Hogwarts Legacy on Mac

Hogwarts Legacy is not on Mac, but it’s still possible to play it on an Apple computer via workaround methods. The best way to play Hogwarts Legacy on any Mac (Intel, M1, M2) is to stream it using a cloud gaming service called Boosteroid.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of the year and hands down the most ambitious gaming title that takes place in the Harry Potter universe. Nominated at The Game Awards (the annual Oscar-like awards for games) for Most Anticipated Game of 2023, it lost the crown only to “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom“, an upcoming Nintendo staple.

Yet despite the massive interest, Hogwarts Legacy Mac fans were left to drink a cold one once again, as Apple products continue to be a No Man’s Land for AAA gaming. With the rise of M1 silicon and the continued impressive results of M2 and future products, many hoped this would change, but the last 2 years have shown absolutely no improvement on this front. As such, the unfortunate news is that, if you want Hogwarts Legacy on Mac, you will once again resort to workarounds to play the game. And at least currently, because the game uses Denuvo Anti Tamper and because of some technical specifics, there is only one viable method to play the game, which we are about to show you on this page.

Hogwarts Legacy on Mac M1

If you want to play Hogwarts Legacy on a Mac M1, the only possible way to do this is through cloud gaming, since Boot Camp is only available for Intel-based Macs. If you are looking for a cloud gaming platform that can reliably let you play this game on an M1/M2 Mac, you should check out Boosteroid.

Can you play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac?

It’s possible to play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac by streaming the game over the Internet with the help of a cloud gaming platform. At the moment, Boosteroid is the most popular cloud gaming service that supports Hogwarts Legacy.

Let’s get this out of the way. As par for the course for modern macOS users, you can not play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac, at least not natively (and there will likely never be a way to do that). And because the game is created to support only DX12, this automatically rules out Parallels and Crossover as methods, further limiting your options to visit the latest gaming version of the Harry Potter universe on your Mac. This leaves you with only one way to reliably play Hogwarts Legacy on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, and that is through cloud streaming.

Boot Camp is also a possible way to play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac, but this can really only work on very powerful Intel Macs with discrete GPUs, and even then the performance will likely be serviceable at best.

Hogwarts Legacy on MacBook

It’s not possible to natively run Hogwarts Legacy on any type of MacBook or desktop Mac, but you can still play the game using a workaround method. The only reliable workaround to play Hogwarts Legacy on an Apple machine is to use cloud gaming. This method will work on any Mac computer, including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini. Even if you are on an older and weaker machine, as long as it can still run a browser app, it will let you play Hogwarts Legacy through cloud gaming.

Hogwarts Legacy on macOS

Hogwarts Legacy cannot be run in macOS, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to play it on a Mac. All you need in order to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy on an Apple computer is a decent Internet and a subscription to a cloud gaming service that supports the game. Currently, your best option to play this game through cloud gaming is a platform called Boosteroid, and it can be used on any type of Mac.

How to play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac

To play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac, your best bet is to go with Boosteroid – a cloud gaming service that supports the game. The other option is to use Boot Camp, but this has many downsides, such as requiring a dedicated GPU and not being available for Apple Silicon Macs.

We anticipate other methods will join it in time, but at least for now, Boosteroid is the only method we can recommend. There are good and bad things about this. The bad is that Boosteroid requires a constant and stable internet connection, as the game runs on a Windows PC and streams the image to you. The good is that you can play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac without worrying about your Mac’s specs (the game runs at constant 60 FPS), and you won’t have to dedicate 85 gigs of your computer’s storage to install this massive game. If this sounds like a good option to you, here’s how to set everything up:

First, you will need to purchase Hogwarts Legacy:

NOTE! Official stores price the games at 60$ for the base version. If you are interested, cdkeys.com has a promotion going on selling the game for 49$ right now.

After this you will need to go to Boosteroid’s website. Note – we earn a small commission from Boosteroid purchases. If we are helpful, please support us:

  1. You will need to create an account for Boosteroid. We recommend just logging in with your Google account as it’s easiest.
  2. Next, click on your profile in the top left, select Subscribe, and choose a subscription plan. This is the only viable way to play the game right now.
  3. After this, just search for the game on the top and click Install & Play on whichever version you bought at the beginning (either Epic or Steam)

The game will then start for you – you may just need to click Play again once the Steam/Epic instance starts.

