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Enshrouded Yellow Fabric

Enshrouded Yellow Fabric is just one of the many vibrant colors you can weave in this magical land, and obtaining it requires a special journey. To begin, seek out the Hunter at your base camp. They will explain to you how to make Yellow Fabric, which requires two key ingredients: Fabric and Saffron. Fabric can be created at the Loom, a tool provided by the Hunter after completing its Loom For The Hunter quest. So, once you set up your Loom at your base, you can craft Fabric from Linen.

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Now, onto the more elusive ingredient: Saffron. This precious plant grows exclusively in the Kindlewastes region, found to the east beyond Umber Hollow. Go to this location and collect it, then return to your base and plant the seeds using the Farmer’s Seedbed for easy cultivation. With both Fabric and Saffron in hand, return to the Hunter and craft as much Yellow Fabric as your heart desires. Whether you craft Hunter armor sets or decorate your base with charming items crafted by the Carpenter, Enshrouded Yellow Fabric will surely add a touch of warmth and elegance to your adventures.

Enshrouded Yellow Fabric
Enshrouded Yellow Fabric

Enshrouded: How To Get Fabric

Fabric is a precious material essential for crafting armor upgrades and embellishing your base with decorations. However, to get Fabric in Enshrouded requires both dedication and strategy, and one of the methods to acquire it is through looting. Fabric can be found amidst the treasures scattered throughout the perilous landscapes of the Kindlewastes. You can seek for it in destructibles and chests. While this method is less reliable than crafting it for yourself, looting offers a passive method of acquiring Fabric as players explore the vast and mysterious world of Enshrouded. So gather your courage and sharpen your wits, as Fabric awaits those bold enough to seek it.

Enshrouded: How To Make Fabric

The more reliable method is to make Fabric in Enshrouded from scratch, and it involves using the Loom, which you must first unlock by completing its quest. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the Loom.

  1. Embark on the Hunter’s Quest: Seek out the Hunter, who holds the key to unlocking the Loom quest. Complete their tasks in the Nomad Highlands, then prepare for the next phase of your adventure.
  2. Locate the Weaver’s Cottage: The Loom lies hidden within the Weaver’s Cottage, nestled in the northern reaches of East Lapis, found in the northeast corner of the map. Travel to this bustling settlement, but beware of the Scavengers that patrol its streets.
  3. Retrieve the Loom: Enter the Weaver’s Cottage and venture to its southwestern corner, where a hidden pit awaits. Descend into the depths of the cave below to uncover the coveted Loom.
  4. Set Up Your Crafting Station: With the Loom in hand, return to your base and place it there. You will need the recipe for crafting before you start making your Fabric.

Enshrouded: How To Make Fabric
Enshrouded: How To Make Fabric

Enshrouded Fabric Recipe 

With the Loom set in place, all you have to do is unlock the Enshrouded Fabric recipe to craft Fabric. It requires five Linen pieces per one craft of Fabric, therefore, we strongly recommend you to establish a Flax farm and utilize fertilized soil whenever feasible to speed up the production of this material.

Fabric is frequently utilized in the production of Padding, a valuable crafting material essential for end-game gear crafted by the Hunter. Padding plays a crucial role in crafting high-tier armor sets, typically requiring 1-5 pieces of padding per armor piece, depending on the specific armor slot. This results in a significant consumption of Fabric during the creation of armor padding, so make sure you carefully explore the methods to get Fabric and stock on this valuable material.

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