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Assetto Corsa

Best Racing Games for Mac in 2022 

Even though Macs computers aren’t typically associated with gaming, there are a lot of games that you can play on a Mac natively, and even many of those that don’t have a macOS version can still be played on a Mac computer through cloud gaming services such as Boosteroid and…


Best Free Games for Mac in 2022 

Although gaming on Mac is not always easy due to the lack of macOS versions for the majority of computer games, there are still quite a few highly-popular gaming titles that you can natively play on your Mac without even having to pay anything. Additionally, even though a lot of…

latest apple arcade games

Warped Kart Racers on Apple Arcade 

Warped Kart Racers, a new Mario Kart-like game, will release on Apple Arcade on the 20th of May and will be available for downloading on the App Store. The game features a colorful cast of 20 fan-favourite characters from several popular animated shows, including Family Guy, King of the Hill,…

World of Warcraft

10 Best MMORPGs for Mac in 2022 

Gaming on Mac can often be tricky because the majority of popular gaming titles out there are not properly (if at all) supported for macOS, which makes it necessary for Mac users to resort to workaround methods to run their desired games on their Mac computers. This is an almost…

Polls for iMessage
Mac How To

Polls for iMessage 

Polls for iMessage Polls for iMessage is a feature that can be installed in iMessage that allows you to create polls in group chats that can be voted on by the participants. Polls for iMessage can be downloaded from the App Store and installed in the iMessage app. Most communication…