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Building in Enshrouded is an essential skill for surviving and thriving in its mysterious world. Whether you’re looking to build a base, a blacksmith shop, a water well, or a house, this guide will walk you through the steps and tips to become a skilled builder. From gathering resources to crafting structures and fortifications, let’s talk about how to build in Enshrouded.

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Enshrouded Base Build

Building your base in Enshrouded requires a combination of crafting skills, resource gathering, and careful planning. Here’s a step-by-step guide that explains the steps for an Enshrouded Base Build.

1. The Flame Altar: Your Base’s Beating Heart

Your Enshrouded base building begins with the Flame Altar, the central hub of your base. Within its borders, you can build structures, and even bolster its power through upgrades.

2. Essential Tools

Before you start your Enshrouded base building, ensure you’re armed with the right tools:

  • Construction Hammer: Crafted from 1 Stone, this indispensable tool allows you to place large objects with ease.
  • Workbench: Crafted from 3 String and 8 Wood Logs, the workbench is your go-to for crafting blocks, furniture, and speedy item repairs.
  • Rough Stone Block, Rough Wood Block, and Plant Fiber Roof Block: These building blocks, made from 2 Stone, 2 Wood, and 5 Plant Fiber per stack of 100 blocks, form the foundation of your base’s structure.
  • Axe: Crafted with 4 Twigs, 1 Stone, and 1 String, this trusty tool speeds up tree cutting and increases resource yields.
  • Pickaxe: Assembled from 4 Twigs, 1 Stone, and 1 String, the pickaxe grants you the ability to break rocks and remove dirt with efficiency.
  • Rescue the Blacksmith: Seek out the Blacksmith NPC for advanced crafting functions and invaluable blueprints.

3. Building: Manual vs. Construction Hammer

Now that you’re equipped with the necessary tools, let’s delve into the two methods of base building in Enshrouded.

  • Manual Building: This method involves manually placing block stacks from your inventory to your action keys, selecting the item, and placing each block. While it allows for intricate designs and shapes, it can be time-consuming.
  • Construction Hammer: The game-changer! Assign the Construction Hammer to an action key, select it, and press the designated button to activate Building Mode. This user-friendly interface categorizes structures and objects, allowing you to effortlessly place them with a simple click.
  • Pro Tip: Activate the “Use Snapping” option by pressing the “X” key (keyboard) or the right thumbstick/R3 button (gamepad). This handy feature aligns floors, walls, roofs, and other objects seamlessly, making your construction journey a breeze.

Enshrouded Base Build Tools
Enshrouded Base Build Tools

How To Build A Blacksmith Shop In Enshrouded

As you explore the world of Enshrouded, you’ll come across various helpful characters, some of which can provide valuable benefits to enhance your character’s abilities and advancement. One such character, known as the Blacksmith, plays a significant role in crafting. In the next lines, we will explain how to locate the Blacksmith and build a Blacksmith Shop in Enshrouded. However, before you can benefit from his services, you’ll need to undertake a quest called “Travel Through the Shroud” to rescue him from his predicament.

1. The Quest to Rescue the Blacksmith

The Blacksmith’s location is nestled in his very own Ancient Vault, situated to the north of your starting area and initial Flame Altar. However, prepare yourself for a treacherous journey, as the path leading to him is infested with the Shroud.

As you progress, you’ll ascend a sloping path that eventually opens up to a grassy clearing. Here, you’ll encounter two scavenger-type enemies loitering about in the open. It’s advisable to defeat these foes one by one or opt for stealth by sidestepping their gaze. Once inside the vault, you will see another enemy lurking inside – lure it strategically to lead its AI into another direction and within the confines of the vault, you’ll spot a pod. Approach it and interact to initiate the Blacksmith’s rescue. While the Blacksmith won’t appear before you just yet, rest assured that you’re one step closer to unlocking his services.

5. Summoning the Blacksmith

Now that the Blacksmith is on the path to freedom, it’s time to summon him to your base. Begin by fast traveling back to your base and crafting the essential Summoning Staff. Remarkably, this staff requires just a single Twig. Once you’ve forged it, assign the Summoning Staff to one of your hotkeys. By pressing the corresponding button, you’ll be able to select the Blacksmith and designate a specific location within your base for him to appear.

Build A Blacksmith Shop In Enshrouded
Build A Blacksmith Shop In Enshrouded

The Blacksmith needs a shop in Enshrouded

After beind saved, the Blacksmith needs a shop, and will eventually request that you build one for him. This task might initially seem puzzling since the game doesn’t provide a specific “shop” blueprint. However, we’ve got you covered with a clear step-by-step guide to help you achieve this goal.

Here’s how to build a shop for the Blacksmith in Enshrouded:

  1. Craft a Construction Hammer: You can create a Construction Hammer through the Manual Crafting menu. It only requires 1x Stone.
  2. Gather Materials: Collect a significant amount of Stone and Plant Fiber. Once gathered, head to the Workbench and craft several stacks of Rough Stone Block and Plant Fiber Roof Block. Additionally, craft at least one Wooden Door.
  3. Equip the Construction Hammer: Assign the Construction Hammer to any of your action buttons. Then, press the tab key (on the keyboard). This action will activate the Building Mode interface.
  4. Choose Building Category: In the Building Mode interface, select the 4M category for structures. Ensure that “Use Snapping” is enabled.
  5. Place Foundation Blocks: Begin by placing at least four foundation blocks on the ground. These blocks will serve as the base of your shop.
  6. Construct Walls: Surround the foundation with walls. Make sure to include a wall with a door frame.
  7. Add Roofs: Switch to the 4M Roofs category and choose the outer roof corner option (the second one from the left). Place these roof pieces above the walls and rotate them as needed to enclose the building.
  8. Install a Wooden Door: Attach the Wooden Door to the wall that has a door frame. This door will serve as the entrance to the shop.
  9. Complete the Building: Once you’ve followed the steps above, you should have constructed a small building with a rooftop.
  10. Summon the Blacksmith: Use the Summoning Staff to teleport the Blacksmith inside the small building you’ve just created. This space will effectively become his shop.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully built a shop for the Blacksmith in Enshrouded. This character is just one of the many NPCs you’ll encounter during your journey. As you explore further, you’ll come across more intriguing characters and quests. In the meantime, consider exploring our base building guide, especially if you’re already in the process of setting up your base.

