In our opinion, the best free Mac Games are CS:GO, Starcraft 2, and Path of Exile, but there are actually a number of other free gaming titles that can be played natively on a MacBook or a desktop Apple computer. Below, we will briefly tell you about the most popular of those games, and then we’ll also talk about several titles that aren’t supported for Apple machines, but playing them on Mac is still perfectly possible thanks to cloud gaming, Windows emulation, and other workarounds. Here is the list of free Mac games that we’ll be focusing on in this post.

  1. League of Legends
  2. Genshin Impact *
  3. Path of Exile
  4. Starcraft 2
  5. Fortnite *
  6. DotA 2
  7. CS:GO
  8. Apex Legends*
  9. Rocket League*
  10. Destiny 2 *
  11. Team Fortress 2 *
  12. Lost Ark *
  13. Warframe
  14. World of Tanks Blitz
  15. War Thunder
  16. The Sims 4
  17. Unturned
  18. Doki Doki Literature Club!
  19. Eve Online
  20. Dota Underlords
  21. Stumble Guys
  22. Crusader Kings 2
  23. Goose Goose Duck
  24. Albion Online
  25. RuneScape
  26. Crab Game
  27. RISK: Global Domination
  28. Muck
  29. Super Auto Pets
  30. Fishing Planet
  31. Shakes and Fidget
  32. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
  33. Pineapple on pizza
  34. Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends
  35. Krunker
  36. Brawlhalla
  37. Realm of the Mad God Exalt
  38. SAS: Zombie Assault 4
  39. Minion Masters
  40. Super Animal Royale

* The games marked with an asterisk aren’t supported for Apple computers, but you can still totally play them on a Mac through various workaround methods, such as cloud streaming, emulating Windows, or using a compatibility layer.

Best Free Games for Mac

Below, we’ve reviewed the best and most popular free games available for Mac. From fast-paced action titles, to fantastical RPGs, to large-scale strategies, there’s something for every taste and preference. Among those games, we’ve also added a couple of entries that, while not natively available for macOS at the moment, can still easily be played on a MacBook (or desktop Mac) through the workaround methods we’ve suggested.

We also recently made a video that covers some of the games explored in this article, so be sure to check it out!

League of Legends

How to play it: Natively (Riot Games)

League of Legends is a long-established MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game developed by Riot Games, and it’s also one of the biggest e-sports at the moment. Even though it was released all the way back in 2009, the game doesn’t feel outdated because it regularly receives both big and small updates that keep it up to date with today’s gaming standards. League is a highly-competitive and dynamic game, yet, at the same time, it’s also rather accessible and easy to get into. The main learning curve here is to get to know all the different characters (champions) so that you have an idea both how to play as and against them. However, this is something that can be said about pretty much any other MOBA game. Other than that, the simplistic gameplay premise and the constant action make for an engaging experience.

League of Legends benefits from the top-tier support from Riot Games, so there are virtually no bugs or optimization issues, and since the game is also pretty lightweight, you should be able to run it on pretty much any Mac released within the past decade.

The main downside of League actually comes not from the game but from its player base. Sadly, this game is known for having one of the most hostile and unfriendly communities, with individual players often acting out mid-game, causing their entire teams to lose the current match.

Genshin Impact

genshin impact

How to play it:

Genshin Impact is an action RPG game developed by miHoYo that gives the player control over one of four characters that the player can switch between throughout the game, even in the middle of combat sections. This allows the player to use the different unique skills of each of the characters within a single combat encounter. Each character can have their power level increased in various ways, such as by gaining experience to level up, improving the artifacts that they are carrying, and equipping better weapons and gear.  

Overall, you can expect all the familiar RPG tropes to present in Genshin Impact, but note that the game has a pronounced anime aesthetic to it, so, depending on whether you are into anime and/or manga, this game may or may not appeal to you. For a highly-popular free RPG, we can also say that its story isn’t one of its strengths – while serviceable, it comes off as somewhat incohesive. On the plus side, Genshin Impact has a beautiful and colorful world that is chock-full of collectibles, puzzles, hidden chests, enemies, bosses, and more, to the point where the lack of an amazing main story stops being noticeable.

Genshin Impact is available on the Boosteroid cloud gaming service that you can use to play the game on your Mac.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Path of Exile feels like an old-school, top-down action RPG game and is often seen as a spiritual successor to Diablo 2. At the start of the game, you pick one out of six characters, go through a brief customization process, and are then allowed to begin your journey through the game’s world. Expectedly, character progression is at the forefront of Path of Exile’s gameplay. There’s an enormous amount of ways you can customize and fine-tune your character as you level them up and unlock new abilities and skills that they can learn. Furthermore, Path of Exile gives you the freedom to create your own abilities for your character and the customization freedom here is both the game’s best strength and worst weakness, because not every ability you may end up creating would be very useful and would help you in the long run. In addition to that, a large portion of your playtime would be spent reading through ability descriptions and picking the best ones for your character, which could be frustrating if you are someone who wants to get right into the action as soon as possible.

Speaking of action, the combat system in Path of Exile is reminiscent of that of Diablo 2 with its simplistic, yet satisfying hack-and-slash style. Unfortunately, after a while, this starts to get repetitive, and you’d soon realize that quick reflexes and good timing for your attacks will never have the same impact as having an optimized build for your character.

As for the game’s story, while it may initially seem like a typical run-of-the-mill good versus evil tale, after a while, the game starts throwing in different interesting twists and turns that make for an engaging experience that would keep you pushing forward even if your fingers are already tired from all the button-mashing you’d need to do to defeat the hordes of enemies coming at you.

All in all, if you like old-school RPGs or at least if you don’t mind some of the more outdated mechanics and design choices in Path of Exile and if you are a fan of role-playing games, you should definitely give this one a go.

Starcraft II

How to play it: Natively (Blizzard)

Starcraft 2, released by Blizzard in 2010, is among the few RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games that are still popular today and have a relatively big fan base. One of the main reasons for this in the case of Starcraft 2 is its status as an e-sport, with big tournaments that are still being held each year.

If you are unfamiliar with RTS games, know that they are the predecessor of MOBAs, but rather than controlling a single character from a top-down perspective, in RTS games you control an entire army that you first need to slowly build up by gathering resources and constructing production buildings, before you attack your enemy’s base with the goal to destroy it. Starcraft 2 is likely the most challenging game on this list and new players may be overwhelmed if they directly try to play it against other humans. However, the game is worth the try even if you only play it in single-player. Starcraft 2 has three magnificent campaigns with great and emotional storytelling that will leave you wanting more. In the campaigns, you can adjust the difficulty to fit your skill level, and you can thus slowly and steadily become better at the game, while also enjoying its epic story.


How to play it:

Fortnite hardly needs any introduction – it is likely the most popular game worldwide at the moment and even though people’s opinions of it are often divided, one cannot deny that the game carries the potential for a lot of fun hours spent playing it. Fortnite is primarily known for its Battle Royale mode where individual players or groups of players are placed on a large map that periodically shrinks, forcing everyone closer to one another, thus causing them to engage in combat until only one player or small group of players is left standing. It’s a tried and true gameplay formula that, even though it has started to show its age, is still going strong thanks to Fortnite.

Like most other games on this list, Fortnite has top-tier support from its developers and new patches and updates get released very frequently to take care of balancing issues, bugs, optimization problems, and more. A couple of years ago, Fortnite had a fully-functioning macOS version, however, a dispute between Apple and Epic Games, Fortnite’s developer, has led to the drop of support for the game’s mac version. Despite this, you can still play Fortnite on your Mac with the help of the Boosteroid cloud gaming service, which features the game in its library.

DotA 2

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Valve’s DotA 2 is another highly popular MOBA game from the golden age of this gaming genre. While not as big as League of Legends, DotA 2 is still a very respected MOBA title that is generally seen as a more challenging and less forgiving version of its Riot Games counterpart. Matches in DotA 2 tend to take longer on average, and the overall early to mid-game pace tends to be slower and grinder. In DotA 2, it’s also more likely for a single hero to get very powerful and thus be able to steamroll over the enemy team, whereas, in League, even the most powerful of heroes in a given match would still typically struggle to take on the entire enemy team.

