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Enshrouded is a game where you have lots of different weapons to use and you can choose how you want to play. Whether you like being a powerful mage or a sneaky assassin, there’s a weapon attuned to your inclinations for you to find. Let’s take a closer look at the best Enshrouded weapons and what makes them special.

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Enshrouded Best Weapons

In Enshrouded, having the right weapon is crucial for defeating the various enemies you’ll encounter throughout the vast world. But, with so many different options, it can be challenging to determine which are the Enshrouded best weapons. Moreover, it’s important to note that the strength of weapons can vary depending on where you find them. As with all loot in the game, you may encounter weaker versions of even the best weapons in certain areas. This means you might not acquire the most powerful weapons until you’ve progressed further into the game and explored more challenging regions. Still, to give you an idea, here we’ve created a table with the Enshrouded best weapons, based on their damage output:

NoWeapon NameDamageDescription
1Sun Hammer235The Sun Hammer is an imposing tank hammer capable of dealing an immense 235 damage. It boasts an incredible 867 parry power, making it the ultimate weapon in Enshrouded for those seeking raw power and durability.
2Aerostriker213Aerostriker is a phenomenal weapon for up-close combat-focused players, dealing 213 damage and featuring 605 parry power. It’s a strong and brutal choice, obtainable as loot in the Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes areas.
3Great Mace210The Great Mace deals an impressive 210 damage and has 581 parry power. It’s one of the best weapons in Enshrouded, fitting well with all strength class types and ideal for players seeking a DPS-focused playstyle.
4Ignited Hammer187The Ignited Hammer is a massive and powerful weapon, dealing 187 damage and boasting 394 parry power. It’s a well-rounded choice for up-close combat, suitable for players looking to deal heavy damage.
5Tainted Axe158The Tainted Axe can be obtained by defeating the formidable Fell Thunderbrute, dealing 158 damage. It’s a great option for strength-based classes and provides substantial firepower for players seeking to excel in combat.
6Extinguished Sword158The Extinguished Sword is a powerful and unique weapon, dealing 158 damage. It offers a middle ground between heavy and light weapons, making it suitable for various playstyles.
7Crackling Wand155The Crackling Wand is an extremely powerful option for players who prefer combat from a distance, dealing 155 damage and focusing on Fire damage. It’s an efficient choice for taking out opponents before they can close in for melee combat.
8Enshrouded Axe154The Enshrouded Axe is a formidable melee weapon, capable of dealing 154 damage. It’s ideal for players focused on close-quarters combat, providing substantial damage output.
9Elder’s Staff154The Elder’s Staff, lootable from the Kindlewastes and Nomad Highlands, deals 154 damage. While requiring consistent crafting of Staff Charges, it offers significant damage potential for players willing to put in the effort.
10Blackened Staff152The Blackened Staff deals 152 damage and requires crafting Staff Charges for optimal use. Despite the additional effort, its high damage output makes it a worthwhile choice for players seeking a powerful staff weapon.

Legendary Weapons In Enshrouded

As you advance through your adventure in Enshrouded, you’ll find a plethora of formidable weapons to wield and customize to suit your style. Yet, among the arsenal of legendary weapons available, some stand out as unparalleled champions, boasting superior prowess and capabilities. Below, we’ve curated a selection of the most powerful legendary weapons in Enshrouded along with a short description and an explanation of where to find them.


  • Level: 15
  • Max. Durability: 160
  • Damage Bonuses: +6 Blunt, +6 Piercing, +6 Cutting
  • Description: Despite its modest level requirement, Hailscourge earns its place among legendary weapons. Its balanced damage output is augmented by a valuable light source emanating from the blade, which proves invaluable in dark dungeons.

Location: Hailscourge can be found in specific chests scattered throughout the game world.

Shroud Weaver

  • Level: 35
  • Fire Magic Damage: +12
  • Special Effects: Increased critical hit chance by 5%, increased backstab damage by 20%
  • Description: Shroud Weaver reigns as the most potent staff in Enshrouded. With its exceptional fire magic damage and critical hit enhancements, it becomes a game-changer for early access players, significantly amplifying their fiery onslaught.

Location: Look for Shroud Weaver in chests, particularly those hidden in remote locations.

Ritual Tempest Wand

  • Level: 25
  • Max. Durability: 300
  • Mana Regeneration: +1
  • Special Effects: 20% Overcharge, increased shock magic damage
  • Description: The Ritual Tempest Wand stands as the epitome of wizardry, offering unparalleled mana regeneration and empowering lightning spells with its shock magic damage boost. Wizards seeking to harness the full force of lightning should seek out this wand.

Location: Seek out specific chests to uncover the Ritual Tempest Wand and unlock its electrifying potential.

Wolf’s Snarl Longbow

  • Level: 25
  • Draw Speed: 1.0s
  • Stamina Cost: 5
  • Special Effects: Increased arrow speed, fire magic damage boost, enhanced critical hit chance and damage
  • Description: While not the swiftest, the Wolf’s Snarl Longbow packs a fiery punch, excelling in critical hits and dealing substantial damage. Archer builds will find this bow indispensable for delivering devastating blows from afar.

