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Author: Martina Nikolova


Is Co-Array Fortran the Future of Parallelism? 

An article by Dean Dauger on MacResearch invoked quite a bit of discussion on the future of parallel systems, and whether the current emphasis on shared-memory systems was the best course. There are related discussions taking place in the Fortran community, which is currently in the process of deciding whether co-arrays, an extension…


Download GTA V For Mac OS [Guide] 

Furthermore, the version of the game that is put up for free is the GTA 5’s Premium Edition – this includes the full storyline from the game plus Grand Theft Auto Online in addition to all currently existing in-game upgrades and bonus content. To top it all, users would also…


How Much is a MacBook 2020 

Apple fans are always on the lookout for the latest product, what’s new in every new release of their favorite line of smartphones or computers, and how they can get their hands on them as quickly as possible. But with Apple products especially, cost is often a sensitive subject. And…


What is Turbo Boost on Mac? 

Turbo Boost Explained For several years now, since 2008 to be precise, Apple has been producing Mac computers with a remarkable feature called Turbo Boost. This is a trademark Intel technology that serves the purpose of increasing a computer’s performance and it may also reduce its power usage. This happens…