In the end, DotA 2 and League of Legends are very similar in many ways and since both are free to play, it all comes down to personal preference. There are, of course, a lot of differences, such as items, strategies, characters, etc. between the two games, but those are aspects that you can only learn more about by playing each game.


How to play it: Natively (Steam)

CS:GO is another game by Valve, but this time it is a tactical multiplayer FPS, where the players from the two opposing teams start with nearly identical starting weapons, the same amount of in-game money, and a very similar catalog of weapons that they can purchase from as they progress through the game. Unlike the currently more popular hero-shooter gaming genre, where different characters have different abilities and characteristics, there’s no such distinction in CS:GO. Every player has the exact same amount of hit points, movement speed, and accuracy, and there are virtually no special abilities. If you are used to playing hero-shooters such as Apex Legends or Overwatch, this may seem a bit dull, but it actually results in very tense and challenging gameplay, where it’s all about one’s skill, reflexes, and tactical and strategic foresight, where balancing issues don’t affect the outcome of a match. On the surface level, CS:GO may seem like a rather simplistic game, but this deceitful exterior hides a vast expanse of nuanced tactics and little tricks that make all the difference between victory and defeat. 

Apex Legends

How to play it:

Get ready to drop into the arena and fight for survival in Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game available on Steam. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, this game has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to its unique gameplay mechanics, diverse cast of characters, and overall high level of polish.

At its core, Apex Legends is a traditional battle royale game. Players jump onto an island, scavenge for weapons and equipment, and fight it out until only one team is left standing. What sets this game apart, however, is its emphasis on teamwork and the abilities of the various characters you can play as.

Each character, known as a legend, has their own unique set of abilities that can turn the tide of battle in their favor. From healing teammates to calling in devastating airstrikes, the different abilities offer a wide range of strategies to explore.

The gameplay itself is smooth and satisfying, with tight gunplay and a solid movement system that makes getting around the island a breeze. The game’s graphics and sound design are also top-notch, creating a realistic and immersive experience.

One of the standout features of Apex Legends is its ping system. This allows players to easily communicate with their teammates without needing to use voice chat. Need a specific item or want to alert your team to an enemy’s location? Simply ping it on the map and your teammates will be notified.

While Apex Legends is a fantastic game, it’s not without its flaws. The game’s monetization can be a bit aggressive, with a variety of skins and other cosmetic items available for purchase. Some players may also find the game’s focus on teamwork to be a bit overwhelming, especially if they’re used to more solo-oriented battle royale games.

Overall, Apex Legends is a game that soars above the rest. With its unique blend of teamwork and character abilities, it offers a fresh and exciting take on the battle royale genre. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the genre, this game is definitely worth checking out. So gather your squad, drop into the arena, and fight for glory in Apex Legends.

Rocket League

rocket league

How to play it:

Rocket League is a high-energy, futuristic sports game that brings a unique twist to the classic game of soccer. Developed by Psyonix, this game has been a fan favorite since its release in 2015. In Rocket League, players control rocket-powered cars and compete in teams of up to four to hit a giant ball into the opposing team’s goal. With a vast array of customization options, from car bodies to boosts and wheels, players can make their vehicles stand out on the pitch.

The gameplay of Rocket League is fast-paced and exhilarating, with endless opportunities for players to show off their skills. Players can jump, boost, and even fly through the air to hit the ball into the goal. The controls are intuitive and easy to learn, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. However, mastering the game takes time and practice, and it’s easy to get addicted to the thrill of scoring a goal or making a game-winning save.

One of the standout features of Rocket League is its online multiplayer mode. Players can join matches with others from around the world, making it a truly global gaming experience. The matchmaking system ensures fair and challenging matches, and players can even create custom games and tournaments with their friends. The game also offers cross-platform play, allowing players on different devices to compete against each other.

The graphics and sound design of Rocket League are top-notch, with vibrant colors and dynamic sound effects that add to the excitement of the game. The music, composed by Hollywood composer Mike Ault, perfectly complements the gameplay and adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

In conclusion, Rocket League is a must-play game for anyone who loves sports, cars, or just having a good time. With its fast-paced gameplay, endless customization options, and online multiplayer mode, it’s no wonder that it has become a fan favorite. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive gamer, Rocket League offers something for everyone.

Destiny 2

How to play it:

Destiny 2 is an online-only FPS game, in which you can choose between three different character classes (Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans) and play in PvE (Player versus Environment) or PvP (Player versus Player) mode. The PvE mode involves an engaging and immersive campaign with a great story, in which players cooperate to progress through the game’s different raid missions, improve their characters, and eventually defeat the game’s final boss. What makes PvE especially satisfying in Destiny 2 is that its raids, especially the endgame ones such as Nightfall and Leviathan, are designed in such a way that only a well-coordinated team of players with a clear strategy when entering the raid could beat the encounter and emerge victorious. 

PvP has several sub-modes, including Clash (a typical team deathmatch mode), Elimination (3v3 mode where each round you must eliminate the enemy team), Control, and Iron Banner (both are control point modes), and more. Overall, there’s a lot of fun to be had in both the PvE and PvP mode and a lot of improvements have been made to both areas compared to the original Destiny game. In both cases, Destiny 2’s gameplay balance leans more towards team play and is more rewarding towards teams that play as a cohesive unit rather than teams in which every player tries to carry the game on their own.

Team Fortress 2

How to play it:

TF2 is a class-based shooter that rewards teamwork and strategy over mindless run-and-gun action. One of its most impressive aspects is the incredible variety of playable characters. Each character has their own distinct playstyle and set of abilities, allowing for a near-infinite range of strategies and team compositions. Whether you’re a fan of the heavy-hitting Soldier, the sneaky Spy, or the support-oriented Medic, there’s a character for every playstyle.

But what really makes TF2 shine is its impeccable balance. Despite the multitude of characters and playstyles, no single character or strategy dominates the game. Skilled players can make any character work, and team coordination is essential for success.

Beyond the gameplay, TF2 has a fantastic sense of humor and a unique style that sets it apart from other shooters. The character designs are cartoonish and over-the-top, with exaggerated personalities that are sure to make you chuckle. The game’s writing is top-notch as well, with plenty of clever one-liners and references to pop culture.

Overall, Team Fortress 2 is a timeless classic that deserves a spot in any gamer’s library. With its unique blend of gameplay, balanced characters, and sense of humor, it’s no wonder that the game has remained popular for over a decade. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you’re missing out on one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences out there.

Lost Ark

How to play it:

Lost Ark is a 2019 Korean free MMAORPG game (the “A” stands for Action) that got released for Europe North, and South America in February this year, which vastly increased its player base and its overall popularity. Even though you can’t play it natively on a macOS, you can still stream it to your Mac through the Boosteroid game streaming service.

Being a massively multiplayer role-playing game, Lost Ark shares a lot of common elements with titles such as World of Warcraft, RuneScape, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, there’s one important difference in that Lost Ark has a more dynamic, action-focused hack-and-slash combat system that sets it apart from other, more conventional games of the MMORPG genre. Whether you are fighting hostile NPCs (non-player characters) or other players, the battles in Lost Ark never fail to impress with their epic scale and over-the-top visuals. Also, the fact that the combat system is hack-and-slash means that the player has full control over their character’s movements, allowing for a more dynamic and tense experience, especially when facing off against another player in PvP or when fighting one of the game’s many bosses.

On the RPG side of things, the Lost Ark has a serviceable character progression, but bear in mind that leveling up your characters is a rather linear experience, as you’d always need to go through the same main questline to get to level 50 – the game’s maximum level. After that, improvements to one’s character are made solely through acquiring better gear, which eventually starts to become quite grind-y, which is, admittedly, a trademark of MMORPG games in general. Overall, Lost Ark is an interesting game with some impressive battles, and despite its run-of-the-mill RPG elements and character progression could still offer a lot of enjoyment to fans of the MMORPG genre.

If you want to play Lost Ark on your Mac, you can stream the game with the help of Boosteroid.


