Helldivers 2 Stratagems

Helldivers 2 throws you into a universe where spreading democracy is the name of the game, albeit with a heavy dose of firepower. To accomplish this mission, you’ll rely on an arsenal of weapons and some strategic backup. Thankfully, the game introduces the Helldivers 2 Stratagem system that allows you to call down for various items that give you offensive power or tactical support from your Destroyer ship during your mission. These items range from ammunition and weapons to defensive gear, supportive drones, and explosives, that allow you to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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Having a well-rounded set of Helldivers 2 stratagems is crucial for success, but not all of them are equally effective in every situation. Some are tailored for solo play, offering protection and support, while others excel at dealing with formidable foes. If you’re searching for the cream of the crop when it comes to stratagems, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you through our top recommendations to ensure you’re equipped with the best tools for any mission.

Helldivers 2 Best Stratagems For The Early Game

As you start your game in Helldivers 2 and gradually level up, not all the stratagems that are available will be immediately accessible. To help you navigate this early stage of the game and make strategic decisions about which stratagems to unlock and utilize first, we’ve created a guide highlighting the Helldivers 2 best Stratagems for the early game. Whether you’re venturing solo or teaming up with fellow Helldivers, these stratagems will serve as invaluable assets, providing you with the tools needed to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. So, without further ado, here are the Helldivers 2 Best Stratagems in the early game that will ensure your survival and success:

Machine Gun: MG-43 Machine Gun

  • Overview: A staple in your arsenal, the MG-43 Machine Gun is one of the first heavy weapons you’ll get your hands on. It’s perfect for mowing down enemy hordes, especially the armored bugs you’ll meet early on.
  • Pro Tip: Deploy this bad boy at the start of your mission. Its slower reload time is a small price to pay for its sheer firepower and reliability.

Helldivers 2 MG-43 Machine Gun Stratagem
Helldivers 2 MG-43 Machine Gun Stratagem

Expendable Anti-Tank: EAT-17 Rockets

  • Overview: When you encounter the behemoths of the battlefield, the EAT-17 rockets from the Patriotic Administration Centre will be your best friend. It’s a heavy, single-use weapon designed to pierce through the toughest armors.
  • Pro Tip: Unlock this Stratagem early and save it for those big, bad enemies that refuse to go down easily.

Helldivers 2 EAT-17 Expandable Anti-Tank Stratagem
Helldivers 2 EAT-17 Expandable Anti-Tank Stratagem

Orbital Precision Airstrike

  • Overview: Default unlocked, the Orbital Precision Airstrike is your ace in the hole against formidable foes. Precise targeting allows you to eliminate high-value targets with ease.
  • Pro Tip: Use it sparingly and wisely. It’s a one-hit wonder, so make sure to stick that targeter directly on an enemy for maximum effect.

Helldivers 2 Orbital Precision Strike Stratagem
Helldivers 2 Orbital Precision Strike Stratagem

Anti-Personnel Minefield: MD-6 Mines

  • Overview: For defending positions or sealing off enemy approaches, the MD-6 Anti-Personnel Minefield turns any area into a no-go zone for enemy forces.
  • Pro Tip: Best used in narrow corridors or entrances. Though temporary, it’s incredibly effective at crowd control and securing objectives.

Helldivers 2 MD-6 Anti-Personnel Minefield Stratagem
Helldivers 2 MD-6 Anti-Personnel Minefield Stratagem

Gatling Sentry: A/G-16 Gatling

  • Overview: A true gem for early defenders, the A/G-16 Gatling Sentry automatically targets and eliminates enemies from a distance. It’s like having an extra soldier watching your back.
  • Pro Tip: Position it strategically to cover your blind spots or to fortify a defensive position. Its range and firepower make it indispensable.

Helldivers 2 AG-16 Gatling Sentry Stratagem
Helldivers 2 AG-16 Gatling Sentry Stratagem

“Guard Dog”: AX/AR-23 Drone

  • Overview: Unlockable at level ten, the “Guard Dog” drone is a solo player’s best companion. It offers autonomous support by targeting and shooting down incoming threats.
  • Pro Tip: While the game shines in co-op mode, the “Guard Dog” ensures you’re never truly alone. Deploy it for added firepower and protection on solo missions.

Helldivers 2 AX AR-23 Guard Dog Stratagem
Helldivers 2 AX AR-23 Guard Dog Stratagem

Helldivers 2 Stratagems List

Helldivers 2 Stratagems are categorized into six groups, based on their functions, including those that deliver weapons directly to you, others that unleash orbital strikes, and some that require aircraft for attack runs, among other types. The organized breakdown below will help you easily locate and utilize the desired Stratagem according to their tactical needs within the game.

Helldivers 2 Stratagems List
Helldivers 2 Stratagems List

Patriotic Administration Center

The Patriotic Administration Centre provides support tools that you can call in during missions. These tools act as a third set of weapons alongside your primary and secondary weapons. They help you with various tasks during missions, like repairing equipment or calling for reinforcements.

