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Armor Sets In Enshrouded

As you advance through Enshrouded, you’ll encounter various armor sets that offer different bonuses and protection. These armor sets are crafted using a mix of materials you gather throughout your adventure. Whether you’re seeking enhanced defense, magical prowess, or specialized abilities, there’s an Enshrouded armor set tailored to suit your playstyle. Below, we have prepared a table with all the armor sets in Еnshrouded and further down we will discuss the best of them.

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Here’s the list of the armor sets in Enshrouded presented in alphabetical order:

No.Armor SetNo.Armor Set
1.Adventurer Armor Set21.Magician Armor Set
2.Alchemist Apprentice Armor Set22.Marksman Armor Set
3.Archer Armor Set23.Mercenary Armor Set
4.Archmage Armor Set24.Mystic Armor Set
5.Assassin Armor Set25.Radiant Paladin Armor Set
6.Deadeye Armor Set26.Ragged Armor Set
7.Deerstalker Armor Set27.Ranger Armor Set
8.Eagle Eye Armor Set28.Rising Fighter Armor Set
9.Elder Armor Set29.Rogue Armor Set
10.Fowler Armor Set30.Sage Armor Set
11.Fur Armor Set31.Scout Armor Set
12.Gloom Monarch Armor Set32.Sharpshooter Armor Set
13.Guard of the North Armor Set33.Soldier Armor Set
14.Guardian Armor Set34.Spellbinder Armor Set
15.Hawk Armor Set35.Tank Armor Set
16.Healer Armor Set36.Threadbare Armor Set
17.Herbalist Armor Set37.Warden Armor Set
18.Hunter Armor Set38.Warlock Armor Set
19.Knight Armor Set39.Warrior Armor Set
20.Mage Armor Set40.Wizard Armor Set

Enshrouded Best Armor

In the unforgiving wilderness of Enshrouded, survival hinges on more than just honed skills and powerful spells. Choosing the right armor is like etching your battle strategy onto your very being, each piece providing a level of defense, resilience, and devastating offensive potential. But with an array of armor sets, each boasting unique strengths, how do you find the Enshrouded best armor set for your adventure? Well, this guide will give you a few suggestions for armor sets in order to help you select the gear that transforms you from a vulnerable wanderer into a legend.

Enshrouded Guard Of The North Armor

The Enshrouded Guard of the North Set stands out as one of the best armor sets in Enshrouded, distinguished not only by its visually striking appearance but also by its exceptional stats and advantageous Shroud timer bonuses. Unlike many other remarkable armor sets that can be crafted, the Guard of the North set is exclusively found rather than crafted. Each piece of the Guard of the North armor set protects the wearer from both physical and magical attacks.

Special Effects:

  • Guard of the North Helmet: Reduces maximum time spent in the Shroud, increases critical strike chance.
  • Guard of the North Chestplate: Reduces maximum time spent in the Shroud, increases health.
  • Guard of the North Pants: Reduces maximum time spent in the Shroud, increases stamina.
  • Guard of the North Gloves: Reduces maximum time spent in the Shroud, increases magic damage, ranged damage, and melee damage.
  • Guard of the North Boots: Reduces maximum time spent in the Shroud, increases health regeneration and stamina regeneration.

Enshrouded Guard Of The North Armor
Enshrouded Guard Of The North Armor

How to Unlock:
The Guard of the North armor set can be acquired by looting specific locations in Pikemead’s Reach:

  • Helmet: Found on a platform attached to the tower on the east side of the castle.
  • Chestplate: Located inside a sarcophagus in the catacombs underneath the east side of the Imperial Gardens.
  • Pants: Discovered under a ruined walkway at the northern tip of Pike’s Port.
  • Gloves: Obtained next to the gate on the north side of Huckster’s Square.
  • Boots: Found at the top of a tall tower on the southeast side of the Shanty Shacks district.

Elder Armor in Enshrouded

The Elder armor set in Enshrouded is imbued with ancient wisdom and powerful magical properties. It is one of the sets that is considered an Enshrouded legendary armor. Wearing it allows the wearer to tap into forgotten knowledge and arcane energies, enhancing their magical abilities and resilience in battle.

Special Effects:

  • Elder Hat: Increases magical critical strike chance, increases critical strike damage.
  • Elder Chestplate: Increases mana, increases health.
  • Elder Gloves: Increases damage against magical foes, increases magic damage multiplier.
  • Elder Trousers: Increases mana, increases mana regeneration.
  • Elder Boots: Reduces mana timeout, increases mana regeneration.

