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Enshrouded – How To Get Padding

Alright, fellow adventurers, let’s talk about how to get padding – not the kind you put in your favorite pillow, but the crucial material you’ll need for crafting top-tier armor in Enshrouded.

Now, padding isn’t your run-of-the-mill fabric, it’s the upgraded version when it comes to armor crafting. Think of it like leveling up your armor game. If you’ve dabbled in making fabric armor before, consider padding the next step in your crafting journey.

But here’s the kicker – unlike fabric armor, which is often favored by the mystical folks slinging spells, padding is a must-have for all types of armor. That’s right, whether you fancy yourself a nimble rogue or a mighty warrior clad in heavy metal, you’ll need some padding to cushion the blow and keep those bruises at bay. After all, even the toughest adventurers need a bit of comfort under all that armor, right?

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Enshrouded padding loom
Enshrouded padding loom

Enshrouded Padding Location

In Enshrouded, padding isn’t found directly in the world – you need to craft it at the Hunter’s Crafting Station. So, you won’t find an Enshrouded padding location where you can simply collect it like you do with Yucca Fruit or Tin Ore, or other materials like Straw.

The Hunter’s Crafting Station isn’t located in a specific place either – it’s built at your base. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Complete the Hunter’s Quests:

  • After rescuing the Hunter, progress through their initial quests until you unlock the “Building the Crafting Station” quest.
  • This quest typically becomes available around Level 10.

2. Gather Materials:

  • To build the station, you’ll need:
    • 5 Wooden Planks
    • 3 Nails
    • 5 Linen Thread
    • 2 Clay Brick

3. Build the Station:

  • Once you have the materials, open the Build Menu (usually by pressing “B”).
  • Navigate to the “Crafting Stations” category.
  • Select the “Hunter’s Crafting Station” and choose a suitable location to build it at your base.


  • You can only have one Hunter’s Crafting Station at your base at a time.
  • You can dismantle and rebuild it elsewhere if needed.

Accessing the Station:

  • Once built, simply interact with the Hunter’s Crafting Station to access its crafting options, including creating Padding.

How To Make Padding In Enshrouded

Since this is the essential ingredient for crafting sturdy armor to fend off those pesky monsters, let’s explain step-by-step how to make padding in Enshrouded. What you will need is to gather specific materials first, and once you do that, you need to go to the Hunter’s station for one final step of creation – combining your hard-earned components into a single piece of padding. Follow the Hunter’s guidance to complete the process, and you’ll soon be ready to armor up and face whatever challenges Enshrouded throws your way.

How To Make Padding In Enshrouded
How To Make Padding In Enshrouded

Enshrouded Padding Recipe

The Enshrouded padding recipe requires the following crafting ingredients:

  • Three pieces of Fabric: You can create fabric using a Loom. Just weave together five strands of linen to create one piece of fabric. But hold on! To access the Loom, you’ll first need to complete the fifth quest from the Hunter.
  • One hearty chunk of Leather: Now, this material requires a bit of hunting. The Hunter’s on your side again, but this time, you’ll need the trusty Tanning Station. To unlock it, complete the “In Need of a Tanning Station” quest – the fourth quest from the Hunter. If you’ve got the Loom quest down, chances are you’ve already tackled this one too.
  • Two globs of Resin: Lucky for you, resin is as abundant as leaves on a tree – literally! Just swing your axe at a few towering trees, and you’ll be knee-deep in resin in no time.
  • Three pieces of Linen: Ah, linen – the fabric of adventurers! You’ll need the Hand Spindle for this task. And guess whose quest you’ll need to complete to unlock it? That’s right, the Hunter strikes again! Complete the third quest from the Hunter, and you’ll be able to use the Spindle to turn two flax flowers into one piece of linen.

Enshrouded Padding Recipe
Enshrouded Padding Recipe

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