How to play it:

Warframe is a 2013 RPG third-person shooter, in which the player is put into the shoes of a biomechanical battle unit referred to as Warframe, which possesses superhuman strength and agility as well as a number of unique skills and abilities such as the ability to instantaneously dash to an enemy, freeze them in place, or even temporarily transport them to an alternative plane of existence.  Since the game has been around for nearly a decade, a lot of content has been added to it and what started out as a somewhat simplistic game run-and-shoot game has evolved into something larger that, at times, almost feels like a sandbox due to the amount of opportunity presented to the player. There are tons of missions and quests to complete in Warframe, as well as a wide array of weapons, skills, and warframes (the playable characters) to explore and get familiar with. The good news is that, while getting into the vast world of Warframe may be intimidating at first due to all the content that’s there, the game’s community is, for the most part, very nice, and can usually ease up the process of getting better at the game. Besides, though there’s a lot to be uncovered and explored in Warframe, the core gameplay remains the main appeal of this title, with its fast-paced combat, cool and diverse character abilities, and crisp and responsive movement make for a very engaging game that can be a lot of fun if you have the patience to learn its ins and outs when you are first starting out.

To play Warframe on your Mac even though the game isn’t supported for macOS, we recommend using GeForce Now.

World of Tanks Blitz

How to play it: Natively (Steam; Mac App Store)

Buckle up, tank commander! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of warfare in the captivating realm of World of Tanks Blitz. As you enter this battlefield, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a warzone where only the toughest can survive. This multiplayer action game pits you against players from all over the world in heart-pumping tank battles where you must outmaneuver and outshoot your opponents.

World of Tanks Blitz is an immersive tank combat game that offers you a vast array of some of the world’s most powerful killing machines. The tanks have been meticulously modeled after their real-life counterparts, ensuring that each vehicle feels unique and authentic. You’ll be awed by the level of attention given to even the smallest details, from the realistic engine sounds to the textures of the terrain.

One of the most notable aspects of World of Tanks Blitz is its broad selection of game modes. From classic deathmatches to capture the flag, each mode offers a distinct challenge and unique gameplay experience. Whether you prefer to team up with friends or play solo, there’s a mode for you. And with regular updates introducing new tanks, maps, and modes, the game never gets stale.

Although World of Tanks Blitz takes a more liberal approach to realism compared to War Thunder, another war game we’ve added to this list, it still offers plenty of depth and complexity. You’ll need to use strategy and tactics to outsmart your opponents and secure victory. And with the ability to upgrade and customize your tanks with a variety of equipment and modifications, there’s always room for improvement.

In conclusion, World of Tanks Blitz is an exhilarating tank combat game that offers a wide range of gameplay options, stunning graphics, and realistic tank models. It’s a must-play for anyone who loves tank battles and wants to experience the thrill of commanding some of the most powerful machines in history.

War Thunder

war thunder

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Buckle up, tank commander! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of warfare in the captivating realm of World of Tanks Blitz. As you enter this battlefield, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a warzone where only the toughest can survive. This multiplayer action game pits you against players from all over the world in heart-pumping tank battles where you must outmaneuver and outshoot your opponents.

World of Tanks Blitz is an immersive tank combat game that offers you a vast array of some of the world’s most powerful killing machines. The tanks have been meticulously modeled after their real-life counterparts, ensuring that each vehicle feels unique and authentic. You’ll be awed by the level of attention given to even the smallest details, from the realistic engine sounds to the textures of the terrain.

One of the most notable aspects of World of Tanks Blitz is its broad selection of game modes. From classic deathmatches to capture the flag, each mode offers a distinct challenge and unique gameplay experience. Whether you prefer to team up with friends or play solo, there’s a mode for you. And with regular updates introducing new tanks, maps, and modes, the game never gets stale.

Although World of Tanks Blitz takes a more liberal approach to realism compared to War Thunder, it still offers plenty of depth and complexity. You’ll need to use strategy and tactics to outsmart your opponents and secure victory. And with the ability to upgrade and customize your tanks with a variety of equipment and modifications, there’s always room for improvement.

In conclusion, World of Tanks Blitz is an exhilarating tank combat game that offers a wide range of gameplay options, stunning graphics, and realistic tank models. It’s a must-play for anyone who loves tank battles and wants to experience the thrill of commanding some of the most powerful machines in history.

The Sims 4

the sims 4

How to play it: Natively (Mac App Store)

In the world of gaming, few franchises boast the same household-name status as The Sims. With its fourth installment, The Sims 4 invites you to delve into a vibrant, pixelated microcosm, where the denizens are limited only by the constraints of your boundless imagination. Whether you aspire to build a family dynasty, become a criminal mastermind, or simply create the most dysfunctional household imaginable, The Sims 4 offers a smorgasbord of possibilities that cater to your every whim.

The Sims 4’s crowning jewel is its Build Mode, a veritable sandbox where budding architects can unleash their creative prowess, designing and decorating homes that range from the quaint and cozy to the sprawling and opulent. With a plethora of expansion packs, stuff packs, and game packs, the options are as limitless as the depths of your wallet, allowing you to curate the perfect pixelated paradise for your Sims to inhabit.

Once your Sims are nestled within their custom abodes, the game shifts to Live Mode, where the magic truly unfolds. Here, you assume the role of puppet master, guiding your Sims through the trials and tribulations of life, love, and everything in between. The game’s vibrant emotions system brings these characters to life with stunning nuance, making each Sims’ personal journey a rollercoaster of laughter, tears, and, on occasion, bladder failures.

However, it’s not all sunshine and plumbobs in the land of The Sims 4. The absence of certain features from previous iterations, such as the open world and color wheel customization, leaves a subtle yet palpable void. Additionally, the game’s reliance on expansion and stuff packs to fully realize its potential can leave a sour taste in the mouths of players who yearn for a complete experience without having to remortgage their actual homes.

Despite these shortcomings, The Sims 4 remains a delightful and engaging romp through the colorful tapestry of simulated life. The game’s inherent charm lies in its ability to make even the mundane aspects of life, such as cooking dinner or fixing a broken toilet, feel like a momentous adventure. With its captivating blend of creativity, strategy, and humor, The Sims 4 is an experience that will keep you coming back for more, one pixelated step at a time.

Lesser known Games for Mac free on Steam

Now it’s time to tell you about some games available for Mac that are free on Steam and that you may have not heard about until now. Each of these lesser known titles has something interesting to offer and might surprise you in a different way, so we recommend checking out the next entries if you are looking for something fresh and unconventional or if you simply want to try out some new game that you’ve never played before.



How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Unturned is a game that will have you feeling like you’ve been dropped into a cartoon apocalypse. With a cute, blocky art style and simple mechanics, this game can seem like a fun little adventure at first glance. But make no mistake, this is a game where survival is key, and every move you make counts.

The game’s premise is simple: you find yourself in the midst of a zombie outbreak and must scavenge for supplies, build shelter, and fight off the undead hordes. The game’s visuals may be charming, but the gameplay is anything but a walk in the park. You’ll need to be quick on your feet, strategic in your decisions, and resourceful in your scavenging. One wrong move and you’ll be zombie chow faster than you can say “braaaains”.

The crafting system in Unturned is surprisingly deep, with a wide variety of items to make and upgrade. From makeshift shelters to weapons of destruction, the game provides plenty of options for you to tailor your survival strategy to your own liking. But don’t be fooled, crafting is just one aspect of the game. You’ll also need to be a skilled marksman to fend off zombies and other players.

Speaking of other players, Unturned also has a multiplayer mode where you can team up with friends or make new alliances on the fly. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and the multiplayer mode definitely brings that to the forefront. You’ll need to be quick to make friends and even quicker to identify enemies. One wrong move and you could be betrayed by someone you thought was on your side.

Despite the game’s harsh survival mechanics, there is something charming about the game’s visuals and tone. The blocky graphics may be reminiscent of Minecraft, but the world of Unturned is much darker and more sinister. The game’s audio also plays a crucial role in building the game’s atmosphere, with a haunting soundtrack that makes you feel like danger is lurking around every corner.

Overall, Unturned is a game that will test your survival skills and provide plenty of challenges along the way. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for the challenge, it’s a game that’s sure to keep you coming back for more. With its simple mechanics, deep crafting system, and multiplayer mode, there’s something here for every type of gamer. Just remember, in this world, no one can be trusted, not even your friends. So keep your wits about you, and always be ready for the next wave of zombies.

