In the vast, unforgiving universe of Helldivers 2, your survival hinges not just on your weapon choice or tactical acumen, but also on the type of armor you don into battle. The game presents players with three primary armor categories: light, medium, and heavy. Each has a profound impact on gameplay, influencing everything from your agility on the field to how well you can withstand an onslaught.

Light Armor: Is this the best Armor in Helldivers 2?

helldivers 2 best armor
All the current armor sets in Helldivers 2.
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Light armor prioritizes speed and agility over durability, and since relying on high mobility is often a winning strategy in the game, many players consider this to be the best Armor in Helldivers 2.

This choice caters to a playstyle that emphasizes dodging over direct confrontation, enabling players to maneuver quickly across the battlefield and evade enemy attacks. The enhanced mobility is a significant advantage when facing swarms of bugs, allowing you to outpace and outmaneuver your foes. Light armor also facilitates rapid stamina recovery, ensuring that you can maintain high mobility without frequent stops. However, this agility comes with decreased protection. Light armor wearers are more susceptible to damage and more likely to be stunned or knocked back by enemy attacks, making every encounter potentially lethal.

At the moment, most Helldivers 2 players seem to favor Light armor over the other two types, as it seems that dodging and quick movement across the battlefield are more effective than being able to tank a lot of damage or focusing on a balance between toughness and mobility. However, one of the main reasons for this preference seems to stem from a bug in the heavy armors, which we’ll talk about in a moment, that makes them less useful than intended. Still, if you are good with movement and have quick reactions, Light armor might indeed be the best Armor in Helldivers 2 for you.

Helldivers 2 Heavy Armor: The Bulwark Against Firepower

helldivers 2 heavy armor
Helldivers 2 Heavy Armor.

Heavy armor is the epitome of resilience, designed for those who prefer to absorb damage rather than evade it. Equipping heavy armor boosts your health significantly and fortifies you against being knocked back or stunned. It’s particularly advantageous against enemies that engage from a distance, such as robots armed with rockets and gunfire, providing a solid defense that allows you to take numerous hits without faltering.

However, this protection comes at a cost to your mobility. Heavy armor reduces your speed, making dodges and quick retreats challenging, especially as stamina depletes swiftly. Thus, while the improved protection of heavy armor can be advantageous in ranged combat (especially against robots) where dodging isn’t as important, it might hinder your effectiveness in close encounters with faster, melee-focused adversaries.

A Heavy Armor Bug

Recently, an intriguing discovery has put the efficacy of heavy armor in Helldivers 2 under scrutiny. A player’s investigation into the armor’s performance revealed a significant anomaly: builds with drastically different Armor Ratings, one at 56 and another at 144, both succumbed to enemy attacks in an identical number of hits.

This finding suggests a bug that nullifies the protective benefits of a higher Armor Rating and the Extra Padding perk, leaving players with all the mobility disadvantages of heavy armor without the expected increase in survivability. The community’s feedback has thus highlighted a preference for agility over tankiness, attributing their ability to evade damage more to quick movements than to armor’s defensive capabilities.

Despite this setback, there’s a widespread expectation that the developers will address and rectify this issue promptly. Once fixed, heavy armor should regain its status as a viable choice for those looking to absorb more damage on the battlefield, making it an integral part of a player’s strategic arsenal once again.

Medium Armor in Helldivers 2: The Balanced Warrior

helldivers 2 medium armor
Helldivers 2 Medium Armor.

Medium armor offers a compromise between the extremes of light and heavy armor, providing a blend of protection and mobility. It allows players to endure more damage than light armor without sacrificing the speed afforded by heavy armor.

This balanced approach ensures that players can adapt to a broader range of combat scenarios, from quick movements to withstand an assault. However, while medium armor is versatile, it’s not always the optimal choice for every situation.

Its generalist nature means that it may lack the specialized advantages needed to exploit specific enemy vulnerabilities. Teams composed solely of medium armor wearers may find themselves at a disadvantage against particularly tough foes or complex missions, where a mix of roles and armor types could offer a strategic edge.

Helldivers 2: Tactical Considerations and Team Composition

Choosing the right armor in Helldivers 2 is a strategic decision that should be informed by the mission at hand, the enemy types you’ll be facing, and your role within the team. While medium armor’s versatility is appealing, relying exclusively on a balanced build may prevent a team from effectively addressing the unique challenges presented by different enemy factions and mission objectives. A well-rounded team that incorporates a mix of armor types—each selected to counter specific threats or fulfill particular roles—can often navigate the game’s diverse battlefields more successfully than a squad with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Conclusion: Strategic Armor Selection for Victory in Helldivers 2

In conclusion, the strategic selection of armor is a crucial element of success in Helldivers 2. Whether you choose the tank-like durability of heavy armor, the swift agility of light armor, or the balanced versatility of medium armor, your decision will significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Players must weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each armor type, considering their personal playstyle, the mission’s demands, and the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. By carefully selecting armor that complements their team’s strategy and targets specific vulnerabilities, Helldivers can ensure they’re prepared for whatever challenges they may face on the battlefield.

Bonus: How to Change Armor Color in Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, personalizing your character extends beyond selecting armor and weaponry; it encompasses the aesthetic customization of your Helldiver’s appearance through the color of their gear, including helmets, armors, and capes.

This customization is achieved not by altering the color directly but by swapping out gear pieces entirely, each carrying its own color scheme and attributes. To customize, players navigate to the Armory table within the game, where options such as Weaponry, Armory, Character, Booster, and Career are presented. By selecting the Armory tab, players can browse through various gear pieces, each offering different colors and features.

Upon deciding, equipping your chosen piece is as simple as clicking the equip button, thereby updating your Helldiver’s look. This level of customization doesn’t stop at gear color; players also have the freedom to modify their Helldiver’s body type, voice, emotes, victory poses, player cards, and titles, allowing for a truly unique and personalized character within the game’s universe.

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