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Enshrouded Nitrate Location

As you venture deeper into the world of Enshrouded, you’ll stumble upon new areas, each holding its own set of rare treasures. However, don’t expect to find everything right away, especially when it comes to Enshrouded Nitrate location. This explosive material isn’t directly available in the environment, so you’ll need to explore further to uncover its ingredients.

Crafting Nitrate in Enshrouded is like brewing up a storm of explosive potential. This alchemical acid is essential for creating powerful explosives to aid you on your journey through Embervale. But hold your horses if you’re just starting out – you won’t be able to whip up Nitrate right away.

First things first, you’ll need to unlock the Alchemist and the Alchemist Lab, which only happens later in the game, specifically when you reach the Nomad Highlands. So, if you’ve only unlocked the Blacksmith or Hunter so far, there’s a bit of a journey ahead. Keep following those main missions, and before you know it, you’ll have the lab unlocked and be ready to concoct your own explosives.

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How To Make Nitrate In Enshrouded

To make Nitrate in Enshrouded, follow these instructions:

  • Head to your base and interact with the Alchemist’s Lab.
  • Select the “Nitrate” recipe from the list.
  • You’ll need the following materials to craft one portion of Nitrate:

Once you’ve got everything, mix it all up, and boom, you’ve got yourself some Nitrate ready to go!

How To Make Nitrate In Enshrouded
How To Make Nitrate In Enshrouded

Where To Get Nitrate In Enshrouded

To get Nitrate in Enshrouded, you will need to strictly follow the Nitrate Recipe and provide all the necessary ingredients. To make things easier for you, here we have listed the locations of everything that you will need:

Where to get Nitrate ingredients:

  • Sand: Found abundantly in the Kindlewastes region. Use a pickaxe to gather it from the ground.
  • Salt: Easily obtainable from the Egerton Salt Mine west of the Springlands Ancient Spire. Alternatively, you can harvest it from the Saline Quarry in the Kindlewastes.
  • Wood Acid: Crafted at the Charcoal Kiln, which you obtain through a quest from the Blacksmith. The recipe requires 15 wood logs and 3 dirt.
  • Alchemical Base: Crafted at the Alchemy Station, available through a quest from the Alchemist. The recipe needs 1 Mycelium, 1 Shroud Liquid, 1 Shroud Spore, and 1 Water.


  • Higher-quality tools might yield more resources per gathering attempt.
  • You can store extra materials in your chests or Alchemy Storage for later use.
  • Experiment with different resource locations to find what works best for you.

Lastly, it’s a smart move to have a stash of Nitrate on hand. Why? Because sprinkling up some Fertilized Soil with it will turbocharge your farming operation. That means lightning-fast growth for crops like Flax, essential for crafting Fabric and Padding needed for those top-tier armor sets later on. So, load up on Nitrate and Fossilized Bone, and level up those farms for some serious crafting!

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