Best Shooter Games for Mac

Ah, shooting games, the grade-A cocaine of the gaming world. There’s just something primally satisfying about shooting down bad guys with overpowered weapons, especially if those bad guys are raging enemy players in an online match. If you want to experience the fun of gaming in its purest form, then you’ve got to check at least some of the next titles. From fast-paced online matches on tight maps, to sprawling Battle Royales, to solitary single-player FPS adventures, you’ll find all of that and more in our list of the Best Shooting Games for Mac.

Latest Shooter Games

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    Metro Exodus 

    Metro Exodus 

    Metro Exodus slaps you into the familiar gasmask of Artyom and sends you on a long and treacherous adventure across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The game is a stark deviation from its predecessors’ claustrophobic subway confines. There’s still some tunnel-dwelling in Exodus, but the bulk of the gameplay is out in the open. We think this change pays off because it adds much-needed variety to the game and it also enhances the gameplay.

    Unlike its underground-bound siblings, Exodus sends you scavenging across parched deserts, thick forests, and decrepit towns. You travel from one area to the next aboard a creaky train and each of these areas plays like a mini open-world. 

    Its gameplay pivots on a mix of stealth and shooty-bang joy, which amounts to a compelling rhythm. You’ll either skulk in the shadows or go guns blazing, but you must always remember that every bullet and bloodthirsty mutants can be lurking behind every rock and bush.

    GameMetro Exodus
    macOS supportYes
    Alternative methods to play on MacBoosteroid, GeForce Now
    Platforms and operational systemsWindows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S
    GenreShooter, FPS, Open World, Post-apocalyptic
    Modding supportYes
    Performance on Mac (The game runs well on all Apple Silicon Macs and on mid and high-range Intel Macs)