Best Strategy Games for Mac

If your idea of a good gaming experience isn’t shooting bad guys from a point-blank range and you prefer controlling hundreds or even thousands of units from a bird’s-eye view, then the games of this category are for you. In here, you’ll find anything from fast-paced real-time strategy games to Grand Strategies, where you are in command of entire nations as you shape their ascension or downfall throughout the ages. And the best part is that each of the titles we’ve listed here can be played on your Mac in one way or another.

Latest Strategy Games

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    StarCraft II

    StarCraft II Wings of Liberty

    “Starcraft 2” (originally Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty, nowadays “Legacy of the Void”) is a frenetic real-time strategy fest in which multitasking meets large-scale alien warfare. The game lets you pick between 3 starkly different factions – the adaptable Terrans, the overwhelming Zerg, and the technologically advanced Protoss – and somehow retains a razor-sharp balance. Each faction has a distinct play style and strategic depth, but none has the upper hand so the end result is always determined by one’s skill. 

    The gameplay is very fast-paced for a strategy title – rapid decision-making and precise unit control are key ingredients to victory. This starkly contrasts with modern strategy titles which take a slower-paced approach that focuses more on macro management.

    Starcraft 2 is so popular in the multiplayer RTS circles that people often forget that it actually has a pretty epic story. It’s a compelling narrative across a trilogy of campaigns that handles themes of prophecy, betrayal, and redemption. And yes, it does sometimes trip over its own grandiosity with a penchant for space opera clichés, but a bit of corny every now and then is okay.

    GameStarcraft II
    macOS supportYes
    Alternative methods to play on MacBoosteroid
    Platforms and operational systemsWindows, macOS
    GenreStrategy, RTS, Action, Sci-fi
    Modding supportYes (plenty of fan-made maps and game mods)
    Performance on Mac (The game runs well even on older and weaker Macs)