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If you’ve already played Enshrouded for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the Amber resource has started to become more and more important and valuable the more you progress through the game. In the earlier stages of Enshrouded, Amber doesn’t play such a significant role, but once you start transitioning into the mid-game, you’ll find that you need it more and more.

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In Enshrouded, Amber is used for many things: it lets you unlock and craft various recipes, such as the Fireball II spell, and it also enables you to craft mage gear. But even more importantly, you’ll need Amber to upgrade your Flame Altar, which is necessary to progress further in the game and gain access to new areas.

Where to find Amber in Enshrouded

The first Amber locations in Enshrouded that you’ll likely gain access to are near the Revelwood Ancient Spire. To get to the Revelwood area, you’ll need to pass through the Deadly Shroud Zone, and in order to do that, you’ll need at least level 3 on your Flame Altar level.

Where to find Amber in Enshrouded
The best Amber locations we’ve found, indicated by two circles, and the Revelwood Spire, indicated by the tower symbol.

There are several good Amber locations in the near the Revelwood Spire, and the best ones we’ve been able to find are shown in the map below. Three of them are very close to the Spire, and you just need to go South, East, or North-Northeast to find them. The fourth, and best, location is a bit further. It’s in the Northwest edge of the map, but to get there, you’ll first need to go North, and then turn left (West) to enter the canyon, at the end of which you’ll find the specified Amber location.

Before you attempt to mine any of the Amber deposits in the Revelwood area, we strongly recommend reading the next paragraph, as the information there will make the entire mining process easier and more efficient.

Finding Amber in Enshrouded: Things you need to know

Unlike other resources, like copper or clay, finding and mining Amber is a bit trickier for several reasons.

For starters, Amber is rather scarce, so you’ll need to know where to look for it. Also, the rocks the brownish tint of the rocks that contain Amber don’t look too different from other rock formations in the game, so they can be a bit difficult to spot at first.

But above all else, Amber is only found in areas that are in the Shroud, so you’ll have limited time to find the Amber rocks, mine the resource, and get out. Assuming your Flame Altar is at level 3, you’ll have 7 minutes in the Shroud.

An additional, albeit less significant, issue with Amber being found only in Shrouded areas is that the fog makes it a bit more difficult to spot it. That said, knowing what it looks like and where to find it will make finding and mining the resource a lot easier. We already showed you the best Amber Locations in the Revelwood area, and below you can see two images showing you what an Amber rock/deposit looks like.

enshrouded amber
An Amber vein in Enshrouded, located to the North-Northeast of the Revelwood Spire.
Finding Amber in Enshrouded
Another Amber deposit. This one is located to the South of the Revelwood Spire.

Obviously, to mine the Amber deposits, you’ll need at least a scrappy pickaxe, as well as level 3 at your Flame Altar to even be able to reach Revelwood. Once you have those two available, you can go ahead and use your 7 minutes in the Shroud to mine all the Amber you want!

Mining Amber in Enshrouded: Tips

Finally, to make mining not only Amber, but also any other ore in the game, be sure to get the following item upgrades and talents:

  • Copper or Bronze Pickaxe Upgrades – if you already have copper or bronze, you can upgrade your scrappy pickaxe to a copper or bronze one, greatly improving their effectiveness.
  • Miner Talent – gives you 10% chance of getting additional resources when mining.
  • Mason Talent – gives 30% more damage to all pickaxe variants against stone objects, including ore deposits.
  • Quality Gear Talent – increases the durability of your tools (including the pickaxe) by 50%.

Amber plays a vital role in crafting gear for Mages, including the Healer, Mage, and Guardian armor sets. Prioritize using amber on upgrades and gear that suit your preferred playstyle and character build. You can incorporate amber into decorative furniture pieces like the Amber Chandelier and Crystal Ball Stand, adding a touch of luxury to your base.

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