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Palworld Black Marketeer
Mac How To

Palworld Black Marketeer Guide 

The bustling world of Palworld isn’t just about catching and training Pals. Sometimes, you might crave exotic creatures or unique resources unavailable through conventional means. That’s where the Black Marketeers come in, shrouded figures peddling rare goods for the right price. This guide reveals their hidden locations, the treasures they…

Palworld Relaxaurus
Mac How To

Where To Find Relaxaurus in Palworld 

Ah, the Relaxaurus. This gentle giant with an affinity for water brings tranquility wherever it roams. But beyond its calming presence, the Relaxaurus offers valuable resources and strategic potential for Palworld players. This guide explains everything you need to know about where to find Relaxaurus in Palworld, its breeding, and…

Palworld Coal
Mac How To

Palworld Coal Location 

Best Coal Palworld Spots – Where To Find Them Getting Coal isn’t as straightforward as simply mining any rock you come across in Palworld. It requires the ability to differentiate this precious material from similar-looking rocks, and it’s typically found in hot environments within the game. In fact, these are…

Enshrouded Leather
Mac How To

How To Get Leather In Enshrouded 

How To Get Leather In Enshrouded Leather in Enshrouded is a crucial resource for crafting various items, from armor to tools. But where can you find this essential material? Well, fear not, brave adventurer, for we shall explain this to you! You can get Leather in Enshrouded through two main…

Enshrouded Iron ore
Mac How To

Where To Find Enshrouded Iron 

Iron Ore In Enshrouded Iron Ore in Enshrouded holds a crucial place in the hierarchy of resources within the game, therefore, it marks a significant milestone in your progression. Not only does it play a major role in elevating your Flame Level to its maximum at level 6, but it…

Enshrouded weapons
Mac How To

Enshrouded Weapons Guide 

Enshrouded is a game where you have lots of different weapons to use and you can choose how you want to play. Whether you like being a powerful mage or a sneaky assassin, there’s a weapon attuned to your inclinations for you to find. Let’s take a closer look at…

Palworld IV Explained
Mac How To

Palworld IV Explained 

If you have already spent some time playing Palworld, you may have noticed that not all pals in the game are “made equal”. Of course, pals from different species can drastically differ in their stats, especially at higher levels, which is the result of something called species-specific scaling. However, did…

Enshrouded how to get Wood Acid
Mac How To

How To Get Wood Acid In Enshrouded 

How to get Wood Acid in Enshrouded In Enshrouded, as you journey through the game, you’ll come across various crafting stations and non-playable characters (NPCs) that can help you create different items. Crafting usually requires a mix of ingredients, which can sometimes be tricky to remember. One such ingredient you…