Doki Doki Literature Club

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

The next game I’ll talk about is called Doki Doki Literature Club, and it’s a dating sim. But don’t immediately scroll to the next game yet! Although the exterior of Doki Doki may make it seem like a bubbly and silly game about dating some anime girls, below its surface, something strange and creepy is happening and once you start unraveling the secrets of this game, the entire experience will become a lot more interesting, but also a lot more disturbing. The truth is that, at its core, Doki Doki Literature Club is a psychological horror game that explores mature themes such as mental health, reality vs fantasy, and the unforeseen impact that one’s actions can have on other people. 

You start the game as a boy who gets invited by a female friend to join a literature club that has four other members, all of whom are girls. It’s clear that the game wants you to date each of these four girls, and the gameplay mainly consists of clicking through dialogue with them and occasionally making choices that will somewhat affect the narrative. For the first hour or so, nothing unusual happens, but then the game suddenly throws a curveball at you and that is when the real Doki Doki Literature Club begins. I really cannot give you any specific details about the story, because the story is the game, and telling you anything more about it will inevitably spoil it for you. In other words, it’s best to go blind into this game and experience it first hand. Just a fair warning – it is indeed a psychologically-disturbing game, so it might not be for everyone, especially people who are more sensitive and easily upset.

EVE Online

eve online

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

When you first load up EVE Online, you might be forgiven for thinking that you’ve accidentally opened up a spaceship operating system instead of a game. But no, this is just the first of many signs that EVE is not your typical MMO. It’s a game that throws you headfirst into a vast, open galaxy and leaves you to find your own way. And if you’re not careful, you might find yourself spending hours mining asteroids or delivering packages for peanuts.

But don’t let that put you off. The beauty of EVE is that you can make your own path. Want to become a trader, buying low and selling high across the galaxy? Go for it. Want to explore the furthest reaches of space and discover hidden wonders? That’s an option too. Or maybe you fancy yourself a combat pilot, taking on other players in massive space battles that will leave your heart pounding and your palms sweaty. Whatever your preference, EVE has something to offer.

But let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the PvP. EVE has a reputation for being a cutthroat game, where alliances rise and fall, and betrayal is just a way of life. It’s not uncommon for players to spend months or even years building up their assets, only to have them destroyed in a single battle. But that’s part of the thrill – the risk/reward ratio in EVE is unlike anything else in gaming. Joining a corporation and fighting alongside your fellow players in massive battles is an experience like no other. Just make sure you have plenty of insurance for your ship!

And then there’s the community. EVE has one of the most dedicated and passionate player bases out there. Whether you’re a newbie just starting out or a grizzled veteran with years of experience, you’ll find people who are willing to help you out, answer your questions, and share their stories. It’s a game that rewards cooperation and teamwork, and that’s something that’s all too rare in today’s gaming landscape.

In short, if you’re looking for a game that will take you to the depths of space and give you the freedom to do whatever you want, EVE Online is the game for you. Just be prepared to lose everything you’ve worked for at a moment’s notice, and remember – in space, no one can hear you scream (unless you’re on voice chat with your corp mates).

DotA Underlords

dota underlords

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Ah, Dota Underlords! A game that invites players into an alluring world where strategy and cunning are paramount to achieving victory. This auto-battler, developed by Valve, offers a tantalizing mix of immersive gameplay, fascinating mechanics, and an ever-evolving meta that keeps players on their toes.

As a spinoff of the illustrious Dota 2, Underlords entices veterans and newcomers alike with its unique blend of hero drafting, item management, and formation tactics. The game starts with players selecting from a pool of heroes to form a formidable team. As the rounds progress, players must adapt their strategies, leveraging synergies and maximizing their heroes’ potential to outwit and outlast their opponents.

One might say that Dota Underlords is the Swiss Army Knife of auto-battlers, offering a versatile and dynamic gaming experience. The game’s rich strategic depth is accentuated by a plethora of heroes, items, and alliances, each with unique abilities and synergies. The result is a delightful tapestry of strategic possibilities that inspire players to experiment and innovate with each match.

But beware, dear reader, for Dota Underlords is not without its challenges. The game’s learning curve can be as steep as a mountain goat’s favorite cliff, but those who persevere shall be handsomely rewarded. As players hone their skills and develop a keen strategic sense, the satisfaction of achieving victory becomes all the sweeter.

In terms of visuals and sound design, Dota Underlords delivers a polished experience with appealing graphics and a captivating soundtrack that immerses players in the game’s captivating atmosphere. Additionally, the developers have shown a commitment to refining and expanding the game, with regular updates and balance changes that keep the experience fresh and engaging.

Of course, no gaming banquet is complete without a dash of humor. Dota Underlords delivers its own brand of wit through amusing hero voice lines and tongue-in-cheek item descriptions, adding an extra layer of charm to the overall experience.

To sum it up, Dota Underlords stands tall as a compelling and captivating auto-battler, offering players a strategic smorgasbord of possibilities to explore. With its engaging gameplay, polished presentation, and constant evolution, Dota Underlords is an essential addition to the gaming library of strategy aficionados and casual gamers alike.

Stumble Guys

stumble guys

How to play it on M1/M2 Macs: Natively (Mac App Store)

How to play it on Intel Macs (using the Steam version):

Stumble Guys is a game that’s like that one friend who’s always willing to entertain you with his antics. It may appear to be a cheap knockoff of Fall Guys, but it has enough personality and humor to stand on its own. This battle royale platformer puts you in the shoes of a ragdoll character, and it’s up to you to navigate through all sorts of wacky obstacles while competing against 31 other players to become the sole survivor.

The game’s graphics may look cartoonish, but don’t let that fool you. Behind its goofy animations is a cutthroat competition where every player is out for themselves. And trust us, there’s no room for error in Stumble Guys. If you’re not quick enough, one wrong move can spell the end of your run, and you’ll be left to watch from the sidelines as your opponents advance to the next round.

But fear not, because with a little bit of practice, you’ll be stumbling your way to the top of the leaderboard in no time. The controls are simple and intuitive, giving you just enough tools to navigate through the obstacle course. Timing is everything, and mastering your jumps and dashes is essential to make it through to the end.

Stumble Guys is the perfect game for a quick, casual gaming session. Its short matches are perfect for those times when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s the kind of game that can sneak its way into your heart and become a guilty pleasure that you’ll keep coming back to.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a game that’s equal parts entertaining and challenging, Stumble Guys is the perfect choice. It may have started out as a cheap imitation, but it has since evolved into something that stands on its own. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

Crusader Kings II

crusader kings 2

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Here’s another existential conundrum – what makes a good medieval king? Is it good financial decisions, sound military strategy, or being respected and revered by your subjects? Absolutely not. The right answer is you marry off your daughter to the sole male heir of a rich and powerful house and then inherit the lands and riches of that house after your son-in-law suffers a… tragic accident.

And if any of that sounds like something that may remotely interest you, then Crusader Kings 2 should be right up your alley. If you look it up on Steam, you’ll learn that this is a 4X Grand Strategy game set in the medieval ages, where you must micromanage every aspect of your state and dynasty – economics, politics, trade, warfare, family relations, and more. The end goal is really up to you, as the game doesn’t give you one.

In my opinion, putting it like this does great disservice to the Crusader Kings 2, by making it sound dull and boring. Don’t get me wrong, you will still be going through the equivalent of a spreadsheet encyclopedia, trying to figure out why your vassals are once again in an open rebellion and why you are still broke after raising the taxes for the fifth time this year. 

However, among all that drudgery, you will eventually uncover the true essence of Crusader Kings 2, which is all the crazy, yet believable medieval antics that can take place in any given playthrough. From trying to ruin a rival dynasty’s bloodline by marrying your deformed, cretinous daughter to their only prince, to seducing a gay Pope and gaining the favor of the Catholic Church, the game offers endless possibilities, where the only limit is the player’s own depraved imagination. Fun times.

