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Microsoft Error Reporting Mac pop up window
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Microsoft Error Reporting Mac 

Microsoft Error Reporting on Mac is an error message/dialogue window that can sometimes pop up on your screen when you are running a Microsoft app on your Mac. The Microsoft Error Reporting on Mac error is typically not something serious but can be quite annoying. Most users who experience it…

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Error code 1309 Mac 

Error code 1309 on Mac OS Error code 1309 on Mac is a common type of macOS error that can show up on different occasions depending on what’s triggering it. There are many potential causes for the Error code 1309 message on Mac, so there are different methods to troubleshoot…

zero day exploit mac fix

Apple fixes two zero-day exploits 

Two high-risk zero-day vulnerabilities have been addressed in the new iOS 12.5.3 version that was released by Apple on Monday.  According to the iPhone maker, there are reports that the flaws have been exploited in the wild. As per the available details, iOS 12.5.4 includes three security-related updates, including a…

delete app on apple tv how to
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How to delete app on Apple TV 

On newer Apple TV models (Apple TV HD and the ones that come after it), users are allowed to access the Apple App Store and download from it additional apps for their Apple TV. While this greatly expands the functionality of the TV, installing new apps also takes up space…

Fix Mac Mini M1 Bluetooth Issues
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Bluetooth not available Mac 

Bluetooth not available on Mac is a relatively common issue for Mac users that can usually be fixed without much difficulty. The causes for Bluetooth not being available can be different and, so, to fix the problem, there are several methods that can be tried. In most cases, the fact…

mac os bug sur unsupported on mac
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Big Sur on Unsupported Mac 

Big Sur on unsupported Mac Installing Big Sur on an unsupported Mac can’t be done the regular way through System Preferences > Software update. However, if the machine’s not too old, there’s still a way to install Big Sur on an unsupported Mac using a specially developed patcher tool. Big…