StratagemUsesTraitsUnlock Requirements
Machine GunUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodImmediately available
Anti-Material RifleUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodLevel 2, 5,000 R
StalwartUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodLevel 2, 3,500 R
Expendable Anti-TankUnlimitedSupport Weapon, Hellpod, ExplosiveLevel 3, 3,000 R
Recoilless RifleUnlimitedSupport Weapon, Hellpod, ExplosiveLevel 5
FlamethrowerUnlimitedSupport Weapon, Hellpod, IncendiaryLevel 10, 6,000 R
AutocannonUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodLevel 10
RailgunUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodLevel 20
SpearUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodLevel 20

Helldivers 2 Patriotic Administration Center Stratagems List
Helldivers 2 Patriotic Administration Center Stratagems List

Orbital Cannons stratagems in Helldivers

Orbital Cannons are like airstrikes that you can request from your ship orbiting the planet. These powerful attacks can target specific areas on the ground, helping you to take out large groups of enemies or fortified positions.

StratagemUsesTraitsUnlock Requirements
Orbital Precision StrikeUnlimitedExplosive, OrbitalImmediately available
Orbital Gatling BarrageUnlimitedExplosive, Orbital1,500 R
Orbital Airburst StrikeUnlimitedExplosive, OrbitalLevel 5, 4,000 R
Orbital 120MM HE BarrageUnlimitedExplosive, OrbitalLevel 5, 4,000 R
Orbital 380MM HE BarrageUnlimitedExplosive, OrbitalLevel 8
Orbital Walking BarrageUnlimitedExplosive, OrbitalLevel 10, 7,500 R
Orbital Laser3OrbitalLevel 15
Orbital Railcannon StrikeUnlimitedOrbitalLevel 20

Helldivers 2 Orbital Cannons Stratagems List
Helldivers 2 Orbital Cannons Stratagems List

Hangar stratagems in Helldivers

Hangar Stratagems are support tools that have quick response times. You can reload them manually through the in-game menu after using up their ammo. These tools are handy for quickly accessing additional firepower or support during missions.

StratagemUsesTraitsUnlock Requirements
Eagle RearmUnlimitedN/AAvailable immediately. Allows for early refills of Eagle Stratagems.
Eagle Strafing Run3Eagle1,500 R
Eagle Airstrike2Explosive, Eagle4,000 R
Eagle Cluster Bomb4Explosive, EagleLevel 3, 4,000 R
Eagle Napalm Airstrike2Explosive, EagleLevel 5, 5,000 R
Jump PackUnlimitedHellpod, BackpackLevel 8, 6,000 R
Eagle Smoke Strike2Explosive, EagleLevel 8, 4,000 R
Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods2Explosive, EagleLevel 10, 7,500 R
Eagle 500KG Bomb1Explosive, EagleLevel 15

The Eagle Stratagems stand out as a more intricate offensive choice in the game, primarily due to their utilization and rearming mechanisms. Although the in-game interface indicates limited uses, this actually indicates the number of bombardments the Eagle can execute before requiring rearming.

Helldivers 2 Hangar Stratagems List
Helldivers 2 Hangar Stratagems List

Bridge stratagems in Helldivers

Bridge Stratagems offer a mix of offensive and defensive options with shorter cooldown times. They’re designed to help with crowd control and affecting wide areas, making them useful for controlling the battlefield during intense fights.

StratagemUsesTraitsUnlock Requirements
Orbital Precision StrikeUnlimitedExplosive, OrbitalImmediately available
Orbital Gas StrikeUnlimitedExplosive, Orbital4,000 R
Orbital EMS StrikeUnlimitedOrbitalLevel 5, 6,000 R
Orbital Smoke StrikeUnlimitedExplosive, OrbitalLevel 8, 4,000 R
HMG PlacementUnlimitedHellpodLevel 10, 10,000 R
Shield Generator RelayUnlimitedHellpodLevel 10, 9,000 R
Tesla TowerUnlimitedHellpod, SentryLevel 15, 8,000 R

Helldivers 2 Bridge Stratagems List
Helldivers 2 Bridge Stratagems List

Engineering Bay stratagems in Helldivers

Engineering Bay Stratagems focus on support and defense. They offer tools for repairing equipment, restocking supplies, and setting up defensive positions to protect your team during missions.

StratagemUsesTraitsUnlock Requirements
Anti-Personnel MinefieldUnlimitedHellpod, Explosive1,500 R
Supply PackUnlimitedHellpod, Backpack4,000 R
Grenade LauncherUnlimitedSupport Weapon, Hellpod, ExplosiveLevel 5, 6,000 R
Laser CannonUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodLevel 5
Incendiary MinesUnlimitedHellpod, ExplosiveLevel 8, 4,000 R
“Guard Dog” RoverUnlimitedHellpod, BackpackLevel 10, 7,500 R
Ballistic Shield BackpackUnlimitedHellpod, BackpackLevel 12, 6,000 R
Arc ThrowerUnlimitedSupport Weapon, HellpodLevel 15, 7,000 R
Shield Generator PackUnlimitedHellpod, BackpackLevel 20, 10,000 R

Helldivers 2 Engineering Bay Stratagems List
Helldivers 2 Engineering Bay Stratagems List

Robotics Workshop stratagems in Helldivers

Robotics Workshop Stratagems are similar to those in the Bridge and Engineering Bay categories. They focus on deploying automated defenses and fortifications to help defend your team’s position and hold off enemy attacks.

