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how to play fall guys on mac
Mac How To, reviews

Fall Guys (Mac) 

Fall Guys on Mac Fall Guys isn’t available on Mac, but, as will be shown in our guides, eager MacBook users can still enjoy this game through Boosteroid Cloud Gaming, or by installing Windows on their computers. Check out the instructions provided below, choose the method you think is best…

Mac How To, reviews

Phantom Brigade (Mac) 

Phantom Brigade on Mac Phantom Brigade is a turn-based tactics video game where the player takes control of a squad of mechs, equipped with a secret prototype weapon that enables them to see into the future. Unfortunately, the game does not have native Mac support. However, on this page, we’ll…

download and play valorant on mac
Mac How To, reviews

Valorant Mac 

How to download Valorant on Mac Valorant cannot officially be downloaded on Mac computers, since it is exclusive to the Windows OS and doesn’t have versions for any other platforms or operating systems. Furthermore, the game isn’t available on Google Stadia or GeForce Now – popular cloud gaming services that…

Cities Skylines
Mac How To, reviews

Cities: Skylines (Mac) 

Cities: Skylines for Mac The popular city-building game Cities: Skylines is available for Mac, so Apple users can enjoy it natively on their machines. And even if you own an older MacBook that may struggle with this game, cloud gaming platforms, such as the Boosteroid and GeForce Now, are viable…

Mac How To, reviews

DOOM Eternal (Mac) 

DOOM Eternal on Mac Doom Eternal isn’t supported on Mac, but can still be played on an Apple machine with the help of Xbox Cloud Gaming and Boot Camp Assistant, both of which are explained on this page. With the help of these two methods, our Mac friends will be…