In Helldivers 2, every piece of your gear can make a difference in the fierce battle for democracy. In this article, we’re diving into one of the game’s key protective features: Helldivers 2 Extra Padding. If you’ve ever wondered how to stay alive longer amidst the chaos of battling Terminid or Automatons, then understanding extra padding is your first step to becoming a more resilient fighter.

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What Is Helldivers 2 Extra Padding

The Helldivers 2 Extra Padding stands out as a crucial trait for those looking to increase their survivability on the battlefield. Whether it’s allowing you to withstand a direct hit from an enemy or providing that slight edge needed to escape a tight spot, extra padding can be a game-changer.

When to Use Extra Padding

Choosing the right armor for the job is more art than science, and Extra Padding plays into this strategic decision. Against the fast and furious Chargers of the bug factions, lighter armor might seem counterintuitive, but it gives you the speed needed to dodge and weave through enemy lines. On the flip side, the chaotic skirmishes against Automatons, with their relentless firepower, call for the added protection that medium or heavy armor with Extra Padding provides.

Helldivers 2 Extra Padding
Helldivers 2 Extra Padding

Tailoring Your Loadout

The key to mastering Helldivers 2 is flexibility, so your loadout should be a dynamic selection tailored to the specific threats you’re about to face. While Extra Padding might not always be the star of the show, it has its moments, especially in missions where the risk of getting caught in the blast radius of grenades or explosive enemies is high. If you find yourself frequently in harm’s way due to close-quarter explosions or if you’re looking for that extra bit of assurance against enemy fire, then integrating armor with Helldivers 2 Extra Padding into your loadout can significantly boost your chances of survival.

How To Use Helldivers 2 Extra Padding

When you decide to use Helldivers 2 Extra Padding and you equip armor with it, you’re essentially boosting your defense against certain types of damage. It’s easy to assume this means you’ll become nearly invincible, shrugging off laser blasts and enemy fire like a superhero. However, practical experience paints a different picture. For instance, when facing the relentless Automatons and their laser weaponry, Extra Padding might not offer the miraculous shield you hoped for. Whether it’s heavy armor or armor enhanced with Helldivers 2 Extra Padding, laser shots tend to be just as lethal, with no noticeable difference in survivability if you’re counting shots.

The True Value of Extra Padding

So, where does Extra Padding shine? Explosions! This trait significantly ups your game against explosive damage. Imagine you’re in the thick of battle against Automatons, grenades flying left and right. With Extra Padding, you’ll find that grenade blasts that once sent you scrambling for cover now leave you standing a bit taller. It’s a game-changer for those chaotic moments when explosions are more common than not.

But Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Before you go testing the limits of Extra Padding by tossing a grenade at your feet, let’s set the record straight: Extra Padding is not a miracle worker. A direct hit from a grenade is just as deadly, with or without that added protection. The key takeaway? Extra Padding makes you tougher against explosions, but it’s not an invincibility cloak. Use it wisely, and don’t let overconfidence lead you into avoidable deadly situations.

How to Use Helldivers 2 Extra Padding Effectively

  1. Strategic Positioning: Know that you have a bit more leeway with explosions, position yourself where you can maximize this advantage, especially in areas dense with explosive enemies or hazards.
  2. Team Coordination: Inform your team of your enhanced explosive resistance. You might be the best candidate to push forward in grenade-heavy skirmishes or to cover areas prone to explosive attacks.
  3. Adapt Your Playstyle: Use Extra Padding as a safety net, not a crutch. Continue to dodge and weave through enemy attacks, but know that you have a buffer against unexpected explosions.
  4. Choose Your Battles: Recognize scenarios where Extra Padding shines (like areas with explosive hazards) and those where it might not make a difference (such as direct engagements with laser-wielding foes).

Helldivers 2 Armor Rating

Now that you know about Extra Padding, let’s talk about the three distinct armor types in Helldivers 2: Light Armor, Normal Armor, and Heavy Armor, each with its unique balance of armor rating, player speed, and stamina regeneration. Choosing the best armor type isn’t as straightforward as picking the one with the highest Helldivers 2 armor rating because speed and stamina often outweigh the marginal increase in survivability offered by a higher armor rating.

Heavy Armor might seem appealing for its potential to turn you into a walking tank, but the game’s dynamics often favor mobility and quick reflexes such as the ability to quickly dodge an incoming attack or sprint to cover is invaluable, which are attributes that Heavy Armor sacrifices for a bit more resilience. That said, Heavy Armor could still find its place in your arsenal, especially if paired with the right support weapons and stratagems that compensate for its drawbacks.

As the game evolves and the developers fine-tune the Helldivers 2 armor rating system, the effectiveness of each armor type may shift. Until then, focusing on Light and Normal Armor is advisable, enhancing your ability to maneuver swiftly and complete objectives efficiently. And speakign fo this, here is a table with our picsk for the best Helldivers 2 Armor, including their types:

RankArmor NameType
1SC-34 InfiltratorLight
2DP-53 Saviour of the FreeMedium
2DP-40 Hero of the FederationMedium
3CE-35 Trench EngineerMedium
4SC-30 Trailblazer ScoutLight
5CM-09 BonesnapperMedium
6SA-12 Servo AssistedMedium
7B-24 EnforcerMedium

Whether you prioritize speed and agility or a balance of protection and mobility, this ranking offers a variety of choices to enhance your gameplay experience.

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