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Enshrouded Tin Ore is a precious resource essential for crafting bronze and tin bars, as well as strengthening your flame. Since Tin is such a vital ingredient for various tasks, it’s crucial to gather plenty of it. But fear not! We’re here to guide you to the best spots for Tin Ore hunting.

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Enshrouded Tin Location

If you are looking for the best Enshrouded Tin location, venture into the Nomad Highlands, where tin deposits await your discovery. Unlike some other resources, Tin is quite easy to spot – just keep an eye out for dark gray ore nodes peeking out of walls and floors. These deposits resemble piles of rubble with shiny metal bits sticking out, making them hard to miss.

To harvest tin, you’ll need a trusty pickaxe because even though any pickaxe will do, having a stronger one will significantly speed up the mining process, ensuring you collect tin more efficiently.

Enshrouded Tin Location
Enshrouded Tin Location

Enshrouded: Where To Find Tin

If you’re wondering where to find Tin in Enshrouded but having trouble with that, we’ve noted three prime Tin mining spots, ensuring you have all the tin you could ever need.

Here’s where to find Tin in Enshrouded:

  1. Behind the Shroud Root: Head to a cave north of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. Inside, behind the Shroud Root, lies a small tin deposit.
  2. In a Mining Rift: West of the first location, you’ll find a vast area filled with tin and other ores. Beware, though – it’s teeming with pesky enemies and covered by the Shroud.
  3. In a Small Crack: To the west of Umber Hollow, there’s an inconspicuous crack in the ground housing a modest tin mine. It’s small but yields a good amount of tin and is relatively safe from enemies. Craft a Flame Altar nearby for easy access whenever you need to restock on tin.

Each location has its challenges and rewards, so choose wisely based on your character’s level and equipment.

Enshrouded Tin Ore Uses

The Enshrouded tin ore uses are numerous because this material is the building block for crafting bronze gear, which is super important for leveling up your character. To make bronze gear, you mix tin bars with copper bars. But hold on tight, because you’re going to need a bunch of tin ore for this.

Now, why bronze gear, you ask? Well, it’s all about efficiency. Upgrading your pickaxe with bronze makes mining tin a breeze, saving you heaps of time. Plus, bronze axes speed up chopping trees, so you’ll have wood for crafting in no time.

But here’s the catch: turning tin ore into tin bars is no small feat. Each tin bar needs a whopping 20 pieces of tin ore! And to make just one batch of bronze bars, you’ll need 3 tin bars, which means a grand total of 60 pieces of tin ore. That’s a lot of digging! So, while you do end up with 10 bronze bars, the tin cost is sky-high, and you’ll be burning through your tin stash faster than you can say “bronze gear”.

Enshrouded Tin Ore Uses
Enshrouded Tin Ore

Enshrouded Tin Bars 

Getting Enshrouded tin bars is a bit of a process, but fear not, because we will guide you through it.

First off, gather your materials: tin ore, charcoal, wood acid, and a smelter. You can get a smelter by completing a quest for the Blacksmith, where you’ll need a special crucible.

Next up, let’s talk about charcoal and wood acid. You can whip these up using a kiln, and the best part? All you need is some wood and dirt! Easy-peasy, right?

Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to fire up the smelter. Place your tin ore, charcoal, and wood acid inside, and select the “tin bars” crafting recipe. Now, sit back and watch the magic happen as your materials melt and merge into shiny tin bars.

Just remember, for each tin bar, you’ll need 20 pieces of tin ore, 5 charcoal, and 1 wood acid. Once you’ve got your Enshrouded tin bars ready, you’re all set to craft to your heart’s content in Enshrouded!

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