How to get Resin in Enshrouded

Looking for the best way to get resin in Enshrouded? There are several ways to get this common, yet valuable, resources in the game. You can break open boxes and pots, and they will sometimes drop a bit of Resin, but by far the fastest and easiest way to get the resources is by cutting down trees. However, not all trees will yield the same amount of Resin.

Big or small, trees with green leafs will only yield a small amount of Resin (if any), so cutting them down will mostly be a waste of time. Instead, look for trees with orange, yellow, or red leafs – those drop significantly more Resin, so you’ll accumulate the amount you require much faster with them.

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Enshrouded Resin
Chopping down orange/yellow-leafed trees is the quickest way to get Resin in Enshrouded.

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Where to get Resin in Enshrouded

If you are still in the early-game and are looking for Resin in Enshrouded to upgrade your Flame Altar or to unlock various recipes, the best place to get it is probably in the area inside and around Longkeep. There, you’ll find many yellow, orange, and red-leafed trees that will yield good amounts of the valuable resource. And since you may find needing Resin a lot, a good way to quickly farm it is to chop down all Resin-rich trees in Longkeep, then simply log out and then back in. This will cause all the trees you felled to respawn, allowing you to chop them down once again to gather more resin.

Where to get Resin in Enshrouded
You’ll find plenty of “Resin trees” in and around Longkeep.

To make gathering Resin even faster, be sure to upgrade your Axe, which will allow you to chop down the trees more quickly.

Also, note that Resin drops can be a bit difficult to notice, especially while lying in the tall grass. A piece of resin looks like a piece of tree bark with a blob of crystallized tree sap (resin) on top of it.

Resin icon Enshrouded
The Resin icon in Enshrouded.

Resin is crucial for crafting various lighting components, including standing torches, wall torches, and lamps. These are essential for illuminating your base and exploring dark areas. It is a key ingredient in crafting the Alchemist Apprentice Set armor. Certain fire-based ammunition for weapons like the Flaregun requires resin for crafting.

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