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Mac How To, reviews

Undisputed (Mac) 

Undisputed on Mac Undisputed is a simulation-style boxing video game that features real-life boxers and incorporates elements such as stamina management, strategy, and counter-punching. The game impresses with its attention to detail and realism, which helps to create an immersive and engaging boxing experience. Unfortunately, you cannot play Undisputed on…

GeForce Now
Mac How To

GeForce Now (Mac) 

GeForce Now on Mac GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service provided by NVIDIA that allows users to stream games from a virtual computer on the cloud. When using GeForce Now on Mac, you will be able to play the game you want as if it were installed on your…

How to fix MacBook fan always on
Mac How To

MacBook fan keeps running 

MacBook fan always on The MacBook fan always on issue usually doesn’t indicate anything serious and in most cases can be fixed without too much hassle. Possible causes of a MacBook fan being always on can be dust build-up, heavy GPU use, regular wear and tear, and more. One thing…

Mac How To

Parallels for Mac 

What is Parallels for Mac? Parallels for Mac is a virtualization software program that allows users to launch Windows or other operating systems on their Mac computer. It is a popular choice for Mac users who need to run Windows applications or games that are not available on the Mac…

outlook mac search not working
Mac How To

Outlook Search Not Working (Mac) 

OutlookSearchRepair Utility for Mac The “OutlookSearchRepair Utility” is a tool provided by Microsoft to repair and rebuild the search index for Microsoft Outlook on Windows. This tool is designed to fix common search-related issues, such as search not returning results, slow search performance, or Outlook crashing while searching. It’s important…

list of games available on boosteroid

Boosteroid Games List 

Full Boosteroid Games List This Boosteroid games list includes all the gaming titles that are currently available in the games library of the Boosteroid cloud gaming service. We make sure to regularly update our Boosteroid games list with any new additions to the service’s library. Boosteroid is a gaming service…

NFS Unbound police
Mac How To, reviews

Need for Speed (Mac) 

Need for Speed for Mac Need for Speed (NFS for short) is a popular series of racing video games published by Electronic Arts (EA). The first game was released in 1994 and the series has since then released multiple titles across different gaming platforms. The games in the Need for…

steam games on mac

Steam Games on Mac 

Although there aren’t many Steam games on Mac, there are definitely some amazing gaming titles that are supported for Apple computers. We’ve put together a list with some of those titles to show you that it’s indeed possible to have a great time gaming on a Mac. So, without further…

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

FPS games for Mac 

There aren’t many FPS games for Mac out there, but if you are eager to shoot up some bad guys on your Apple computer, we are sure this next list will have something for you. We’ve compiled all the best first-person shooter games that you can play on your Mac,…