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star trek infinite mac
Mac How To, reviews

Star Trek Infinite (Mac) 

Star Trek Infinite is among the few Mac compatible games released in the past months. Owners of both Intel and Apple Silicon MacBooks to enjoy them natively, without needing to resort to elaborate workarounds. And since we are both sci-fi 4X nerds as well as among the select few, who…

Party Animals
Mac How To, reviews

Party Animals (Mac) 

How to play Party Animals on Mac You can play Party Animals on Mac with several accessible methods at your disposal. One convenient option is to leverage cloud gaming services such as Boosteroid, GeForce Now or the Xbox Game Pass solution, which enable you to stream the game directly in…

Play Microsoft Flight Simulator on Mac
Mac How To, reviews

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Mac) 

How to play Microsoft Flight Simulator for Mac Enjoying the immersive world of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Mac is indeed possible, despite the absence of a native macOS version. Mac users have multiple avenues to embark on their aviation adventures. One hassle-free option is utilizing the Xbox Cloud Gaming service,…

honkai star rail featured
Mac How To, reviews

Honkai: Star Rail (Mac) 

How to play Honkai: Star Rail on Mac Honkai: Star Rail is a popular follow-up to Genshin Impact that isn’t officially available on Mac. However, you can play Honkai: Star Rail on Mac using Boosteroid’s cloud gaming service, a virtualization app called Parallels, a powerful tool named PlayCover or Apple’s…

Fortnite on Mac
Mac How To, reviews

Fortnite (Mac) 

Is Fortnite on Mac? Fortnite, the globally celebrated battle royale game, was once compatible with Mac devices. However, a 2020 dispute between Epic Games and Apple over payment systems halted its macOS support. The fallout deprived many of experiencing Fortnite on Mac devices. Yet, ardent fans have found alternative methods…