Welcome to the ultimate guide for dominating in Helldivers 2, tailored for both the solo adventurer and the cooperative squad looking to make their mark across the galaxy. After extensive gameplay, testing various combinations for effectiveness and versatility, we’ve honed in on several builds that stand out for their adaptability and firepower. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous terrain solo or part of a team, these builds are designed to ensure you’re prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

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What are the Best Builds in Helldivers 2?

What are the Best Builds in Helldivers 2?

It should come as no surprise that there isn’t a single strategy or build in Helldivers that stands above all the rest. Also, with enough experience and skill, even less optimized builds can still be made to work. That said, it certainly helps if you have chosen a loadout that makes tactical sense, which is why we’ll now give you several suggestions for best Helldivers 2 builds that can aid you and your teammates in your future missions.

The Strategic Suppressor Build

The second suggested build, tailored for scenarios involving Strategem Call Delays, is a masterclass in strategic gameplay and sustained damage output. At its core, the Scythe Laser shines, adept at slicing through medium armor with ease. Its unique heat management system ensures that even in the heat of battle, you’re ready to press on after a quick cooldown. Supplementing this is the HE Grenades, crucial for dismantling hive nests and factory defenses when a Grenade Launcher isn’t in the cards.

Transitioning to the Laser Cannon, this build’s primary crowd control weapon, you’ll find its efficiency in clearing swarms and piercing armored threats unparalleled. Coupled with the Guard Dog Rover, your ability to clear hordes accelerates, keeping you one step ahead of the enemy. For the direst of threats, the Orbital Railcannon and Orbital Laser stand ready. These high-impact strategems deliver devastating blows to Chargers and Bile Titans, offering a lifeline when faced with overwhelming odds. Despite their longer cooldowns, their strategic use can turn the tide of battle, embodying the essence of this build: precision, patience, and power.

The Strategic Suppressor Build

The Agile Arsenal Build

For those looking to stay light on their feet without sacrificing firepower, this build focuses on mobility and efficient enemy engagement. The cornerstone of this setup is the Defender SMG, perfect for retreating fire with its manageable recoil and conservative ammo usage, allowing for quick reloads and continuous action. Paired with the Redeemer Auto-pistol—a high DPS, high recoil weapon—it’s your go-to for close encounters, capable of downing Stalkers with precision.

To complement your arsenal, Impact Grenades offer a strategic advantage for reclaiming lost gear, while the Grenade Launcher emerges as the ultimate crowd control tool. With a Supply Pack, you’re never short on ammunition, enabling sustained engagements against swarms of adversaries. For heavier threats, the Eagle 500kg Bomb and Eagle 110mm Rockets provide substantial anti-tank capabilities, ensuring you can handle even the most armored foes with strategic pre-placement and rapid follow-up attacks.

The Agile Arsenal Build

Specialized Defense Missions Helldivers 2 Loadout

In defense scenarios, where the objective is to hold your ground against relentless waves, a tailored approach is necessary. Opt for the Breaker Shotgun or Knight SMG for versatile engagement, backed by the Redeemer Auto-pistol for reliability. Impact Grenades offer quick solutions for tight situations, while a combination of Autocannon, Mortar Sentry, and either Rocket Sentry (for lower difficulties) or Expendable Anti-Tank Rockets (for higher challenges) fortifies your position against any incursion.

Automatom Missions Build

In tackling Automaton missions, where precision and adaptability are paramount, the R-63 Diligence emerges as the primary weapon of choice. Its single-shot prowess, complemented by an adjustable scope, makes it invaluable for those early on in their campaign, especially since it’s accessible via free warbond. For closer encounters or when precision headshots are necessary, the P-2 Peacemaker pistol stands as a reliable secondary, offering a steadier aim.

The battlefield against Automatons, brimming with armored adversaries, demands a strategic blend of offensive and defensive capabilities. To this end, the G-6 Frag Grenade and the Extra Padding armor perk provide an essential balance of power and protection. On the strategic front, a carefully selected array of Strategems—Eagle Airstrike for wide-impact damage, Orbital EMS Strike for immobilizing armored clusters, and the Autocannon for sustained high-accuracy firepower—ensures versatility. The Gatling Sentry offers additional firepower, acting as a force multiplier in heated engagements. Together, this build equips Helldivers with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of Automaton confrontations with confidence and strategic finesse.

Helldivers 2 Best Builds: Conclusion

These builds, derived from countless hours of both solo and cooperative play, have consistently delivered high success rates across various mission types and difficulties. They’re crafted to ensure you’re always battle-ready, adaptable, and equipped to face the unpredictable nature of Helldivers 2’s dynamic combat scenarios.

Armed with these builds, you’re now equipped to dive into the fray with confidence, knowing you have the tools and tactics to emerge victorious, regardless of the mission’s demands. Here’s to your success on the battlefield, Helldiver!

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