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Author: Martina Nikolova

finger print not working on mac issue
Mac How To

Fingerprint not working on mac 

Fingerprint not working on mac MacBook Pro has a helpful fingerprint recognition feature that allows you to unlock your computer without the need to type in a complex password. Some MacBook Pro users, however, are reporting that they are having issues with this feature and cannot use it despite that…

How to delete mac user
Mac How To

How to delete user Mac 

How to Delete User on Mac? To delete a user account on Mac, you will need to have access to an Administrator account. If you do, you can freely create, change, and delete groups and user accounts on Mac. Below, we have shown you how you can delete Mac accounts…

Airdrop not working on mac and big sur
Mac How To

AirDrop not Working 

AirDrop is an Apple service that allows users to quickly and securely transfer data between their different Apple devices. AirDrop uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to provide quick data transfer, making it super easy to exchange files between your devices. However, it is not uncommon for users to experience…

Fix Mac Mini M1 Bluetooth Issues
Mac How To

Mac Mini M1 Bluetooth Issues 

With the recent release of Mac computers that are equipped with the new Apple M1 CPU chip, lots of Apple customers have been excited to try out the latest advancement in Mac computers. The M1 chips come with many improvements bringing the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini…

Uninstall Opera on Mac how to
Mac How To

Uninstall Opera Mac 

Being sixth in line among the most popular browsing apps, Opera is being used as the main web browser by a lot of web users all around the world. Many people prefer this browser over Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on their Mac computers for a number of reasons. Maybe you…

macbook air 16 vs 8 bg

Macbook M1 8gb vs 16gb 

With the introduction of Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Air, a lot of people are struggling to decide which of the models to choose – the one with 8GB or 16GB RAM. As we all know, RAM has a significant role in deciding the machine’s output. However, is it worth to…