Location: Look for this formidable longbow in chests, often found alongside other legendary treasures.

Enshrouded: All Weapon Types

Enshrouded offers three weapon types that cater to different playstyles and combat preferences – Melee, Ranged and Magic.

  • Melee weapons include swords, which provide a balance of speed and power and are ideal for agile combat, and axes, which deliver powerful but slower strikes. Spears offer extended reach, making them effective against oncoming foes, while daggers enable quick and stealthy attacks for critical damage.
  • For Ranged combat, players can choose from bows, which require patience but allow for stealthy long-range attacks, and crossbows, which offer more power at the cost of slower reload times. Throwing weapons enable quick ranged attacks that provide versatility in combat scenarios.
  • Magic weapons in Enshrouded include staves, which are ideal for area-of-effect and elemental spells, and wands, offering rapid and less energy-consuming magical attacks. Elemental melee weapons combine physical strikes with magical effects that provide a unique blend of close-quarters combat and spellcasting.

To enhance defense, players can also utilize shields ranging from light bucklers for agility to heavy shields for maximum protection. Additionally, magical barriers provide defense through artifacts and enchanted items and offer additional layers of protection in combat situations.

Enshrouded Weapons list

Melee Weapons List

  • Swords
NameBase DmgDescription
Rusty Short Sword11A sword forgotten from ancient times, often discovered amidst the remnants of Embervale’s ashes.
Bronze Sword14A swift and elegant sword with a beautiful hue, though its sharpness fades quickly.
Scrappy Sword16A rugged sword crafted for utility, ideal for clearing paths through enemy lines.
Rusty Sword17A corroded copper sword worn by time’s passage, its glory days long past.
Wailing Blade22An impeccably crafted blade, finely balanced and sharp enough to slice through foes with haunting ease.
Enflamed Sword47A sword ablaze with potent flames, scorching enemies and draining their mana with each searing strike.
Nova22A sword radiant and dazzling, bursting with the original brilliance of the Flame upon the battlefield.
Hailscourge26A chilling blade, cold to the touch and heavy on the conscience, unsettling those who wield it.
Wolf’s Maw29A blade voracious in its appetite for foes, its name etched in the countless bodies it has laid to rest.
Noble Sword47A dignified blade, championing honor and safeguarding the lives of the vulnerable against all odds.
White Wolf Sword47A Sword that is so sharp that it can slice through the air.

Enshrouded Wailing Blade
Enshrouded Wailing Blade

  • Axes
NameBase DmgDescription
Fenrig’s Axe11This axe is designed for chopping down trees but is somewhat less effective against wolves.
Hatchet20A versatile one-handed axe commonly used for dealing deadly blows to enemies.
Executioner’s Axe21A brutal axe with a grim history, known for decapitating foes with merciless efficiency.
Guillotine28Victims of this axe meet a swift and terrifying end, as their heads are separated from their bodies with chilling finality.
Provisional Scythe29A makeshift tool wielded to deliver swift and devastating strikes, leaving enemies in agony.
Jazmina’s Apotheosis34This axe is a relentless instrument of destruction, effortlessly carving through enemies with an almost weightless feel, instilling fear in all who face it.

Lightforged Axe
47An axe forged in pure light, that can slice enemies in a flash.

Jezmina's Apotheosis Enshrouded
Jezmina’s Apotheosis Enshrouded

  • Clubs
NameBase DmgDescription
Club11A simple wooden club, offering little in sophistication but capable of delivering blunt force trauma to adversaries.
Spiked Club17An enhanced version of the club, featuring spikes for increased effectiveness in delivering punishing blows to foes.
Metalstar Mace20A mace crafted from heavy metal, its unique design resembling a star. It delivers formidable strikes against adversaries.
Misfortune Mace28A menacing mace believed to carry a curse, striking fear into the hearts of those who face its wrath on the battlefield.
Great Mace39A powerful and lethal mace, designed for ease of use and capable of penetrating armor with its sharp blades on the sides.
Spine Splinter48A fearsome mace renowned for its ability to shatter even the sturdiest armor, leaving its victims vulnerable and defenseless.
Aerostriker51A heavy hammer renowned for its precision strikes, akin to the swift and deadly descent of a bird of prey upon its prey.

Enshrouded Ignited Hammer Clubs
Enshrouded Ignited Hammer Clubs

Ranged Weapons List

  • Bows
NamePowerArrow SpeedDescription
Hunter’s Bow17+20%A finely handcrafted bow favored by experienced hunters, designed for precision and accuracy in navigating woodland environments.
Fell Commander Bow17+7%Utilized by Commanders of the Northern Guard, this bow channels powerful energy, enhancing the user’s agility for swift shots.
Wildwood Shortbow18+7%Crafted from sturdy oak wood, this shortbow offers a high rate of fire, prioritizing energy conservation over sheer damage.
Wolf’s Snarl Longbow19+7%Despite being taxing to use, this fine longbow delivers devastating strikes akin to the ferocity of a wolf’s attack.
Tarred Bow21+7%With natural fire resistance, the Tarred Bow excels in launching flaming arrows, engulfing targets in searing flames.
Pine Shortbow24+7%Made from humble pine wood, this practical bow offers quick shots with minimal stamina requirements due to its weak tension.