Goose Goose Duck

goose goose duck

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game that has been dominating the Steam charts lately. If you’re a fan of Among Us or Fall Guys, then this is definitely a game you should check out. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work with your team of geese to complete objectives while trying to sniff out the traitor(s) among you.

One of the best things about Goose Goose Duck is how easy it is to pick up and play. Even if you’re new to social deduction games, you’ll be able to dive right in and start having fun. The game also has a charming cartoonish aesthetic that is sure to put a smile on your face.

However, don’t let the cute graphics fool you. Goose Goose Duck can get intense and challenging, especially when you’re trying to figure out who among your team is the “Amongoose.” With multiple levels to play and a variety of items and tools to aid you, there’s always something new to discover and experiment with.

The crafting system is also a standout feature of the game. It’s simple yet engaging, allowing you to use basic resources to create new items and progress further. You’ll always be on the lookout for new combinations and strategies to help you and your team come out on top.

But the real reason Goose Goose Duck is getting so much attention lately? It’s all thanks to K-pop. After BTS member Kim “V” Tae-hyung played the game on his Weverse stream, the game’s popularity exploded. And it’s easy to see why. With its addictive gameplay and cute characters, Goose Goose Duck is a perfect game to play with friends or even strangers online.

Overall, Goose Goose Duck is a fantastic addition to the social deduction genre. It may not have the depth or complexity of some other games, but it more than makes up for it with its accessibility and pure fun factor. So grab some friends, hop in, and start honking your way to victory.

Albion Online

albion online

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Albion Online is an MMORPG that gives players a medieval fantasy world to sink their teeth into. With a player-driven economy, classless combat system, and an open-world PvP environment, Albion Online is a true gaming gem.

The game’s visuals are truly breathtaking, with every little detail adding to the immersive world. The sound effects and music are on point, creating an ambiance that sucks you in and doesn’t let go.

But what really sets Albion Online apart is its player-driven economy. The crafting system is deep and intricate, allowing players to make everything from weapons and armor to buildings and mounts. The game’s economy is entirely based on supply and demand, meaning that players have the power to shape the market and become virtual tycoons.

Combat in Albion Online is unique and thrilling, with a classless system that lets you play your way. The rock-paper-scissors mechanic adds depth and balance to fights, forcing you to think carefully about your equipment and tactics.

And let’s not forget the open-world PvP environment. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and players must stay alert at all times. With danger lurking around every corner, the thrill of the hunt is always present.

Overall, Albion Online is a must-play for any MMORPG fan. With its unique features and engaging gameplay, you’ll be hooked from the first moment. Whether you’re a veteran player or are a gaming novice, there’s something here for everyone. So get ready to craft, fight, and conquer in this unforgettable world.



How to play it: Natively (Steam; Mac App Store)

RuneScape is a time-tested classic of the MMORPG genre that stands tall in 2023 with an enduring legacy and an ardent fanbase. While modern games strive to achieve RuneScape’s level of greatness, they can only gaze up at it with envy. The game’s versatility sets it apart, allowing players to train in melee, ranged, or magic at any time without being confined to a single class. In a world where everything feels the same, RuneScape stands out as a beacon of freedom.

The combat system, while offering unparalleled freedom, lacks the finesse of other games. Sometimes, you’ll find that your hits don’t match your animations, but fear not, this is just RuneScape’s quirky way of doing things. That being said, with a little practice, players can master any type of content with ease. All three playstyles are viable, and it’s possible to max out your stats over time, making it a pleasure to tackle any challenge with a single character.

RuneScape’s progression system is as natural as breathing, allowing players to set their own goals and work towards them. Unlike other games that follow a linear path, players can immerse themselves in long and winding questlines, filled with challenging puzzles and engaging dialogue that will keep them entertained for hours. The humor is charmingly old-school, and players can enjoy being a smartass throughout their playthrough.

The community is another star in RuneScape’s crown, shining bright with its warm embrace and unyielding support. It’s a haven for like-minded players, who happily share their knowledge and expertise with newcomers. From online forums to Discord groups, the community is a living, breathing entity that makes RuneScape an experience worth cherishing.

The graphics may not be cutting-edge, but the environments and soundtracks are second to none, creating an immersive experience that few games can match. Players can take breaks and return at their leisure, without feeling pressured to keep up with the Joneses. RuneScape respects its players’ time and schedules, providing a refreshing break from the grind of other live-service games.

While the game does show its age, its flaws are a small price to pay for such a rich and rewarding experience. In the end, RuneScape is a true classic that continues to set the bar high for all MMORPGs. It’s a game that ages gracefully, offering an adventure that’s both timeless and endlessly entertaining. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, RuneScape is a must-play game that will leave you spellbound for years to come.

Crab Game

crab game

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

In the vast ocean of online gaming, Crab Game emerges from the depths, brandishing its pincers with unbridled enthusiasm. This multiplayer title, developed by the enigmatic Danny, is a delightful cocktail of chaos and camaraderie, served with a splash of dark humor. Inspired by the popular series “Squid Game,” Crab Game thrusts players into a gauntlet of lethal challenges, where survival hinges on a blend of skill, cunning, and a healthy dose of good fortune.

As you plunge into the frenzied fray, the game’s minimalist, blocky visuals may evoke a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time in gaming. However, this low-poly aesthetic belies the adrenaline-fueled pandemonium lurking just beneath the surface. With a variety of game modes, each more harrowing than the last, Crab Game is a veritable smorgasbord of treacherous trials, ensuring that no two sessions are ever the same.

Perhaps Crab Game’s most endearing feature is its capacity for forging friendships amidst the chaos. With integrated voice chat, players can concoct elaborate strategies, engage in hilarious banter, or, should the mood strike, sing a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” to a fellow competitor. These moments of camaraderie, however fleeting, offer a welcome reprieve from the relentless onslaught of danger that awaits at every turn.

It’s not all smooth sailing in this crustacean carnival, however. The game’s controls, while straightforward, can occasionally feel clunky, resulting in untimely demises that will leave players muttering a string of choice words under their breath. Additionally, the title’s simplistic visuals, while charming, may not resonate with gamers seeking a more polished and immersive experience.

Despite its flaws, Crab Game stands tall as a raucous and exhilarating foray into the realm of high-stakes competition. While it may lack the glossy veneer of more established titles, this undersea adventure more than makes up for it with its unique blend of humor, tension, and unadulterated fun. So grab your pincers and steel your nerves, dear gamers, for Crab Game awaits to put your wits and friendships to the ultimate test.

RISK: Global Domination

rusk global domination

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

In the grand pantheon of strategy games, few can rival the prestige and gravitas of RISK. With RISK: Global Domination, SMG Studio brings this time-honored classic into the digital realm, offering players the chance to engage in global conquest from the comfort of their own couches. With its blend of strategy, diplomacy, and just a dash of backstabbing, RISK: Global Domination is a delightful plunge into the high-stakes world of territorial expansion.

As you embark on your quest for world domination, RISK: Global Domination treats you to a visual feast of vibrant colors and intricately designed maps. Whether you’re mounting an invasion of the icy tundras of Siberia or staging a coup in the sun-soaked deserts of Africa, the game’s diverse landscapes provide a rich tapestry against which to unfurl your grand designs.

The true heart of RISK: Global Domination lies in its strategic depth. As you deploy your pixelated armies and forge alliances with fellow conquerors, you’ll find yourself immersed in a maelstrom of tactical decision-making. Will you spread your forces thin, chipping away at multiple fronts, or concentrate your power for a devastating blitzkrieg? The choice, dear general, is yours to make.

Of course, no foray into global domination would be complete without a healthy dose of diplomacy. RISK: Global Domination’s multiplayer mode allows players to engage in cutthroat negotiations, offering a tantalizing blend of cooperation and betrayal. But be warned: as the old adage goes, “Et tu, Brute?” Your closest ally today may become your most formidable foe tomorrow.

While RISK: Global Domination’s captivating gameplay and stunning visuals are a feast for the senses, it’s not without its share of quibbles. The game’s reliance on in-app purchases to unlock additional maps and features may irk players seeking the full experience without breaking the bank. Additionally, the online matchmaking system can occasionally be temperamental, leading to uneven match-ups and lopsided battles.

