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iMessage not syncing on Mac 

iMessages not syncing on Mac iMessage not syncing on Mac is usually caused when the app isn’t set up properly, is missing an update, or when a recent update has introduced a bug. All of these are easily fixed, and we’ll now show possible ways to resolve this issue. Why…

download and play destiny 2 on mac
Mac How To, reviews

Destiny 2 (Mac) 

Destiny 2 on Mac You can’t natively run Destiny 2 on Mac, but there are alternative ways to play this game, such as streaming it through cloud gaming services like Boosteroid and GeForce Now, or by installing Windows. The method that’s best for you will depend on factors such as…

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DOOM (Mac) 

DOOM for Mac Doom (2016) isn’t available for Mac, so, to play it on an Apple computer, you’ll need to use Xbox Cloud Gaming or Boot Camp, as shown below. Through the help of these workaround methods, you’ll be able to enjoy this game on your Mac and get pretty…

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Ready or Not (Mac) 

Ready or Not on Mac If you want to try Ready or Not on Mac, you can subscribe to a cloud gaming service or use Windows emulation software that will allow you to install and run this game on your MacOS. In the paragraphs below, you will find explanations on…

Planet Zoo elephant
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Planet Zoo (Mac) 

Planet Zoo on Mac Planet Zoo is a simulation video game developed and published by Frontier Developments. The game allows players to design and manage their own zoo, including creating habitats for animals, researching new technologies, and managing staff and finances. Unfortunately, there is no support for Planet Zoo on…

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Crysis 3 (Mac) 

Crysis 3 on Mac If you want to play Crysis 3 on Mac, you have two options: either sign up for a cloud gaming service and stream the game in your browser or use Windows emulation software and install the Windows version of the game on your MacOS. Since Crysis…

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Crysis 2 (Mac) 

Crysis 2 on Mac To play Crysis 2 on a Mac you can use either a cloud gaming service or Windows emulation software. This is because Crysis 2 does not have a native Mac OS version, therefore you cannot install it and play it on your Mac directly. A cloud gaming…

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Crysis (Mac) 

Crysis on Mac To play Crysis on a Mac, you can either subscribe to a cloud gaming service or use Windows emulation software. Crysis cannot be installed and played in its original version because the game is not supported for macOS. However, using a cloud gaming service like GeForce Now…

The First Descendant character
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The First Descendant (Mac) 

The First Descendant on Mac The First Descendant video game does not have a native version for Mac OS. The game is only available for Windows operating systems through the Steam platform. However, you may be able to run The First Descendant on Mac through the use of virtualization software….