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Enshrouded Armor
Mac How To

Enshrouded Armor Sets Guide 

Armor Sets In Enshrouded As you advance through Enshrouded, you’ll encounter various armor sets that offer different bonuses and protection. These armor sets are crafted using a mix of materials you gather throughout your adventure. Whether you’re seeking enhanced defense, magical prowess, or specialized abilities, there’s an Enshrouded armor set…

Eshrouded Nitrate
Mac How To

How To Get Nitrate In Enshrouded 

Enshrouded Nitrate Location As you venture deeper into the world of Enshrouded, you’ll stumble upon new areas, each holding its own set of rare treasures. However, don’t expect to find everything right away, especially when it comes to Enshrouded Nitrate location. This explosive material isn’t directly available in the environment,…

Eshrouded Fabric Loom
Mac How To

How To Make Fabric In Enshrouded 

Enshrouded Yellow Fabric Enshrouded Yellow Fabric is just one of the many vibrant colors you can weave in this magical land, and obtaining it requires a special journey. To begin, seek out the Hunter at your base camp. They will explain to you how to make Yellow Fabric, which requires…

Eshrouded Mushroom Meat
Mac How To

How To Get Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat 

How to Get Mint Mushroom Meat Enshrouded Mint Mushroom Meat is a valuable resource that’s fortunately abundant in the game’s world, but only in specific areas. These vibrant green mushroom pieces are essential for strengthening your flame, but they are also valuable ingredients in numerous recipes, making them highly sought…

Enshrouded padding
Mac How To

Enshrouded Padding – Full Guide 

Enshrouded – How To Get Padding Alright, fellow adventurers, let’s talk about how to get padding – not the kind you put in your favorite pillow, but the crucial material you’ll need for crafting top-tier armor in Enshrouded. Now, padding isn’t your run-of-the-mill fabric, it’s the upgraded version when it…

Enshrouded tin
Mac How To

Enshrouded Tin Ore 

Enshrouded Tin Ore is a precious resource essential for crafting bronze and tin bars, as well as strengthening your flame. Since Tin is such a vital ingredient for various tasks, it’s crucial to gather plenty of it. But fear not! We’re here to guide you to the best spots for…