Despite these minor hiccups, RISK: Global Domination remains a triumphant digital adaptation of a beloved board game classic. With its blend of strategy, diplomacy, and humor, this high-stakes adventure will keep players on their toes as they vie for supremacy in the thrilling world of RISK.



How to play it: Natively (Steam)

From the zany mind of YouTuber-turned-game-developer Dani comes Muck, a devilishly delightful roguelike survival experience that gleefully plummets players into a procedurally generated world teeming with danger, crafting, and more than a few laughs. With its charming low-poly aesthetic and punishingly addictive gameplay, Muck offers a unique blend of excitement and frustration that will have you eagerly returning for just one more run.

As you emerge, dazed and confused, into the vibrant world of Muck, you’ll be struck by the simplicity of its visuals. But don’t be fooled by its unassuming appearance – beneath this minimalist veneer lies a brutal and unforgiving landscape, where even the most seasoned of gamers may find themselves begging for mercy. With each new day bringing increasingly powerful monsters to your doorstep, the game quickly transforms into a high-stakes race against the clock, forcing you to scavenge, craft, and adapt to survive the relentless onslaught.

Muck’s crafting and resource gathering systems, while streamlined, offer a satisfying progression loop that will keep players engaged as they strive to turn their humble beginnings into a veritable fortress. And with a plethora of weapons, tools, and power-ups to discover, Muck ensures that no two playthroughs are ever quite the same.

The game’s multiplayer mode is a riotous affair, allowing players to team up and tackle the treacherous world of Muck together. Whether you’re working in harmony to construct a shared stronghold or gleefully sabotaging your friends’ attempts at survival, Muck’s multiplayer is a cacophony of camaraderie and chaos that will have you laughing even as the world crumbles around you.

Despite its endearing charm, Muck is not without its foibles. The game’s difficulty curve can be steep, and the procedurally generated nature of the world can occasionally lead to frustration as players struggle to locate essential resources. Additionally, the game’s lack of a proper tutorial may leave some newcomers feeling bewildered and overwhelmed.

However, for those willing to embrace the challenge, Muck offers a rollicking and engaging experience that deftly combines the thrill of survival with the unpredictability of roguelike gameplay. If you’re seeking a fresh and unforgiving adventure served with a side of humor, look no further than the unfathomable depths of Muck.

Super Auto Pets

super auto pets

How to play it – Natively (Steam)

In a world where adorable animals clash in epic battles for dominance, Super Auto Pets reigns supreme as a whimsical and delightful entry into the auto-battler genre. Developed by Team Wood Games, this free-to-play title combines vibrant visuals, endearing characters, and deceptively deep strategy, creating an experience that will delight casual and hardcore gamers alike.

As you embark on your journey through the charming realm of Super Auto Pets, you’ll assemble a ragtag team of cute and quirky creatures, each boasting its own unique abilities and synergies. From the humble hedgehog to the formidable rhinoceros, the diverse array of critters ensures that no two battles are ever quite the same. With a plethora of potential strategies and playstyles, you’ll find yourself gleefully experimenting with different combinations, hoping to strike upon that perfect menagerie of mayhem.

The true beauty of Super Auto Pets lies in its accessibility. With its intuitive gameplay and streamlined mechanics, the game offers a gentle learning curve that will have even the greenest of gamers feeling like seasoned strategists in no time. And yet, beneath its unassuming surface lies a wellspring of tactical depth that will challenge and engage even the most experienced auto-battler veterans.

The game’s delightful visuals and whimsical soundtrack only serve to heighten its appeal, immersing you in a world where the stakes are high, but the atmosphere is light-hearted and endearing. With each battle, you’ll find yourself growing increasingly attached to your pixelated pets, cheering them on as they valiantly vie for victory against their equally adorable foes.

However, no game is without its flaws, and Super Auto Pets is no exception. The game’s reliance on RNG can occasionally lead to frustration, as even the most well-crafted strategies can crumble in the face of a bad draw. Additionally, the limited number of available pets may leave some players craving greater variety in their strategic options.

Despite these minor quibbles, Super Auto Pets stands tall as a captivating and enchanting foray into the world of auto-battlers. With its endearing aesthetic, engaging gameplay, and plentiful opportunities for humor, this delightful title offers a welcome respite from the stresses of everyday life, whisking you away to a realm where strategy, cuteness, and chaos collide in perfect harmony.

Fishing Planet

fishing planet

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

In the vast and bustling sea of gaming, Fishing Planet emerges as an oasis of calm, offering players a serene and immersive escape into the world of virtual angling. Developed by Fishing Planet LLC, this free-to-play fishing simulator combines strikingly realistic visuals, intricate mechanics, and a soothing atmosphere to create an experience that is as engaging as it is tranquil.

As you cast your line into the placid waters of Fishing Planet, you’ll be struck by the game’s meticulous attention to detail. From the gentle lapping of waves against the shore to the subtle tug of a fish on your line, every aspect of the game has been crafted to evoke the authentic essence of real-world fishing. With a diverse array of rods, reels, lures, and bait at your disposal, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the art of angling, striving to land that elusive trophy catch.

Fishing Planet’s expansive selection of locations further enriches the experience, transporting players to picturesque fishing spots around the globe. Whether you’re wading through the sun-drenched marshes of Florida or casting a line beneath the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the game’s stunning environments provide a feast for the senses that will leave even the most seasoned angler yearning for more.

Beyond its visual splendor, Fishing Planet boasts a wealth of gameplay options that cater to a variety of playstyles. From casual, laid-back angling sessions to intense, competitive tournaments, the game offers something for everyone, ensuring that no two fishing trips are ever quite the same.

However, beneath its serene surface, Fishing Planet is not without its challenges. The game’s complex mechanics and steep learning curve can be daunting for newcomers, and the grind for in-game currency may leave some players feeling adrift in a sea of frustration. Additionally, the lack of multiplayer options may deter those seeking a more social fishing experience.

Despite these minor shortcomings, Fishing Planet stands as a captivating and evocative journey into the world of virtual fishing. With its beautiful visuals, intricate mechanics, and gentle humor, this soothing simulator offers a welcome respite from the stresses of daily life, inviting players to cast their cares away and lose themselves in the mesmerizing dance of line and lure.

Shakes and Fidget

shakes and fidget

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

In an age of gaming dominated by gritty realism and high-definition graphics, Shakes and Fidget bursts onto the scene as a breath of fresh air, reveling in its own delightful absurdity. Developed by Playa Games GmbH, this free-to-play MMORPG takes a lighthearted jab at the genre, blending humor, satire, and charming visuals into a uniquely entertaining experience.

As you embark on your journey through the zany realm of Shakes and Fidget, you’ll be greeted by a colorful cast of characters and an art style that harkens back to the days of hand-drawn animation. With its exaggerated features and cartoony aesthetic, the game’s visuals are a delightful treat for the eyes, evoking a sense of nostalgia that will transport you back to the Saturday morning cartoons of yore.

The true heart of Shakes and Fidget, however, lies in its humor. With its tongue planted firmly in cheek, the game takes a playful poke at the tropes and conventions of the MMORPG genre, transforming mundane tasks like questing and dungeon-crawling into a source of laughter and amusement. As you navigate the game’s wacky world, you’ll encounter a veritable treasure trove of puns, visual gags, and pop culture references that will keep you chuckling long after you’ve logged off.

Shakes and Fidget’s gameplay, while not revolutionary, offers a satisfying and engaging experience that will keep players hooked. With its character progression, guild system, and PvP battles, the game provides just enough depth and variety to keep even the most jaded MMORPG fan coming back for more.

Sure, Shakes and Fidget is not without its flaws – the game’s reliance on time-gated mechanics can occasionally bog down the experience, forcing players to twiddle their thumbs as they wait for the next adventure to become available. Additionally, the game’s humor, while generally on-point, may not resonate with everyone, leading some players to view the experience as more of a novelty than a fully-fledged MMORPG.