StratagemUsesTraitsUnlock Requirements
Machine Gun SentryUnlimitedHellpod, Sentry1,500 R
Gatling SentryUnlimitedHellpod, SentryLevel 5, 4,000 R
Mortar SentryUnlimitedHellpod, Explosive, SentryLevel 8
“Guard Dog”UnlimitedHellpod, BackpackLevel 10, 7,500 R
Autocannon SentryUnlimitedHellpod, SentryLevel 13, 6,000 R
Rocket SentryUnlimitedHellpod, Explosive, SentryLevel 15, 7,500 R
EMS Mortar SentryUnlimitedHellpod, Explosive, SentryLevel 20, 8,000 R

Helldivers 2 Robotics Workshop Stratagems List
Helldivers 2 Robotics Workshop Stratagems List

General & Contextual Stratagems

There are also some General & Contextual Stratagems in Helldivers that offer a range of support, from reinforcing squad numbers with “Reinforce” to resupplying ammunition with “Resupply”. These stratagems play crucial roles in enhancing the team’s survivability and effectiveness on the field.

StratagemUsesTraitsUnlock Requirements
ReinforceUnlimitedHellpodImmediately available
ResupplyUnlimitedHellpodImmediately available
SOS BeaconUnlimitedHellpodAvailable when you have fewer than 4 players in a squad
HellbombUnlimitedHellpodOnly available in-mission around certain enemy strongholds
Orbital Illumination FlarePendingPendingPending
Super Earth FlagPendingPendingIn-mission objective
SEAF Artillery5VariedAvailable once you load a SEAF launcher objective

Helldivers 2 Stratagems Codes

In Helldivers 2, Stratagems play a vital role, requiring players to input unique Helldivers 2 Stratagems codes using the D-pad to call for backup. However, the challenge lies in entering these codes amidst the chaos of battling the Terminids, with no shortcuts available to circumvent this process. Additionally, since the game is still relatively new, some codes may not have been discovered yet, adding an element of exploration for players. As you progress through the game and unlock new content, you may stumble upon additional codes that enhance your arsenal and strategic options.

Here’s a comprehensive table covering all Helldivers 2 Stratagem codes that work for both D-pad and PC keyboard across the different categories:

Patriotic Administration Center Codes

Machine GunDown, Left, Down, Up, Right
Anti-Material RifleDown, Left, Right, Up, Down
StalwartDown, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left
Expendable Anti-TankDown, Down, Left, Up, Right
Recoilless RifleDown, Left, Right, Right, Left
AutocannonDown, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Right
RailgunDown, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right

Orbital Cannons Stratagem Codes

Orbital Gatling BarrageRight, Down, Left, Up, Up
Orbital Airburst Strike
Orbital 120MM HE BarrageRight, Down, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Down
Orbital 380MM HE BarrageRight, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down
Orbital Walking Barrage
Orbital Laser
Orbital Railcannon Strike

Hangar Stratagem Codes

Eagle Strafing RunUp, Right, Right
Eagle Airstrike
Eagle Cluster BombUp, Right, Down, Down, Right, Down
Eagle Napalm AirstrikeUp, Right, Down, Up
Jump PackDown, Up, Up, Down, Up
Eagle Smoke Strike
Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods
Eagle 500KG Bomb

Bridge Stratagem Codes

Orbital Precision StrikeLeft, Left, Up
Orbital Gas Strike
Orbital EMS Strike
Orbital Smoke Strike
HMG Replacement
Shield Generator Relay
Tesla Tower

Engineering Bay Stratagem Codes

Anti-Personnel MinefieldDown, Left, Down, Up, Right
Supply Pack
Grenade LauncherDown, Left, Down, Up, Left, Down, Down
Laser Canon
Incendiary Mines
“Guard Dog” RoverDown, Left, Down, Up, Left, Down, Down
Ballistic Shield Backpack
Arc Thrower
Shield Generator PackDown, Up, Left, Down, Right, Right

Robotics Workshop Stratagem Codes

Machine Gun SentryDown, Up, Right, Down, Right, Down, Up
Gatling SentryDown, Up, Right, Left, Down
Mortar Sentry
“Guard Dog”Down, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down
Autocannon Sentry
Rocket Sentry
EMS Mortar Sentry

So far, these are all the Helldivers 2 Stratagems codes we’ve uncovered. As the game evolves and players uncover more secrets, we’ll continue to update this page with new codes and discoveries. Keep an eye out for updates as you embark on your journey through the galaxy, and may your arsenal grow ever more formidable with each new Stratagem you unlock!

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