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The Enshrouded Ranger builds are some of the most popular right now. Ranger builds are relatively friendly to newer players, and they let you deal with enemies from afar, so if you aren’t very good at melee combat or simply prefer using stealth and ranged weapons, putting more points into the Ranger skill tree is a good option.

But since Enshrouded lets you pick skills from different skill trees instead of requiring you to stick with a specific hero class, it pays to diversify your skills by putting points into some other skill trees, such as the Assassin or the Survivor ones. In this post, we’ll talk about one of the best Ranger builds, that implements elements from other classes for a balanced play style.

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Enshrouded Ranger Skill Tree

Obviously, since this is a Ranger build, you should spend most points into the Ranger skill tree.

After you get the Dexterity and Marksman skills, you must then get Sharpshooter to maximize the damage of your ranged attacks.

Getting Counter Battery is also nice for fighting ranged enemies, but if you want, you can skip that one and go directly into Skill Shot, which will give you an extra 20% damage when shooting enemies in the head.

But the two skills that really matter here are the Ranger and Multi Shot. Ranger improves your Endurance, Dexterity attributes and Stamina recharge, and also gives you higher Critical Strike chance and Critical Strike damage. Multi Shot gives you a 20% chance to fire multiple arrows at once in a tight spread, letting you deal even more ranged damage to enemies. Multi Shot is very useful, but you need to bear in mind that the extra arrows you shoot aren’t “free”, so your arrows reserve will be depleting a lot faster with this skill.

Enshrouded Ranger Skill Tree
Multi Shot is arguably the best skills in the Ranger skill tree.

Enshrouded Assassin

If you are playing Ranger in Enshrouded, it will be beneficial if you mix it with an Assassin build. Although the Assassin skill tree isn’t all that good in the current meta, putting some points into it will give your Ranger several neat perks.

For starters, the Sniper skill is ideal for a Ranger build since it further improves your ranged attacks, by increasing their Critical Strike chance by 10%. This, combined with the Crit chance increases you get from the dedicated Ranger skills, you’ll end up critting once every couple of shots.

Enshrouded Assassin
The Sniper skill from the Assassin skill tree is a must-have for any Ranger build.

Vitality Surge and Blessed Arrows are also good, as they are directly benefited by the higher crit chance, restoring 5 Stamina/20 Mana, respectively, per Critical Strike with a ranged weapon. Blessed Arrows also lets you pick up another +1 Dexterity node, which is perfect for a Ranger.

If you are playing in co-op, getting Bounty Bonanza is also useful for leveling up more quickly, but that’s where you should probably stop. The rest of the skills from the Assassin build tree aren’t very helpful for the Ranger, so there’s no need wasting points on them.

Enshrouded Survivor

Though there’s not much need to spend a lot of points into the Enshrouded Survivor skill tree if you are playing as a Ranger, there are a couple of skills that we strongly recommend and that will benefit most Ranger play styles.

After you grab Endurance and Runner for more Stamina and better Sprinting, we strongly recommend getting the Double Jump skill. This is a universal skill that greatly improves the character’s mobility, and we recommend it for any type of build.

Enshrouded Survivor
Double Jump from the Survivor skill tree is a great universal skill good for all builds in Enshrouded.

Similarly, Wanderlust is another great skill for better mobility through a greatly improved Sprinting efficiency.

Finally, the Swiftshot Sustenance is ideal for a Ranger due to its 30% chance to spawn a Stamina Orb whenever you defeat an enemy using a Bow.

Enshrouded Beastmaster

Generally, spending points into the Enshrouded Beastmaster skill tree isn’t ideal if you want to play a pure Ranger build. Right now, while the game is still in its Early Access state, there’s a level cap of 25, so there’s only so many points you can spend on skills. However, if you are interested in exploring a more unusual Ranger build that may not be the most efficient, but is certainly a lot of fun, you can try putting some points into the Enshrouded Beastmaster skill tree.

Your main goal here is to get the Calm Spirit and the Beast Master skills. Getting these two will not only pacify nearby wild animals and stop them from attacking you, but it will actually make them come to your aid whenever you are attacked. The reason we think this is particularly beneficial for a Ranger build is that, if you get surprised and get attacked at a melee range and there’s a nearby wild animal, that animal can distract the enemy and serve as a tank for its melee attacks, allowing you to retreat and shoot arrows from a safer distance.

Additionally, some mid-game wild animals are very strong and can actually greatly increase your overall damage output, letting you take out enemies much faster than usual.

Enshrouded Beastmaster
A Ranger with the Beast Master skill is a super fun build you should definitely try.

Еnshrouded Ranger vs Мarksman

Finally, we will briefly touch upon the Ranger vs Marksman armor set debate. Many of you might be wondering which one is better and which one to go for, but in our opinion, the two armor sets are pretty comparable in terms of how good they are. They are just different and specialized for different types of play style.

The Ranger armor set provides a good amount of resistance and defense, as well as a decent improvement to your attacks, but what it makes it stand out is its focus on stealth, mobility, and endurance. On the other hand, the Marksman armor set is all about attacking enemies from afar, and it greatly rewards precision with ranged weapons.

In general, the Ranger set is a good and universal choice for most players with Ranger Builds due to its high utility. In comparison, the Marksman set is a more specialized armor set that’s best suited for players who are skilled at using ranged weapons and good at hitting headshots for a big damage increase.

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