Despite these minor quibbles, Shakes and Fidget stands as a lovingly-crafted and genuinely entertaining foray into the world of satirical gaming. With its whimsical visuals, engaging gameplay, and irreverent humor, this quirky MMORPG is sure to charm and amuse even the most stoic of gamers. So grab your foam sword, don your silliest hat, and dive headfirst into the delightful chaos of Shakes and Fidget.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

idle champions of the forgotten realms

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Amidst the chaos of the gaming multiverse, where heart-pounding escapades and adrenaline-fueled experiences dominate the landscape, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms emerges as a refreshing change of pace. Developed by Codename Entertainment, this free-to-play idle clicker game delves into the iconic Dungeons & Dragons universe, weaving together relaxation, strategy, and gentle humor into an enjoyable tapestry of leisurely entertainment.

Embarking on a journey through the Forgotten Realms, players assemble a motley crew of heroes, each contributing their unique abilities and synergies to the team. The game’s strategic depth belies its idle nature, as heroes range from stoic warriors to enigmatic sorcerers, engaging players in tactical decision-making.

Aesthetically, Idle Champions’ visuals are a delightful homage to the classic fantasy style that Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts hold dear. Though not particularly groundbreaking, the game’s colorful environments and detailed character sprites effectively immerse players in the world, while subtle animations inject a touch of vitality.

When it comes to gameplay, Idle Champions revolves around passive progression and strategic planning. The game’s mechanics provide an accessible learning curve for newcomers, with the real challenge lying in party optimization and resource allocation. Players seeking a competitive edge can revel in periodic events and time-limited adventures, adding layers of excitement and urgency to the experience.

Nevertheless, Idle Champions does not emerge unscathed from the critical eye. Microtransactions within the game can be polarizing for some players, and the inherent repetitiveness of the idle clicker genre may deter those hungry for more dynamic gaming experiences. Additionally, the game’s humor, though often lighthearted and amusing, may occasionally miss the mark.

In summary, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms carves its niche as a compelling and entertaining idle clicker game. The strategic elements, charming visuals, and gentle humor create a soothing and enjoyable venture into the legendary Dungeons & Dragons universe. While the game may not satiate those yearning for action-packed excitement, it offers a welcome sanctuary for gamers seeking a more serene and thoughtful escapade.

Pineapple on Pizza

pineapple on pizza

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Nowadays, unusual and experimental indie games are more celebrated than ever, which has allowed Pineapple on Pizza to emerge as a mouthwatering mélange of charm, humor, and unexpected twists. Developed by Majorariatto, this bite-sized indie gem melds vibrant visuals, a contagiously cheerful atmosphere, and a surprising plot that keeps players entertained and enthralled.

As players embark on their Pineapple on Pizza journey, they are initially immersed in a lively island brimming with joyous dancing villagers. The game entices players to explore every nook and cranny, uncovering delightful surprises such as baby villagers or spirited limbo games. At first, the game appears to be a lighthearted foray into a tropical paradise, but a mysterious volcanic core beckons players to delve deeper into the island’s secrets.

As the game progresses, Pineapple on Pizza deftly weaves its narrative with a sense of humor and a touch of the unexpected. Without revealing spoilers, players will find that the game’s finale is anything but predictable. The experience is accentuated by a captivating and dynamic soundtrack, which adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the unfolding adventure.

Despite its brevity, Pineapple on Pizza offers a captivating experience that keeps players engaged with multiple alternative endings. The tantalizing prospect of discovering new outcomes fuels replayability, and gamers may find themselves returning to the island time and time again in search of elusive conclusions.

It is worth noting that Majorariatto’s creation is not just a fascinating exploration of the age-old pineapple on pizza debate but also a testament to the developer’s inventive prowess. The game’s vibrant colors, smooth visuals, and engaging villager models contribute to a soothing and uplifting indie experience that is both relaxing and immersive.

In conclusion, Pineapple on Pizza cooks up a delicious blend of humor, controversy, and unexpected twists, delivering an unforgettable gaming experience that leaves players craving more. This creative and whimsical journey provides an ideal escape from the mundane, serving up a delectable gaming concoction that earns a well-deserved 9 out of 10 rating.

Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Have you ever pondered the grandiosity of existence, tracing the intricate tapestry of life back to its humble beginnings? If so, then feast your curiosity on “Cell to Singularity,” a delightful clicker game that takes players on an extraordinary voyage through the epochs of evolution. Developed by ComputerLunch, this peculiar gem offers a captivating, albeit simplified, rendition of life’s journey from single-celled organisms to a technologically advanced civilization.

Embarking on this evolutionary escapade, players initiate their odyssey as a lone primordial cell, steadily accumulating resources by clicking or tapping. As resources amass, the game unfolds, allowing players to unlock progressively complex life forms and witness the grand dance of evolution in all its glory.

The game’s visual design is an exquisite fusion of simplicity and elegance. Minimalistic, yet charming graphics adorn the screen, while the soothing color palette creates a mesmerizing ambiance that lures players into an endless cycle of clicks and taps. Accompanying the visuals is a tranquil soundtrack that befits the ethereal atmosphere, elevating the gaming experience to celestial heights.

However, “Cell to Singularity” is not without its quirks. Like other clicker games, the gameplay can be repetitive, tempting players to flirt with the alluring mistress of monotony. But worry not, intrepid evolutionist, for the game offers a series of milestones and achievements that reward persistence and ingenuity, injecting a welcomed sense of accomplishment into the mix.

As players traverse the evolutionary timeline, they will encounter humorous tidbits and Easter eggs, infusing the game with a delightful dose of wit. The developers have cleverly woven comedy into the fabric of evolution, ensuring that the journey through life’s grand tapestry is as entertaining as it is educational.

In conclusion, “Cell to Singularity” is a charming clicker game that offers an engaging exploration of life’s magnificent journey. Though repetitive at times, the game’s captivating visuals, soothing soundtrack, and entertaining humor provide a delightful experience for players of all ages. So, don your lab coats and prepare to embark on a fantastical expedition through the wondrous world of evolution, one click at a time.



How to play it: Natively (Steam)

A blaze of neon hues and the cacophony of chaotic warfare ignite the senses in Krunker, an action-packed online first-person shooter that thrives amidst its pixelated landscape. Developed by Yendis Entertainment, Krunker pays homage to the FPS giants of yesteryear while imbuing its own unique flair, fashioning a frenetic and addictive experience that will have you coming back for more.

Striding boldly into the fray, players are presented with an array of diverse character classes, ranging from the nimble Run N Gun to the lumbering Heavy. Each class boasts its own distinct abilities and weapons, offering players the chance to indulge in their preferred playstyle. Whether you’re a seasoned sniper or a close-quarters combat enthusiast, Krunker’s eclectic ensemble of characters has got you covered.

Where Krunker truly shines is in its fast-paced, unrelenting gameplay. In this pixelated pandemonium, players must rely on their reflexes and cunning as they navigate the game’s labyrinthine maps, mercilessly obliterating their foes. The game’s intuitive controls and smooth mechanics facilitate this exhilarating dance of death, ensuring that each encounter feels both thrilling and satisfying.

Beneath its colorful and seemingly innocuous exterior, Krunker hides a treasure trove of customization options that cater to the most discerning of gamers. From modifiable weapons and skins to community-made maps and modes, Krunker offers a plethora of personalized experiences to keep even the most jaded of FPS veterans engaged.

While Krunker’s simplicity is a core part of its charm, it may not be everyone’s cup of digital tea. The game’s pixel art style, though endearing, could deter those seeking a more photorealistic experience. Additionally, the lack of a single-player campaign or in-depth story might leave some players craving a more substantial narrative.

In summation, Krunker is a spirited and enthralling online FPS that manages to strike the perfect balance between accessibility and depth. Its lightning-fast gameplay, myriad customization options, and delightful visuals create a captivating experience that will appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers alike. So strap on your pixelated boots, grab your weapon of choice, and prepare to immerse yourself in the gloriously chaotic world of Krunker!



How to play it: Natively (Steam)

The echoes of clashing steel and the thunderous roars of combatants fill the air in Brawlhalla, a fast-paced, free-to-play platform fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games. Brawlhalla invites players to an epic clash of legends, arming themselves with an eclectic arsenal and fighting for supremacy in a mythical arena.

