Metal Scraps in Enshrouded are one of the main resources you’ll need for crafting tools, gear, armor, and weapons, and for improving your base. Usually, metal scraps are pretty easy to come by, but sometimes you may need a lot of them at once, so this guide will help you with acquiring as many metal scraps as you need.

How to get metal scraps in Enshrouded

There are several ways to get metal scraps in Enshrouded with the main one being by smashing various objects you find around the map. Many objects have a chance of dropping metal scraps once destroyed, so if you really need this resource, it might pay off to just break every object you may come across.

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metal scraps enshrouded
The valuable Metal Scraps in Enshrouded.

Another way to obtain the resource in Enshrouded is by killing humanoid scavengers, as they, too, have a high chance of dropping metal scraps. The scavengers are generally pretty easy to take out, so using them as a source for more metal scraps is a valid strategy.

Finally, scavengers camps will often have piles of wood and metal that will show a prompt once you get close to them, allowing you to simply pick up the valuable material from the pile. Additionally, some objects will display a “disassemble” prompt once you come near them. Once disassembled, those objects will usually yield some metal scraps.

How to get metal scraps in Enshrouded
Looting a materials’ pile to gain Metal Scraps.

If you are still very early into the game, we recommend sticking to breaking objects to find metal scraps and only engage in fights with scavengers once you have acquired at least some basic weapons and gear. Killing scavengers is by far the quickest way to get more scrap metal, but, unlike random objects found around the map, they do fight back. Fortunately, they are pretty weak and if you have the Sneak Attack talent, you’ll be able to one-shot them if you attack them before they’ve spotted you.

Where to get metal scraps in Enshrouded

The places where you are pretty much guaranteed to find metal scraps in Enshrouded are within scavenger camps. The humanoid scavengers in there, as mentioned, will typically drop metal scraps when killed and there you can also find all the different objects that can be broken or disassembled into more of the same resource. Pay especially close attention to any workbenches you may come across, as those will typically have some metal scraps lying nearby.

rookmore enshrouded metal scraps
The Rookmore camp is one of the best early-game places for farming Scrap Metal.

One place that many players ignore while looking for metal scraps is the Cinder Vault where they begin their game. That metal urn will drop 3 metal scrap pieces once you destroy it (yes, it’s destructible), so it provides an easy source of more metal.

How to farm Metal scraps in Enshrouded

A good early game location that you can use to quickly farm metal scrams is the Rookmore camp. It’s located in the Southwest part of the world map. It’s located to the Northwest of Longkeep (as shown in the image above). To reach you’ll either need to walk through a shrouded area, or fly over the broken Braelyn Bridge if you have a glider and a grappling hook. Don’t worry if you don’t have a glider and/or a grappling hook, because the walk through the shroud isn’t that long.

Once you get there, you’ll find plenty of scavengers that will be pretty easy to take out and that will drop tons of metal scraps. Also, looking through the camp once all enemies have been dealt with, you’ll find a lot of objects that can be broken down or disassembled into more scrap metal.

In order to use the Rookmore camp (or any other scavenger camp) for metal scrap farming in Enshrouded, first clear out the camp and gather all the metal you can. Then press Esc, click on the Return to Main Menu button, press Play, and click on the Private server option. After that, click on Play in next to the world where you are currently trying to farm scrap metal.

Doing so will reset all scavenger camps and spawn you back at your base. From there, you can return to Rookmore and the scavengers and all their possessions will have respawned, allowing you to gather their resources once again.

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