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other iphone storage
Mac How To

iPhone Other Storage 

Other storage on iPhone The Other storage on iPhone is a separate section of the device’s storage primarily dedicated to temporary data such as cached files. The size of the Other storage on iPhone can vary greatly and can oftentimes be a very large portion of the device’s entire storage….

Compromised passwords on iPhone
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Compromised Passwords iPhone 

Compromised passwords on iPhone Compromised passwords on iPhone are the result of a data breach that involves one or more of your passwords. There is a built-in feature that looks out for and notifies users about Compromised passwords on iPhone, so that they’d know to change the compromised password(s). Apple’s…

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How to Unzoom iPhone 

Unzooming your iPhone Unzooming your iPhone may be required if you have accidentally triggered the Zoom feature that zooms in on the screen to show only a small, magnified portion of it. You can disable the Zoom feature, so you won’t ever again need to unzoom your iPhone. A zoomed-in…

How to fix MacBook fan always on
Mac How To

MacBook fan always on 

Why is MacBook fan always on? The MacBook fan always on issue usually doesn’t indicate anything serious and in most cases can be fixed without too much hassle. Possible causes of a MacBook fan being always on can be dust build-up, heavy GPU use, regular wear and tear, and more….

usb not working on mac ports
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Mac USB not working 

USB not working on Mac This is a somewhat common problem on Macs and Macbooks that is often caused by missing updates or insufficient power. The “Mac USB not working” problem can also be caused by wear-out of the ports caused by frequent use. Worn-out USB ports on MacBooks that…

install windows 11 on mac
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How to Install Windows 11 on Mac 

The release of Windows 11, the newest operating system developed by Microsoft, was recently announced and the time of release is set for this fall. Among other information about the upcoming OS, it was also made clear that Windows 11 won’t be officially available for Mac computers. The reason for…

imessage not syncing to mac from iphone
Mac How To

Mac Messages not syncing 

Have you ever opened iMessage on your Mac looking to continue a conversation that you started on your iPhone or iPad only to find out that the conversation history isn’t synced between the devices? If this is your current situation, we may have several suggestions that may help you get…