About Us

What Is Our Goal?

The core goal of and purpose behind MacResearch is to provide our fellow Mac users with ways to play games on their Apple computers. Like them, we are very familiar with the frustration of being unable to play a particular game due to a lack of native support or high system requirements.

We know that Macs aren’t primarily designed for gaming, but this doesn’t mean you must get a Windows PC or a console to enjoy your favorite titles. A Mac can also be a good or even great platform for gaming, and we’ve dedicated this site to proving that.

In our journey, we’ve found numerous ways to play unsupported games on Mac, and have also come across many great, yet little-known titles, with native macOS support. Our MacResearch platform lets us share with you those workaround methods and great native Mac games alongside additional knowledge that will allow you to have a great time gaming on your Mac.

Who Are We?

The team behind MacResearch is a group of five like-minded people and friends, each of us a long-time gamer and a passionate fan of Apple computers. We started our journey together back in 2015 and worked on various projects until, in 2020, we created MacResearch as a platform where we could share our knowledge gained throughout the years.

Since we all love gaming and since playing games on Mac isn’t always easy, we’ve also used Windows PCs and consoles to enjoy some of our favorite titles. This gives us a better perspective of the pros and cons of each platform and lets us keep our content grounded and objective. 

Still, at the end of the day, we all prefer Mac, which is why we are determined to seek out, test, and share the best ways to play games on Mac computers.

What Do We Do?

MacReserach initially began its life as a site where we talk about the different ways to play various unsupported games on Mac. While this is still the main purpose of this site, our interests and expertise expanded over time, and now you can find a ton of other useful content on our site.

In addition to the tutorials for how to play a given title on your Mac, we also have:

  • Lists for the best games you can play on Apple devices
  • Articles, where we explore our favorite game universes
  • Game reviews
  • Guides for our favorite games
  • News from the gaming world
  • Interviews with people working in the gaming industry

Those are only a couple of examples of the varied content you can find on our site. However, know that our top priority remains giving you the best methods and tips on how to game on your Mac.

Why Trust Us?

It’s never a good idea to blindly trust someone who tells you something on the Internet even if it seems like sound advice. Especially today, with so much content on the web being automatically generated, with little to no human input, genuinely helpful information is increasingly difficult to find. 

As researchers, testers, and content creators, this is a situation we aren’t fond of and we are determined to do our part in upholding the creation and distribution of useful, high-quality content made by real people who are experts in their respective fields.

Each person on our team has experience both with gaming and with Apple’s digital ecosystem. We have tested hundreds of games (both native and non-native) on various Mac models ranging from mid-2010s MacBooks to the latest M3 Apple Silicon machines. Also, to gain a more objective picture, we regularly scour the web for feedback from real users who’ve shared their Mac gaming experience. 

As a result, we have a firm grasp on the world of Mac gaming, the available workaround methods, the performance of different games on different Macs, and the ways to enhance your gaming experience on an Apple computer. 

Last but not least, we never stop learning and testing to further expand our knowledge and expertise, so we can provide our readers with the highest quality content.

Why Gaming on Mac?

A common question we get is why we choose Mac as our preferred platform for gaming when PCs and consoles are objectively better suited for this particular task. The truth is that it mostly comes down to our personal preference for Mac machines in general. For the longest time, this preference seemed incompatible with our passion for gaming. However, as you’ll find on our site, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Macs are great computers that can do many things better than Windows PCs. Even though gaming isn’t one of those things (yet), you’d be surprised at the number of titles you can play on Mac and the performance you can realistically get. Especially with the Apple Silicon models that have the hardware power needed for gaming, the only real obstacle is the lack of macOS support for the majority of titles. An obstacle that we can help you overcome in more ways than one.

If all that sounds good to you, and you are interested in playing games on your Mac, you are welcome to join us on our journey. We promise we’ll do our best to make your Mac gaming experience as pleasant as possible!