Best Role Playing Games for Mac

RPGs (role-playing games) are basically escapism with experience points, the bread and butter of anyone who prefers their social interactions scripted and their conflicts resolved with a broadsword swing or a fireball. They’re your golden ticket to slapping on the boots of a make-believe protagonist and wrestling with their convoluted backstories and moral dilemmas. Also, every now and then, you may be tasked with bailing out a world teetering on the brink of apocalypse. 

RPGs invite you to dive into realms of fantasy and far-flung future dystopias where you get to unravel deep-seated lore and rub elbows with fantastical but believable characters. The selection of role-playing games for Mac we’ve lined up promises to haul you into their worldk, whether you’re itching for mystical landscapes or far-away galaxies. So, arm yourself with a mouse or trackpad, and dive into our top picks—if you’re ready for a substantial dose of unreal adventure, that is.

Latest Role Playing Games

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    Baldur’s Gate 3

    Baldur's Gate 3

    Baldur’s Gate 3 is a full-throttle dive into Dungeons and Dragons D&D 5th Edition mechanics, where high-stakes decision-making and rich storytelling meet. Its gameplay jolts you into complex but intuitive combat. It rewards strategic thinking and punishes the unprepared with a swift boot to the rear.

    A notable difference between BG 3 and its predecessors is how its deep character customization impacts not just your stats but your narrative arc too! The game will weave your personal choices at the character-creation into the main quest like a skilled bard spinning a yarn.

    GameBaldur’s Gate 3
    macOS supportYes
    Alternative methods to play on MacBoosteroid, GeForce Now
    Platforms and operational systemsWindows, macOS, Xbox X/S, PS5
    GenreRPG, Adventure
    MultiplayerYes (Online Co-op)
    Modding supportYes
    Performance on Mac (The game runs well on all Apple Silicon Macs and on mid and high-range Intel Macs)