How To Get Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat



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How to Get Mint Mushroom Meat

Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat is a valuable resource that’s fortunately abundant in the game’s world, but only in specific areas. These vibrant green mushroom pieces are essential for strengthening your flame, but they are also valuable ingredients in numerous recipes, making them highly sought after by adventurers. In this Enshrouded guide, we’ll show you how to get Mint Mushroom Meat and where you can find a plentiful supply of this savory treat.

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Mint Mushroom Meat
Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat Location

The Nomad Highlands area of Embervale are the top Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat location. Here, the Shroud emits a distinct neon green glow, that creates a unique atmosphere, and even though each patch of Shroud harbors different types of mushrooms, those found in the Nomad Highlands stand out with their vibrant green hue, especially noticeable in the darkness. Here, you’ll find an abundance of mushrooms scattered across the landscape. The larger ones tend to provide more Mint Mushroom Meat, so we suggest you look for them, and use a superior-quality Pickaxe to significantly speed up your farming efforts. A higher-grade axe will swiftly slice through the mushrooms, yielding a greater quantity of them compared to less advanced alternatives.

Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat Location
Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat Location

     Where To Get Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded

To get Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded, go to these two areas in the Nomad Highlands:

1. Umber Hollow:

  • This is the primary Mint Mushroom Meat location situation in the northeast region of Nomad Highlands.
  • You’ll need Flame Level 5 or 6 to safely traverse the Shrouded areas where they grow.
  • Look for large, green mushrooms in the Shrouded areas

2. North of the Pillars of Creation:

  •  This might be less plentiful but offers an alternative option.
  • Be sure you have level 4 to be able to reach this region and survive the Enshrouded fog.

Another place where you can get Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded is Kindlewastles. This region also has some Shrouded areas with Mint Mushrooms, but not as many as Nomad Highlands.

Tips for Gathering:

  • Use an axe to break down the mushrooms and collect the meat.
  • Higher-grade axes like copper or iron will collect more meat per harvest.
  • Be wary of hostile creatures in the Shrouded areas.

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