Foot of the Volcano teleport point and head Southwest. The coordinates you are looking for are -436, -529. Another possible place where Blazamut spawns is the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s located in the Northeast and to get there, you’ll need to be mounted on a flying Pal, as this area is on an island.

Blazmut’s only Element is Fire and its partner skill, Magma Kaiser, enhances Fire attacks while you are riding the Pal. Blazamut has a powerful attacks and decent defense, but it has rather low hit points. When you face it as a Boss encounter, Blazamut will be at level 49 – a level lower than the legendary pals

Lyleen location

lyleen palworld
The Lyleen Pal in Palworld.

Like Blazamut, the Lyleen location is in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, which is in the Northeastern part of the map. As mentioned, to get to the island of the Sanctuary, you’ll need to have a flying Pal which can carry you over the water.

As for the Pal, herself, Lyleen is a Grass Element type Pal that is pretty squishy and doesn’t have great attack, defense, or HP. But what she might lack in those departments, she makes up for them with great support skills. For example, her partner skill, Harvest Goddess, will greatly restore your character’s hit points, which makes Lyleen a great asset in combat.

Lyleen Noct location

Lyleen Noct is the Dark Element type version of Lyleen, but is otherwise pretty similar to her Grass Element counterpart. Her partner skill, Goddess of the Tranquil Light, is pretty much identical to Harvest Goddess, refilling the player’s HP.

If you also want to catch Lyleen Noct, her location is in the Northwest part of the map, inside the inside the Iceberg Mineshaft.

Orserk Location

orserk palworld
The Orserk Pal in Palworld.

Just like with the previous two Pals, the Orserk Location is also in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. As mentioned, the Sanctuary is located to the Northeast and getting there requires mounting a flying Pal.

Orserk, himself, is a Pal with the Dragon and Electric Elements with good attack and average defense, but low hit points. This Pals’ partner skill, Ferocious Thunder Dragon, will cause Water Pals to drop more items upon defeat, provided that you are fighting them alongside Orserk. In the wild, Orserk will be level 43 when you try to catch him.

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