Additional tip: you can play on any browser you want, but there is also a native mac app, which should lead to a better experience overall. You can download it on this page. You will still need to create an account and do the same steps as above.


Play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac with Boot Camp

As we said above, the only other way to play this game on a Mac is to use Boot Camp Assistant. This app lets you install Windows 10 on an Intel Mac and then run Windows-compatible software. Since Hogwarts Legacy is a really demanding game, this can only work on very powerful Intel-based Mac that have a dedicated GPU. In all other instances, Boosteroid is the recommended method.

Hogwarts Legacy: review from a Mac gamer

In this next review, I’ll try to go over the main highlights of Hogwarts Legacy and tell you about its pros and cons, all the while doing my best to stay unbiased. Spoiler alert – this game’s pretty good. 

Presentation and world-building

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies and/or books, then the first thing you’ll notice going into Hogwarts Legacy is how well the game manages to capture the look and feel of the wizarding world. This is the Harry Potter universe, alright, and I bet even the most hardcore fans will be pleased by the way their favourite franchise has been translated into the gaming medium. The level of attention to detail in Hogwarts Legacy is amazing, and it truly makes you feel like you are a part of this world. Clearly, the developers have made a real effort to bring this universe to life and add new stuff, while also remaining faithful to the source material. 

A problem with a lot of open-world games is that large portions of their worlds feel like empty filler, but Hogwarts Legacy manages to keep each area interesting and with something to do in it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the titular Hogwarts. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to explore the iconic castle, now is the time to find out. It’s majestic, huge, and with secrets and wonders behind every corner, ready to be discovered by those with keen eyes and inquisitive minds.

And, of course, visually, Hogwarts Legacy looks amazing (as it should for one of the most resource-hungry games to date). The soundscape of the game doesn’t disappoint either – the music is reminiscent of the original John Williams tracks from the movies, while still maintaining an identity of its own, making it feel both familiar, yet unique.

All in all, presentation and world-building-wise, Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most faithful and best realized gaming representations of the wizarding world up to date, so what about its gameplay?


Depending on your gaming mileage, there are two ways you can experience the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay. If you haven’t played that many games, you will most likely love what’s on offer here. The combat system is competent, with enough variety among its 20-something spells, but also not too complicated, so as not to become overwhelming. The RPG mechanics are also well-realized with satisfying character progression, tons of loot you can find, and a satisfying amount of customization for your character.

However, if you are a veteran gamer, you’ve probably already seen all of this before, in many other open-world RPGs, and to such players, the gameplay may feel uninspired. However, it’s still much better to have a formulaic and familiar, but adequate and well-executed gameplay, rather than one that’s broken and ultimately unenjoyable. Therefore, even if the gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t anything revolutionary, it’s still more than enough to make this game fun and worth your time and money. 

Some issues

No game’s without issues, and this wouldn’t be a good review if I didn’t go over some of the cons of Hogwarts Legacy. I already mentioned the not-all-that unique gameplay, but the one thing that actually bugs me about the game are… the bugs. Yes, Hogwarts Legacy has a bunch of them. Usually, it’s nothing too offensive or game–breaking, but it’s still enough to break your immersion when you see a Hogwarts professor clip into a wall or a student t-pose for no reason. Then again, the game has just released, so it’s likely that most of those will be fixed in the coming weeks… I hope.

The only other thing I wasn’t a fan of is that you can’t really interact with the NPCs unless it’s a part of a quest. For a game this immersive and detailed, this is a weird overlook and one that can quickly take you out of the experience. Again, not a major issue, but rather a personal gripe that I have.


Contrary to what many would have you believe, and in spite of all the controversy surrounding its release, Hogwarts Legacy is actually a very competently-made game and probably the best gaming representation of the Harry Potter universe to date. If you are a fan of Harry Potter and like gaming, then this one is a no-brainer – definitely go ahead and get it. And, furthermore, even if you don’t really care about this franchise, but like open-world RPG games, I can still recommend Hogwarts Legacy, as it has a lot to offer outside of being a love letter to the Harry Potter books and films.