Enshrouded Ornate Wood Bows
Enshrouded Ornate Wood Bows

  • Throwing Weapons
NameBase DmgDescription
Explosive Powder Ball15A powerful explosive designed to cause significant damage upon impact.
Explosive Powder Ball Net15A variant of the explosive powder ball, designed to ensnare enemies on impact.
Explosive Powder Grenade24A grenade packed with explosive powder, capable of dealing heavy damage.

Explosive Powder Ball Enshrouded
Explosive Powder Ball Enshrouded

Magic Weapons List

  • Staves
Shepherd’s Lightning14A powerful relic that brings solace in chaotic times. Legend suggests it once belonged to a retired hero.
Root Staff20Crafted from the roots of an ancient tree, this staff channels wisdom and tranquility.
Elder’s Staff29Brimming with magical energy, this staff is said to hold the essence of its former owner, occasionally humming at night.
Hopeful Glimmer47A symbol of unyielding hope, this staff stands as the realm’s last beacon against darkness.
Blackened Staff47Shrouded in mystery, the Blackened Staff holds dark secrets that can induce migraines, nausea, and paranoia in those who seek them.
Undergrowth Staff47This staff draws energy from the earth, pulsating with untapped potential.
Mirage47A deceptive staff that challenges convictions and leads its wielder towards the unknown abyss.
Shroud Weaver62Wicked and malevolent, the Shroud Weaver entwines fate with the darkness of the Shroud, wielding formidable power.

Enshrouded Root Staff
Enshrouded Root Staff

  • Wands
NameBase DmgDescription
Wand11A bone-carved wand, cold and lifeless, unleashing magical ice projectiles.
Crackling Wand14This wand channels the power of fire, proving effective against creatures of the Shroud.
Apprentice Wand14Modified for better mana control, this wand launches ice projectiles with increased force.
Frozen Core Wand14Concealing a rare frozen core, this wand delivers devastating ice damage to foes.
Cryptic Wand26Covered in ashes, this mysterious wand exhibits resilience, bending but never breaking. It deals mixed damage, both to ice and shock.
Scorching Wand26Vibrating with warmth and energy, this wand becomes restless if dormant for too long. It deals potent fire damage.
Infernal Wand26Marked by fire, this wand holds a strong connection to the element, enabling powerful fire-based spells.
Luminous Wand47Granting mastery over fire, this wand is a beacon of power for those bold enough to wield it.
Helix Wand47A mysterious wand corrupted by the Shroud, capable of bending the minds of its bearer. It deals Shroud-infused damage.
Ritual Tempest Wand47Used ceremonially to call down rain in times of drought, this wand now calls upon lightning to strike down enemies. It deals shock damage and is infused with the power of the Shroud.

Enshrouded Scorching Wand
Enshrouded Scorching Wand

Defensive Gear

  • Shields
NameSpecial EffectsDescription
Fell ShieldA makeshift shield for basic defense against physical attacks. Blocking drains stamina.
ShieldA simple shield crafted from wood and string, offering vital protection in combat.
Pikemead’s Bulwark+25 HealthAn honored shield, symbolizing unity and protection. Grants additional health.
Rising Fighter ShieldCrafted with strings, metal sheets, and wood logs, this shield offers reliable defense.
Riptide+10% Poison ResistanceWashed into a grotto by the river, this shield grants resistance against poison.
Hero’s ShieldA basic shield crafted from linen, copper, and charcoal, providing defense against physical attacks.
Valiant ShieldA sturdy shield made from linen, charcoal, and metal sheets, offering robust protection in battle.
Flame ShieldImbued with the power of the Flame, this shield provides strong defense against physical attacks.
Shield of LightConsecrated by the Flame, this sacred shield offers potent protection against physical assaults.

Enshrouded Rising Fighter shield
Enshrouded Rising Fighter shield

  • Wards
NameSpecial EffectsDescription
Spectral Shield+10% Poison ResistanceCrafted from metal sheets, bonemeal, and charcoal, this magical shield offers resistance to poison.
Ghostly Shield+10% Fire ResistanceFashioned from amber, copper, and charcoal, this magic shield provides resistance to fire attacks.
Transcendental Screen+10% Shock ResistanceMade with bronze bars, fossilized bone dust, and charcoal, this enchanted shield resists shock.
Ethereal Plane+10% Shroud ResistanceCrafted from iron bars, lapis lazuli, and charcoal, this mystical shield offers shroud resistance.

Enshrouded Ghostly shield Wards
Enshrouded Ghostly shield Wards

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