One of Brawlhalla’s most striking features is its vast and diverse roster of playable characters. With over 50 unique legends to choose from, each boasting their own distinct move sets and abilities, the game caters to a wide range of playstyles. Whether you prefer the brute strength of Teros or the aerial prowess of Ember, Brawlhalla’s extensive cast ensures that there’s a legend for everyone.

Anchoring the core gameplay of Brawlhalla is its intuitive and responsive combat system. The game deftly weaves together light and heavy attacks, dodges, and throws, providing players with a rich and fluid fighting experience. This seamless integration of mechanics makes each battle feel dynamic and engaging, and even the most casual players will quickly find themselves lost in the thrill of the fight.

Brawlhalla offers a plethora of game modes to keep players entertained, from traditional one-on-one duels to chaotic eight-player free-for-alls. The game’s robust online multiplayer component ensures that you’ll always have worthy adversaries to test your mettle against. And for those seeking camaraderie, Brawlhalla also offers a local co-op mode, perfect for some friendly competition among friends.

Visually, Brawlhalla’s vibrant and colorful 2D art style imbues the game with a lighthearted and playful atmosphere. However, it should be noted that this aesthetic may not appeal to everyone, particularly those who prefer more detailed or realistic graphics.

Though Brawlhalla is free-to-play, its monetization model relies on microtransactions for cosmetic items and legend unlocks. While these purchases are by no means necessary to enjoy the game, players who wish to access the full roster without waiting for the weekly rotation may find this aspect less than ideal.

All in all, Brawlhalla is an exhilarating and addictive platform fighter that offers a wealth of content and a diverse cast of characters. Whether you’re a newcomer to the genre or a seasoned veteran, Brawlhalla is a battle royale you won’t want to miss!

Realm of the Mad God Exalt

realm of the mad god exalt

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Get ready for a wild ride in the world of Realm of the Mad God Exalt! This MMO is not for the faint of heart, as it offers a fast-paced and challenging experience that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. The game is available on Steam and is free to play, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

The premise of the game is simple: you’re a hero who’s been transported to a strange world filled with dangerous monsters and treacherous dungeons. Your goal is to defeat the Mad God Oryx and his minions, but it won’t be easy. You’ll have to work together with other players, upgrade your gear, and hone your skills if you hope to succeed.

One of the standout features of Realm of the Mad God Exalt is its permadeath system. When your character dies, that’s it – they’re gone forever. This may sound intimidating, but it adds a real sense of danger and excitement to the game. Every battle could be your last, so you’ll need to be careful and strategic in your approach.

The gameplay is fast and frenetic, with hordes of monsters and projectiles flying across the screen at all times. This can be overwhelming at first, but it’s also incredibly satisfying when you manage to take down a tough boss or survive a particularly harrowing battle.

The graphics are simple but effective, with a retro-inspired aesthetic that’s reminiscent of classic arcade games. The music and sound effects are also top-notch, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.

One potential downside to Realm of the Mad God Exalt is its lack of story or narrative. While there are some basic quests and objectives to complete, the focus is primarily on gameplay and combat. This may not be a dealbreaker for everyone, but some players may find it a bit repetitive over time.

Overall, Realm of the Mad God Exalt is a challenging and addictive MMO that’s well worth checking out. Its permadeath system and fast-paced gameplay make for an intense and exciting experience, while its retro-inspired graphics and sound add to the charm. Give it a try and see if you have what it takes to take down the Mad God Oryx!

SAS: Zombie Assault 4

sas zombie assault 4

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Zombies, guns, and lots of blood – what’s not to love about SAS: Zombie Assault 4? This action-packed shooter is available on Steam and promises to deliver a thrilling and intense experience for fans of the genre.

The game’s premise is simple: you’re a member of an elite SAS squad tasked with taking on hordes of zombies that have overrun the city. Armed with an arsenal of weapons and a variety of special abilities, you’ll fight your way through wave after wave of undead monsters, earning money and experience points along the way.

The gameplay is fast-paced and frenetic, with enemies coming at you from all angles. You’ll need to be quick on your feet and strategic in your approach if you hope to survive. There are a variety of different mission types to complete, from defending a location to escorting a VIP, and each one offers a unique challenge.

One of the standout features of SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is its upgrade system. As you earn money and experience points, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and abilities, making you a more effective zombie-killing machine. This adds a real sense of progression to the game and encourages you to keep playing to see what upgrades you can unlock next.

The graphics are solid, with a gritty and realistic style that’s well-suited to the game’s subject matter. The sound effects and music are also top-notch, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.

One potential downside to SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is its repetitive nature. While the gameplay is fun and engaging, there’s only so much you can do before it starts to feel a bit samey. Some players may find themselves getting bored after a while, especially if they’re not particularly invested in the genre.

Overall, SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is a blood-pumping shooter that delivers the goods. It’s not the most innovative or groundbreaking game out there, but it’s well-executed and offers plenty of thrills for fans of the zombie shooter genre. Give it a try and see if you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse!

Minion Masters

minion masters

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Minion Masters, developed by BetaDwarf, is a deck-building, real-time strategy game that is not only fun but also requires some serious thinking. With unique features such as constant updates and a multiplayer experience that allows for a competitive yet engaging gameplay, Minion Masters is a must-try game for any strategy enthusiast.

The game offers a simple yet well-executed concept. Players choose a deck of cards that are used to summon minions, spells, and buildings onto the battlefield to defeat the opponent’s master. With over 100 cards to choose from, each with its own unique abilities, players must create a deck that best fits their playstyle and strategy.

The graphics of Minion Masters are colorful and cartoonish, adding a playful feel to the game. The designs of the minions are cute and humorous, giving the game a lighthearted touch. But don’t let the graphics fool you, as the gameplay is intense and requires a certain level of skill and strategy to win.

One of the best things about Minion Masters is the constant updates and additions to the game. The developers have shown great dedication to the game, adding new cards, game modes, and balancing changes frequently. This not only keeps the game fresh and exciting but also shows the commitment of the developers to their community.

The multiplayer experience of Minion Masters is where the game truly shines. Players can participate in online battles against other players or team up with friends in 2v2 matches. The matchmaking system is fair and balanced, ensuring that players are matched up with opponents of similar skill levels.

Overall, Minion Masters is a fantastic game that provides hours of fun and engaging gameplay. With its unique features, constant updates, and competitive multiplayer experience, it is a game that any strategy enthusiast should not miss. So why not give it a try and see if you have what it takes to become a master of the minions?

Super Animal Royale

super animal royale

How to play it: Natively (Steam)

Super Animal Royale is a unique take on the battle royale genre, featuring adorable animals battling it out on an island in a bid to be the last one standing. Developed by Pixile Studios, this indie game has quickly amassed a dedicated following due to its quirky gameplay and charming graphics.

In Super Animal Royale, you take on the role of a cute critter armed with an array of weapons and survival skills. The game starts with you parachuting onto an island filled with other animals, and you must explore the environment, scavenge for weapons, and fight to stay alive. The game is a 2D platformer with top-down graphics, which is a refreshing change from the usual first-person perspective of most battle royale games.

One of the standout features of Super Animal Royale is the sheer variety of animals available to play as. You can choose from over 300 different species, each with their own unique stats and abilities. Whether you want to be a ferocious tiger, a nimble bunny, or a cunning fox, there’s a creature to suit every playstyle.

Combat in Super Animal Royale is fast-paced and intense, with a range of weapons and abilities at your disposal. You can shoot enemies with guns, throw grenades, set traps, and even disguise yourself as a potted plant to catch your opponents off-guard. The game’s controls are intuitive and easy to pick up, but there’s enough depth to the combat to keep you engaged for hours.

One of the game’s most enjoyable aspects is the sense of humor that permeates every aspect of the game. From the pun-filled names of the weapons to the hilarious emotes you can use to taunt your enemies, Super Animal Royale doesn’t take itself too seriously. The game’s graphics are also a joy to behold, with bright, colorful visuals that make it easy to distinguish between different animals in the heat of battle.

Overall, Super Animal Royale is a delightful addition to the battle royale genre. Its adorable animals, fast-paced combat, and quirky humor make it stand out from the crowd, and it’s a game that’s sure to appeal to players of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned battle royale veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Super Animal Royale is definitely worth checking out.