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Mac os big sur bluetooth issue
Mac How To

Big Sur Bluetooth issues 

Big Sur Bluetooth not working – Explained Bluetooth problems on macOS Big Sur have become a common issue for some Mac users. A number of people have reported that they are having trouble with their Bluetooth devices and their connection to the computer.  The issue revolves around the fact that…

big sur operating system freeze
Mac How To

Mac OS Big Sur Freezing fix 

MacOS 11 is designed to run smoothly but it is not unusual that this new Mac version causes freezing followed by a sudden system restart on some computers. Some Big Sur users have been reporting a problem where the whole OS spontaneously freezes and then reboots on its own after…

Mac How To

Cannot Install MacOS Big Sur 

This guide can teach you how to solve macOS Big Sur installation problems following the latest update. Apple has been pushing macOS Big Sur to be the most innovative operating system upgrade over the past years, so much so that this is no longer considered a macOS 10.x release but…

smc restart on mac
Mac How To

Resetting SMC on Mac 

SMC stands for system management controller and resetting this can oftentimes provide a quick resolution to common Mac problems related to the machine’s fans, battery, power management, and others. In the lines below, we will explain the correct steps to reset the SMC so go ahead and follow the instructions…