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Best Enshrouded Base Locations

Establishing a secure and well-positioned base is crucial for survival in the perilous world of Enshrouded. But choosing the best Enshrouded base location is not an easy task because such a decision can significantly affect your gameplay experience, and determine the access to essential resources, strategic advantages, and a safe haven from the dangers that lurk around every corner. To make things easier, here we have selected some of the best Enshrouded base locations to consider when starting your strategic game:

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1. Nomad Highlands: South of Umbral Hollow

In the vast Nomad Highlands, the Ancient Spire sits in the northeast. However, most of the biome is dominated by the daunting Umbral Hollow. To establish fast travel points in both the north and south and cover the entire Nomad Highlands, consider placing a base on the southern side of Umbral Hollow. This strategic spot provides easy access to Flame Shrines, Flame Sanctums, and Scavenger camps in the southeast. Plus, it’s a copper ore goldmine!

2. Revelwood: Pikemead’s Reach

Up north in Revelwood, Pikemead’s Reach reigns supreme. This location overlooks the Pike and the Imperial Guardians. It’s the gateway to your battle against the Fell Wispwyvern. Before tackling this mighty beast, establish a base atop the eastern mountainous area. This base will serve as your pit stop to replenish after defeating the wily Wispwyvern.

Once you win, upgrade your Flame Altar and gain access to the Nomad Highlands. Pikemead’s Reach is strategically placed between Revelwood’s Ancient Spires and the Nomad Highlands, perfect for gliding adventures. Three Flame Shrines, two Flame Sanctums, and Shroud Roots are within arm’s reach. Plus, you’ll have a quick route to Shroud for essential resources like Shroud Wood and unique enemy drops.

3. Kindlewastes: North and South

Kindlewastes is a sprawling region, so we recommend setting up bases both in the north and south. Begin by creating a base in the northern part, just before the Haunted Sun Temple. This high-up spot ensures you’re well-prepared for the Fell Sicklesythe encounter and offers access to the upper areas of Kindlewastes, including Brittlebush.

As you progress and reach Flame Level 6, establish a second base in the southern part of Kindlewastes, down near the map’s bottom. Here, you’ll discover abundant Lapislazuli and easy access to Ridgeback Mine for Iron Ore, just a stone’s throw away from the Ancient Spire.

4. Springlands: Fort Kelvin

Located at the heart of Springlands and Revelwood, Fort Kelvin is a strategic base. Sure, it’s inhabited by the pesky Vukah, but clearing them out is worth the trouble. The fort boasts pre-established buildings, perfect for a Flame Altar. What’s more, it’s a treasure trove of resources like Wax, Resin, Animal Fur, and the occasional weapon from chests. Wolves roam the area, adding bones and fur to your loot. Plus, it’s close to the Pillars of Creation leading to Nomad Highlands, flanked by two Flame Sanctums and two Flame Shrines.

Tips For A Best Base Location In Enshrouded
Best Base Location In Enshrouded Map

Tips For A Best Base Location In Enshrouded

If you want to level up your base-building game, we’ve got some useful tips for you to find the best base location in Enshrouded:

1. Choose Central Locations: These areas offer a balance of accessibility to various resources and landmarks, making them ideal for exploring the world and engaging in quests. They also provide a good vantage point to spot approaching enemies and prepare for potential encounters.

2. Select Resource-Rich Areas: Base locations near resource deposits, such as ore veins or timber camps, can significantly streamline your resource gathering process. This allows you to focus on crafting and upgrading your equipment without spending excessive time foraging for materials.

3. Look For Strategically Advantageous Spots: Consider establishing your base near chokepoints or in areas that provide visual control over surrounding paths. This can give you a tactical advantage in combat, allowing you to intercept enemies and defend your territory effectively.

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