How To Build A Well In Enshrouded

Wells play a significant role in ensuring your character’s well-being and contribute to various crafting recipes. Therefore, building a well in Enshrouded is a crucial step in establishing a reliable water source for your character’s survival. However, this process involves specific materials and a step-by-step approach to ensure a steady water supply.

Enshrouded Well
Enshrouded Well

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to build a well in Enshrouded:

1. Gather Required Materials:

  • Start by collecting essential materials, with wood and stone being foundational components. Gather an ample supply to ensure a smooth crafting process.

2. Choose Your Location:

  • Carefully select the optimal location for your well. Factors such as proximity to your base, ease of access, and strategic positioning within your gameplay should be considered.

3. Construction Process:

  • Once you’ve chosen the location, initiate the construction process for the well. This may involve a waiting period or the use of specific tools. Pay close attention to any in-game prompts or indicators guiding you through this phase.

4. Start Crafting the Enshrouded Well:

  • Access the crafting menu or utilize a workbench to find the blueprint for the well. Typically, you’ll find it under structures or utility items in your inventory. Ensure you have all the necessary materials and tools in your inventory, then commence crafting your well.

5. Utilizing the Enshrouded Well:

  • After completing construction, the well will transform into a reliable water source. You can interact with it to collect water, meeting your basic survival needs. Furthermore, this water reservoir serves a dual purpose, significantly contributing to various crafting and in-game activities.

The Benefits of Drinking Water in Enshrouded

When you drink water in Enshrouded, you gain valuable stat enhancements that last for ten minutes:

  • +1 Endurance (boosting your stamina)
  • +2 Stamina Recharge

These effects are particularly useful if you plan to engage in extensive activities like running or resource gathering. Once the ten-minute buff wears off, simply take another water drink to keep your stats at their peak.

How To Build An Enshrouded House

Your journey in Enshrouded can be perilous, but having a safe haven to call home is essential. To build a house for your character, follow these simple steps:

Materials Needed For Building a House in Enshrouded:

  • Rough Stone Blocks
  • Plant Fiber Roof Blocks
  • Wooden Window Frames
  • Crude Wooden Door

Enshrouded House
Enshrouded House

Step 1: Crafting Essential Blocks

  • Utilize the Workbench to craft plenty of Rough Stone Blocks and a few Plant Fiber Roof Blocks. Additionally, prepare a couple of Wooden Window Frames and a Crude Wooden Door. These materials will form the foundation of your Enshrouded house.

Step 2: Activating Building Mode

  • Equip your trusty Construction Hammer and activate Building Mode. This tool will be your guide throughout the construction process.

Step 3: Laying the Foundation

  • Browse through the 2M or 4M category in Building Mode and select any type of foundation option that suits your vision. Carefully place these foundation blocks on the ground, ensuring they align seamlessly.

Step 4: Constructing the Walls

  • Encircle your foundation with walls, making sure they “snap” into place correctly. Designate one wall section to include a door frame for easy entry. Additionally, you can decide whether specific walls should feature Wooden Window Frames, allowing natural light to filter in.

Step 5: Roofing Your Shelter

  • Depending on the type of foundation or walls you’ve chosen, explore the 2M Roofs or 4M Roofs category in Building Mode and position the roof parts above the walls.

Step 6: Adding Final Touches

  • Attach the Crude Wooden Door to the designated door frame, creating a functional entrance to your new home. Place the Wooden Window Frames on the walls you’ve selected for added charm and visibility.

How To Get Alchemical Base In Enshrouded

The Enshrouded Alchemical Base is a vital crafting material that plays an important role in your survival and progression. The instructions below will explain how yo get Alchemical Base in Enshrouded, whether through crafting or exploration.

Recipe for Alchemical Base

  • To create Alchemical Base, you’ll need to follow a specific crafting recipe. Gather the following ingredients:
    • One Mycelium
    • One Shroud Liquid
    • One Water
    • One Shroud Spore

Alchemical Base Enshrouded
Alchemical Base Enshrouded

1. Mycelium – A Fungal Find

  • The search for Mycelium begins close to your current location. Mycelium can be discovered in various spots, with a notable concentration near Elixir Wells. Keep your eyes peeled for these fungal wonders during your travels.

2. Shroud Liquid – Extracting Essence

  • Shroud Liquid, a mystical substance, can be harvested from the colossal mushrooms lurking within the Shroud.

3. Water – The Wellspring of Life

  • Seek out a Well and collect water as this is a crucial ingredient for your alchemical endeavors.

4. Shroud Spore – Darkened Bounty

  • Shroud Spores, dark and elusive, are obtained as drops from adversaries dwelling within the Shroud. Conquer your foes to secure these valuable resources.

Unlocking the Alchemy Station

  • It’s important to note that crafting Alchemical Base in Enshrouded requires access to the Alchemy Station. To unlock this valuable tool, you must progress through the Alchemist’s questline. If you can’t locate Alchemical Base in your Alchemist’s inventory, continue your questline to unlock this essential crafting material.

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