Elder Armor in Enshrouded
Elder Armor in Enshrouded

How to Unlock:
You can unlock the Elder armor set by looting chests in the Sun Temple located in the Kindlewastes region. Each piece of the set can be found in different chests within the temple.

Enshrouded Paladin Armor

The Enshrouded Paladin build offers a unique and dynamic approach to gameplay, embracing a versatile playstyle that seamlessly blends the power of spells and Mana with adept close combat prowess. Whether you’re seeking to harness the divine energy of spells to smite your foes or relying on your martial prowess to vanquish enemies up close, the details below will support your Paladin build journey, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

Enshrouded Radiant Paladin Armor

The Enshrouded Radiant Paladin armor set is also a legendary armo is imbued with the power of light and righteousness. Wearing this armor fills the battlefield with radiant energy, inspiring allies and striking fear into the hearts of enemies. Each piece of the set is adorned with symbols of purity and emits a warm glow, serving as a beacon of hope in dark times. The pieces of the Radiant Paladin armor set provide physical and magical resistance, offering protection against various types of attacks.

Special Effects:

  • Radiant Paladin Helmet: Increases melee critical strike chance.
  • Radiant Paladin Chestplate: Increases stamina, increases health.
  • Radiant Paladin Gloves: Increases damage against melee foes.
  • Radiant Paladin Trousers: Increases health, increases health regeneration.
  • Radiant Paladin Boots: Reduces health timeout, increases health regeneration.

Enshrouded Radiant Paladin Armor
Enshrouded Radiant Paladin Armor

How to Unlock:
The Radiant Paladin armor set can be obtained by looting specific chests in the Sun Temple located in the Kindlewastes region. The pieces of the set can be found in different chests within the temple.

Enshrouded Knight Armor

The Enshrouded Knight armor set is inspired by the days of chivalry and valor. Each piece of the set once belonged to a noble knight, adorned with symbols of honor and bravery. Despite the passage of time, the armor retains its resilience and exudes a sense of noble heritage.

Special Effects:

  • Knight Helmet: Increases opportunity damage, increases backstabbing damage.
  • Knight Chestplate: Increases health, increases stamina.
  • Knight Gloves: Increases one-handed melee damage, increases damage against melee foes.
  • Knight Trousers: Increases stamina regeneration, increases stamina.
  • Knight Boots: Increases stamina regeneration, reduces stamina timeout.

Enshrouded Knight Armor
Enshrouded Knight Armor

How to Unlock:
The Knight armor set can be found by looting chests within the Umbral Hollow Tower in the Nomad Highlands. Each piece of the set is hidden within different chests scattered throughout the tower.

Enshrouded Mage Armor

The Enshrouded Mage armor set is essential attire for any aspiring mage seeking to harness the powers of magic. Crafted with mystical materials and enchanted with arcane properties, each piece of the set offers protection and amplifies the wearer’s magical abilities.

Special Effects:

  • Mage Hat: Increases magical critical strike chance.
  • Mage Chest: Increases mana.
  • Mage Gloves: Increases magic damage multiplier.
  • Mage Trousers: Increases mana.
  • Mage Boots: Increases mana regeneration.

Enshrouded Mage Armor
Enshrouded Mage Armor

How to Unlock:
To get the Mage armor set, gather the required resources and craft each piece using the Alchemist’s crafting recipe. The necessary ingredients include various plants, cloth, fur, and other materials commonly found in the world of Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Tank Armor

The Enshrouded Tank armor set is designed for those who prefer to stand firm on the battlefield, absorbing damage and protecting their allies. Crafted with sturdy materials and reinforced with copper, each piece of the set offers durability and resilience in combat.

Special Effects:

  • Tank Helmet: Increases parry power.
  • Tank Chestplate: Grants bonus physical armor points.
  • Tank Gloves: Increases block chance.
  • Tank Trousers: Increases health.
  • Tank Boots: Increases health regeneration.

Enshrouded Tank Armor
Enshrouded Tank Armor

How to Unlock:
To obtain the Tank armor set, you need to first gather the required resources and craft each piece using the Blacksmith’s crafting recipe. The ingredients you will need include copper bars, linen, dried fur, charcoal, and resin, which can be found or crafted throughout the world of Enshrouded.


In conclusion, selecting the best armor in Enshrouded is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your journey through the game’s challenging landscapes. Whether you prioritize defense, offense, or a balance of both, the vast array of armor sets available ensures that there’s something suitable for every adventurer. By carefully considering your character’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferred combat style, you can optimize your armor selection to maximize your effectiveness in the face of the dangers that await in the world of Enshrouded.

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