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best vpn for mac and macbook for 2021

Best VPN for Mac 

Best VPN for Mac in 2021 The best VPN for Mac would be a VPN that strikes a balance between functionality, security, privacy, and reliability. While there are many VPN options out there, to pick the best VPN for Mac, you need to take into account all of the aforementioned…

top webcams for mac 2021

Best Webcam for Mac 

Top 7 webcams for Mac The best webcam for Mac is arguably Logitech C920 Pro if you are looking for an all-around option. However, there are other popular picks for the best webcam for Mac, such as the Logitech Brio and the Wansview 1080p cam, that are also popular options. …

Play fifa 21 on mac
Mac How To

Play FIFA 21 on Mac 

FIFA 21 On Mac Explained To play FIFA on Mac, you need to find a workaround solution to the problem that is the lack of a macOS version of most FIFA games, including FIFA 21. Installing Windows on your Mac is a possible way to play FIFA on Mac. With…

how to play battlefield on mac 2042
Mac How To

Play Battlefield 2024 on Mac 

About Battlefield 2042 on Mac Playing Battlefield 2042 on Mac will officially not be possible, as there won’t be a Mac version of the game. However, there may be workaround methods to still play Battlefield 2042 on Mac, but they may require some extra work on your part. Although Mac…

how to fix spinning wheel on mac
Mac How To

[Solved] Spinning Wheel Mac 

The Spinning Wheel on Mac The Spinning Wheel on Mac computers is a variant of the regular arrow cursor that’s shaped like a rainbow-colored circle that spins. The default arrow cursor transforms into the spinning wheel on Mac machines when the computer is stuck trying to load something The dreaded…

top 7 torrent clients for mac

Torrent client macOS Big Sur 2021 

Most torrent clients work in a similar way, enabling the user to open torrent files and, through them, download the larger files that the metadata in the torrent file points to.  However, the different torrent clients have different features and are best suited for different types of users. For instance,…

other iphone storage
Mac How To

iPhone Other Storage 

Other storage on iPhone The Other storage on iPhone is a separate section of the device’s storage primarily dedicated to temporary data such as cached files. The size of the Other storage on iPhone can vary greatly and can oftentimes be a very large portion of the device’s entire storage….

Compromised passwords on iPhone
Mac How To

Compromised Passwords iPhone 

Compromised passwords on iPhone Compromised passwords on iPhone are the result of a data breach that involves one or more of your passwords. There is a built-in feature that looks out for and notifies users about Compromised passwords on iPhone, so that they’d know to change the compromised password(s). Apple’s…

Mac How To

How to Unzoom iPhone 

Unzooming your iPhone Unzooming your iPhone may be required if you have accidentally triggered the Zoom feature that zooms in on the screen to show only a small, magnified portion of it. You can disable the Zoom feature, so you won’t ever again need to unzoom your iPhone. A zoomed-in…